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Grand Alliance Destruction


Savage Orruk VS Persian Technoviking.png Waaaaaaaaaagh!!

General Tactics

Orruks are insane, that goes without saying. But these gitz are so balls-to-the-walls crazy that even other Orruks call them weird. The Bonesplitterz are Orruks possessed by the spirit of Gorkamorka, and subsequently degenerate to grunting and getting into more scraps than usual. These Orruks band together into Warclans, and hunt giant monsters to suck the spirit of Gorkamorka out of their bones. Yeah, there’s a reason other Orruks stay away from them.

Whenever Orruks get into a good scrap, the power of the Waaaagh! fills them and they enter a battle frenzy. Typically after the battle is over this leaves them and they calm down. However, sometimes the Waaaagh! permanently stays inside an Orruk. This quickly drives them quite insane, and they usually end up either wandering away their original tribe or getting forcibly exiled once their former mates get annoyed with their antics. When these mad Orruks meet, they band together, forming the tribes of the Bonesplitterz. Unusually for Orruks, they aren't lead by whoever's biggest, but by their shamans. Said shamans are guided by omens given to them by Gork and Mork (read: they see some random shit which their schizophrenic minds interpret as an omen). They believe that a bit of Gorkamorka's power is in every animal, and thus their prime goal is to collect the bones of the mightiest beasts in the realms in order to claim this power for themselves. This makes them a general nuisance to every other faction, as most armies tend to rely on some kind of giant monster as support.

Playable Factions in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar