Boomdakka Snazzwagon

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A new Ork vehicle from the 2018 Orktober event, the Boomdaka Snazzwagon is a Speed Freek vehicle designed for MOAR DAKKA!!! This is a direct descendant of the old Ork Warbuggy, fed a diet of steroids and with its ranged firepower dialed up to 11. There's even a sacrificial Gretchin mounted on the front hood of the vehicle like mother fucking Mad Max, most likely for the Lulz.

Snazzwagons are lightly built speedsters built around cobbled-together frames and clad in hastily welded scrap armor. Their drivers go hell for leather, as they know that a single artillery shell is likely to blow their ride to smithereens. Attached to the frame is a network of exhausts and intakes that feed the enormous, powerful engine mounted in the front. Equipped with more guns than sense, the Snazzwagon's boyz can also throw Molotov Cocktails Burna Bottles at nearby foes.


Crunch-wise, the Boomdakka Snazzwagon is a ranged-combat infantry killer; its main weapon is a highly modified snazzgun called a "Mek Speshul" that vomits out 9 S5 AP-2 shots at a respectable 24" range. But its gunz don't stop there, for it also carries both a Big Shoota and, oddly, a single Grot Blasta (both of which hit on 4+). Finally, at ranges of 6" or less the crew can fling 2D6 S4 AP0 cover-ignoring Burna Bottles that can be used alongside the rest of the guns despite being classified as Grenades. As an added bonus, the massive fume clouds it puts out impose a -1 penalty to hit against anyone trying to attack it with a ranged weapon. Just keep in mind that compared to other Ork vehicles it is not the best at melee combat (which is to say that it can still get stuck in if absolutely necessary). However, if the Snazzwagon is probably going to die anyway then it can be used as a bomb of sorts: unlike most vehicles, when destroyed it explodes on a 4+, rather than a 6+. Probably has something to do with the fact that the Ork holding the Molotov is standing on top of the back-up gas tank.

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