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Gender/Physical Description: Female. Attractive in a weird way. Somewhat short. Slavic accent. She has long, loosely curled, black hair which usually covers her left eye which is either completely red or black with a red pupil. She wears a black tank-top with a skull on it and rainbow-colored socks. Seldom, if ever, wears pants when in her room, where she spends the majority of her time. When she goes out she usually wears either pants or a long skirt.

However, due to overexposure to /b/ and other psychological issues, /x/ has become much less attractive of late. She has put on weight and bathes less.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /x/ is a shy, quiet girl. She's intelligent, creative, and paranoid, sometimes to the point of insanity. Sometimes it seems she knows more about the way the world works than she lets on, maybe even more than most people. She loves to read, and her favorite books include the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series and House of Leaves.

/x/ "dabbles" a bit in witchcraft. She has a lot of magical potential, but she's too afraid of it to use it(at least for doing Superpowered Things IRL).

However, of late, she has become more interested in conspiracy theories, which her ex /tg/ (and possibly /sci/) disapproves of.

Relationships: She and /tg/ become an item some time ago, but /tg/ was later dumped after a long downward spiral in their relationship, /tg/ accusing her of "changing". She's extremely afraid of /b/ and is best friends with /y/ because she took him in when /b/ was raiding, and has heated debates with /sci/. As for the rest of the characters, she gets along with them and is pretty comfortable around them, but she wouldn't really call them friends. She had recently started going out with /mu/, and often listened to creepy music with him. Unfortunately that relationship also failed due to /mu/ not being protective enough.

due to her invasion by /b/ and /pol/, she has become nihilistic and self loathing,her personal hygiene has degenerated considerably. not many boards socialise with her nowadays.

Job: She is either a supernatural/horror author with a cult following, or writes a series of books in which she gathers "true" hauntings and other supernatural events. Her biggest hit, SCP, grew to be a part of Internet culture as a whole.