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Gender/Physical Description: Male. In his 20s with shoulder-length hair and JoJo eyes. Attractive, but it's a conscious effort. Wears white gloves, a police cap with “/y/” and the male symbol: “♂”. Each ear has a thick loop gold earring. Has a has v-shaped torso with well-sculpted muscles. Usually goes around naked, with his leather “♂” costume, but doesn't mind wearing other costumes, like school or sailor uniforms.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Openly and flauntingly homosexual. An over-excited loose cannon, but often ends up disappointed. Has a very well-developed gaydar which helps him butt into situations relevant to his interest. Generally does not respect others' privacy, i.e. borrows others' shit and returns it sticky. Primarily concerned with sex as he does not know the anime characters he faps to, and does not want any kind of long-term relationship. Likes to experiment, either with costumes, or various fetishes. Could pass as a top or a bottom, because he is able to suppress his forceful personality. Very judgmental.

Relationships: Interactions with others mostly based around sexual situations: /y/-tan frequently shows up, dick in hand, whenever things get too gay. Constantly hits on /b/ to prove that /b/ is a faggot. Visits /v/ frequently, insisting /v/ is full of the gay. Possibly watches through the window as /v/ and /a/ have angry man-on-trap sex. Looks down on /cm/ because /cm/ focuses too much on the non-sexual aspect of relationships. Often tries to explain the inadequacies of women and the benefits of homosexuality, but /cm/ doesn't seem to understand it. Is best friends with /x/, who took /y/ in when /b/ was raiding. People worry about him around /cm/.

Job: Is a superstar at the gay bar.