Border Princes

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The Border Princes, also known as the Border Prince Confederacy, the Borderlands, The Frontiers or sometimes the Wild West trope forcibly pushed into a fantasy setting, is a vast region within the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. It was located between the Black Mountains and Black Fire Pass to the north and the shores of the Black Gulf to the south and so was right in the pathway whenever the Orks and Goblins of the region ever fancied going on a comfortable looting/raiding/sightseeing trip to the Empire or one of the Dwarven Holds.

It was a region of feral wilderness home to a many petty Human kingdoms (normally just a castle with some peasant villages nearby) that were established by highly ambitious adventurers who sought to create their own realms (often with dubious claims to the lands around but then law and order doesn't matter in the frontier as much the strength of your sword and army). Often these adventurers would be political or religious refugees from lands such as the Empire, Bretonnia and Kislev or one of the lesser humans kingdoms in the setting no one really cared about (except fluff/lore enthusiasts).

Due to the nature of the region it is often a haven for a bandits, mercenaries, treasure hunters and all manner of disreputable persons alongside the unlucky sods exiled there or have no place other to call home. As mentioned before it is the might of the sword that carries some weight within the region and so a talented warrior could make some success of living there, although the risks and perils are often high.

The border princes do get some mentions in the fluff but only passingly, often as part of one of the novels or a setting to visit. GW has left the region deliberately ambiguous so as to promote players to make their own homemade armies and scenarios (although it could just be as well their old aversion to spending time and effort on any part of the lore that won't generate more monies for the company).

In the End Times the region was pretty much destroyed, overrun by either the Skaven hordes surging across the world or the surviving princes agreeing to joining Mannfred Von Carstein and becoming vampires to save their necks. Unfortunately he backstabbed them and left the region to it's own demise. As the world broke apart as Chaos finally won in the setting the Border Princes became a footnote in history.

However there is the possibility of Fantasy returning so perhaps the region may not be gone forever after all...

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