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Wolf Lord of the Bloodmaws Great Company of Space Wolves, Bran Redmaw is afflicted with the Curse of the Wulfen and is known to occasionally turn into a big werewolf in battle. He is the Space Wolves Commander in Forgeworld's Doom of Mymeara Book. The book covers an Eldar invasion of an Imperial ice world, with the Space Wolves coming to save the day again. He is also mentioned as taking part in Games Workshop's new campaign book which features Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Grey Knights and Chaos Daemons.

Brief Character History[edit]

After the death of Lord Andhrimnir during the Mordrak Campaign, Bran was promoted by Lord Andhrimnir's retinue to take over as Wolf Lord, as the Space Wolves are known to do. When the other Lords heard this they whined about it to Ulrik the Slayer saying that werewolves couldn't be Lords as he might lose control and they would end up with more another blank stone of the Anvilus. Logan Grimnar told them all to stop bitching and accept Bran as one of them. He said this after consulting the sage of the Chapter, Bjorn who told of other lords who had the curse of the Wulfen in them, notably Bulveye of the original 13th Great Company. After all this Logan Grimnar tasked Ulrik and the rest of the Wolf Priests with keeping an eye on Bran so he doesn't become lost like the original Wulfen company. Bran's tactics revolve around playing the patient game, and he is almost as good as the Raven Guard at waiting for the right moment to strike. Once his orders are given, he leaves the battle to his Wolf Guard and disappears to hunt alone. This way, when he goes werewolf he doesn't waste any of his company in his rage. When he goes werewolf he transforms into a massive 12-foot-tall monster who can tear through armour with ease.


Redmaw is another of those very expensive 200+ point characters, but pound for pound is probably high value for what you pay for. He's got your regular Wolf Lord statline and all your traditional rules and gear. What he gets on top of that is a S+1 AP2 shredding axe that strikes at initiative. So he's pretty handy in a scrap. Though the axe alone does not justify his points cost.

Each turn after the first he rolls a die, adding +1 for each unit in combat that he can see. If the result is a 5+ he goes full Werewolf and powers up to near-Primarch levels; gaining WS7 S/T6 I6 A5. As well as Eternal Warrior, Fleet, Furious Charge, Feel No Pain, Fearless, as well as Rending close combat attacks. However he does lose the axe and any ability to shoot, but he does keep all of his remaining gear, so he still has his 2+/4++ saves and sticks with whatever squad he was attached to.

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