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Boris Todbringer, wearing a fancy hat that would made even the inquisition drool over for.

"A whole eye and half a life I have spent fighting these things. Vicious, powerful creatures they are, the more terrifying because some have Human intelligence to work with their animal cunning and Chaos-spawned savagery. Yet the worst of it is not that some of them used to be Human—the worst of it is never knowing which apparently normal, pious Human is a Mutant in disguise. They act as the Beastmen’s spies; aye, and sometimes as their assassins too."

– Boris Todbringer, Elector of Middenheim


– Angory Tom

"Cardio beats chaos!"


Boris Todbringer, also known as Elector Count Boris Todbringer, Graf of Middenheim, Grand Duke of Middenland, Prince of Carroburg, Protector of the Drakwald, Warden of the Middle Mountains, Beloved of Ulric, is the guy in charge of Middenheim. He is well known for having one eye, his fancy castle helmet and his rival with a certain beastman. He is also known for stood up against Karl Franz himself in the past by not voting him as the Emperor, believing the young Karl himself is but a mere puppet to the Grand Theogonist AKA Sigmarite Pope.

Personal Life[edit]

His ancestor is Gunthar von Bildhofen, the brother of Emperor Magnus the Pious, you know, the Emperor who brought back the Empire back to its feet and created the college of Magic with the help of the elf?

He once protected Drakenwald forest from a bunch of stupid beastmen led by Khazrak and took away said beast's eye. In return however, his eye was taken by the beastman. As you can see, the years of fighting beastmen and losing his eye has led him to paranoia and distrust, believing he is watched by beastmen's human spies (see quote above). A much more believable paranoia compare to the chaos ratmen I say! *FWIP* There's no such thing!

He had two sons. The younger one Stefan from his first wife who died giving birth to him and the other Heinrich (not this one) born to some lady in the court. While Stefan is an edgy fucking idiot who likes to cut people, he was named heir to Boris' title the day after he was born. Heinrich However is the contrast, who is smarter and better than Stefan in every way, but cannot be named heir to Boris' title. To fix his family situation, Boris hired a famous Tilean (warhammer italy) doctor Luigi (mama mia!) Pavarotti as Stefan's physician. Luigi was known for his "appetite" and being a brilliant physician, he cured Stefan's flawed condition. Tragically, both Stefan and Heinrich died a year after which according to some is the work of chaos, or perhaps it was Luigi who was a Nurgle cultist sent to assassinate the two, which should've been obvious given his appetite and medical skill. This event depressed Boris so much and he ended up become his court advisor's puppet.

His daughter, Katarina, who was born to a court lady before his second marriage, is now Boris' only hope to secure a rightful owner of Middenheim. Many have tried to win over her heart, but none have succeeded and probably never will thanks to the End Times, which saw Katarina and other Middenheim citizens slaughtered or raped or rotted or roasted by Archaon and his goons.

Speaking of the End Times, Boris' paranoia and depression finally led him to make the stupid decision to chase after Khazrak The One-Eye into the drakewald forest. Believing he was the cause of The End Times, he left Middenheim to their doom and fought Khazrak. Their bout ends with him stabbing Khazrak in the eye, only to be torn apart by other Beastmen and thrown into the sea.

Relation with the Empire[edit]

Like a brotherly rivalry, Boris has shown resentment not at Karl, not at the Empire as a whole, but the Sigmarite cult who is constantly ridiculing the cult of Ulric. He hated the fact that his ancestor Gunther did not become the Emperor after Magnus' death all thanks to the Sigmarite Cult. Boris being the devoted follower of Ulric, he had a very strain relation with the Empire, distrust anything coming from Sigmarite cult or the Sigmrite Pope himself. However, he is still the most loyal and energetic of all the counts and willing to work together with the Empire if there were urgent happening like chaos invasion or orc invasion.

Boris is also known for being a fucking dick by hiring terrorists to hijack the cities of Reikland.

Though that’s only what the Advisor says. In gameplay, none of those terrorists fly Todbringer’s colors nor does their defeat affect relationships with him. Either this is just segregation between story and gameplay, or a hint that the Advisor might not be truthful.


This deserves a mention because his hat has long pink feather and a castle on it! Look at his fabulous fucking hat! His hat's feather is blue in Total War: WARHAMMER however.

Total War: WARHAMMER[edit]

In the game itself, Boris started out as a generic Lord that could be killed off like that. Then Call of The Beastmen came and gave him a unique model as seen these days along with additional traits that make him stand out compared to other Generals. With every update to the first game he did gain more, along with his trademark Runefang. Despite that, the only mount he could get was a Barded Warhorse. Warhammer II came and changed him a little. He gained a new item and as of the Aye! Aye! Patch, his usefulness became even greater as he can now get both an Imperial Pegasus and an Imperial Griffon as a mount. NOW WE REIKSMARSHAL!...until Kurt Heleborg is in if ever.