Boss Snikrot

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The Sneakiest Ork around

Boss Snikrot used to be an Ork Kommando who was held in high regard by Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka when he began the Second War for Armageddon. After his Boyz got their asses kicked by the Imperial defenders at Cerberus Base, he decided to retreat into the jungles and learn the ways of silent assassination. He shed his armor so his green skin could blend into the foliage, and his Red Skull Kommandoz eventually grew skilled enough to sneak into an Imperial Guard garrison and slit the throats of all inside while they slept. Now, after the Third War for Armageddon concluded, he and his Kommandoz are hiding out in the jungle, occasionally slaying a couple of Steel Legion soldiers from time to time. To this day, he's the only thing capable of scaring the crap out of the Ork Hunters. He also likes to leave his victims bleeding to death, their eyes torn out and their scalps ripped off.

On the tabletop, he's an HQ choice that buffs Kommandos, making it so they re-roll to-hits of one, making him a good choice for leader of an infiltrating Detachment.

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