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Board Games are commonly made from this.

Board Games are games that usually have a strict set of rules and are usually played on a board, hence the name. The appeal of board gaming in general tends to be the consistency of the environment. There's not as much issue with people forgetting rules and such. They also have relatively short play times, usually thirty minutes up to two hours (except Twilight Imperium which takes two fucking hours only to set up). This is in direct contrast to Roleplaying or PnP games, where's rulebooks are constantly being checked, and sessions can last for hours.

Board Game Awards[edit]

For some, board games R SRS BISNZ.

  • Spiel des Jahres is the big annual one from Germany. If you are totally lazy, games that win this award are pretty much guaranteed to be made of god. The winners are always "family games," what we would call Eurogames. Started in 1979.
    • To reiterate, these games may sound uninteresting and boring being "family games" about building productive farms, but they're really not. Agricola, which is about efficient agricultural mangement, is fucking way more enjoyable than it sounds and certainly more enjoyable than most military powerfantasy FPS games. The SdJ is like a big badge proclaiming a game to be the boardgame equivalent to those Pixar films that are aimed at kids but still a good watch for grown men in their 30s.
  • Mensa Select is five games a year, meant for people with big brains or people who want to show everyone else how big and throbbing their brains are.
  • Games 100 was pretty cool, back when Playboy owned and operated this puzzle magazine. Now it's just a summary of all the games they reviewed in the past year, and they've added /v/idyagaems. The only sure-fire ones games are the classics ensconced in their Hall of Fame section.
  • Japan Boardgame Prize started in 2002 and it's sponsored by U-more. Weeaboos can play these games without compromising their status as Naruto fans.
  • Origins Awards are given out not just for role-playing games, but board games too. Started in 1990, don't know what's going on since the bottom fell out of American gaming industry conventions.

Board Games that /tg/ are interested in[edit]

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List of the most well-known board games[edit]



  • BoardGameGeek People who are serious about boardgames give each other handjobs here.
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