Boss Zagstruk

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Ca-caw you zoggin gits.

Boss Zagstruk is an Ork Warboss who leads a personal squad of Stormboyz called Da Vulcha Squad, named after his personal red Fighta-Bommer. He lost his legs to a Spess Mehreen Dreadnought, which made the mistake of dropping him and thinking him dead. Being 'arder than the average ork, Zagstruck used his arms to grab ahold of its legs, hauled himself up into its crotch and ripped its own legs off with his hands and teef. Then, after the battle, he got the dread's legs rebuilt into a snazzy new set of bionic legs for himself called Da Vulcha's Klaws (sensing a pattern here?). These two have the same crushing power as two Power Klaws, compounded by the weight of him landing on the unfortunate foe. He and his squad are currently having a blast fighting for their lives against the Tyranids that invaded the Ork Empire of Octarius. No, I'm not being sarcastic. He also conquered an Imperial Shrine World which now serves as the capital of his growing Stormwaaagh!

He is essentially the Ork Sly Marbo, and is so fucking badass that he kills anyone who looks at him funny. He'll probably kill you even if you don't. He was born in a human settlement, and had to throttle his way out of there and back to his parent tribe, killing hundreds. He is perpetually angry, and his glare is enough to silence even the most idiotic Weirdboy. One time, he was fighting some Eldar, and was so pissed off that the Eldar thought their Jetbikes were faster than him that he Followed them into the Webway and went missing for several months. (Keep in mind, he is one of the few non-Eldar to enter the Webway.) He then reappeared, perfectly fucking fine, smiling a blood-filled grin and absolutely covered in Eldar Skulls.

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