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Dat ass, SHUN IT.

An adorably hapless psyker created by some weaboo shitscribble. Boone was originally a daughter of a noble on a relatively important planet. People first started getting suspicious of her when she started to have quite the unbeaten record at card counting/guessing games. When it was confirmed she was a psychic, the Black Ships came for her. Originally she was intended to be mulched for the Emperor/Golden Throne daily psychic needs, save for the intervention of her father. He moved enough papers around so that she was trained as a psyker - and she hasn't stopped adorably crying since. Soon, she was deployed as the company psyker and personal assistant of Commissar Raege in the Ragged Edges continuity, but has since grown in popularity and infested every corner of /tg/. Currently starring in her own ongoing quest thread. Notable for the shockingly small amount of rule 34 associated with her, given fatguys' habit of corrupting anything they get their meaty hands on.

She has grown considerably on Raege, who went from despising her and all psykers, to being genuinely sympathetic for their plight. Currently receives Raege's chocolate ration, but no one is supposed to know - yet that hasn't stopped some people from somehow knowing. The chocolate, amazingly, somehow goes only to her boobs, hips, thighs, and ass.

Not to be confused with the last thing you'll never see.(New Vegas FTW)

Remember - you're Boone.

And everyday is great when you're you

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