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The Wartrakk Skorcha's grandpapa.

The Bowerlburna is a fast attack Ork vehicle. Like the Bonebreaka, Bonecruncha, Braincrusha, Gutrippa, Spleenrippa, Weirdboy Tower, Gobsmasha and the Lungbursta. The Bowelburna is a very old Ork vehicle dating back in the days of the Squats. Oh yeah, you heard us right, they are that old and it really shows its age. Seriously, just their names itself reeks of 90s cheesiness. These guys have not seen the light of day.


In terms of function, these four-wheeled ramshackle vehicles serve as the Ork's answer to the Imperial Guard's Hellhound, with a Skorcha as its primary weapon. As they are both light vehicles armed with flamers which are designed for crowd clearing and bunker busting, the comparisons are quite uncanny despite the Bowelburna's appearance of a over glorified farm tractor with a flamethrower on top.

It would seem now that the Bowelburna's spiritual modern successor is the Wartrakk sub-variant called the Wartrakk Skorcha, which essentially fills in the same role as the Bowelburna's identity as a fast attack assault vehicle. With the only key difference being the Wartrakk Skorcha having a exposed fuel tank, which makes the original a hundred times better in both practical design and safety regulations.

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