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Borderlands is an ongoing series of first person shooter videogames best known for their combination of high octane violence, black comedy, and gleeful irreverence: there's no pretense to a deep and gritty story here, players are just here to score kills, loot shit, and get better stuff to kill even more critters. It's the sci-fi murderhobo experience distilled to an art.

The series is set on Pandora, a frontier colony world that was intended to be settled, but it turned out to have one of those ridiculously long ecological cycles, and what they thought of as a harsh but manageable environment turned out to be its "Winter" season, with "Spring" occurring once the colonists had settled in. Which was when all the giant monsters and ridiculously lethal flora & fauna woke up. The place was basically abandoned and turned into a giant intergalactic prison for humanity's dregs and refuse... sort of like Space Australia.

None of which matters much to your player, who is one of several different crazy mercenaries who has decided they can carve out great wealth on this lawless world, or just needs a place to lie low. Each game is all about finding some "Vault" that supposedly holds riches and loot (but most definitely holds some sort of Precursor killing machine thing instead), while thwarting some corporate assholes who's in your way. And killing a lot of bandits on the way there as well.