Brass Scorpion

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Snip snip, dakka dakka, burn and blow it all up, motherfucker!

Brass Scorpions are ECKS BAWKS HUGE Daemon Engines associated with Khorne and is by far the coolest looking Daemon Engine to ever be purpose-built for the Blood God's needs after several embarrassing weapons of war were made in his name that Khorne himself wanted to quickly forget.

Brass Scorpions are deceptively fast and agile for a vehicles of their size, and excel at attacking fortified positions and engaging entrenched infantry. There appear to be various configurations of Brass Scorpion in use by the traitor legions, ranging in size from that of a Leman Russ Battle Tank to that of small Titans. Like other many Khornate Daemon Engines, the Brass Scorpion is inscribed with Runes of the Blood God, granting it added defense against psychic powers.

It is believed by the Ordo Malleus that the Brass Scorpion is a creation of the Dark Mechanicum - the former members of the Adeptus Mechanicus who sided with the traitors during the Horus Heresy.


Brass Scorpions are typically armed with one tail-mounted Scorpion Cannon, one front-mounted Demolisher Cannon, two Hellmaw Cannons and two large close combat weapons usually in the form of large pincers, which are occasionally depicted as motorised saw blades too. So it's very adept at both ranged and melee combat, which can be a nasty surprise for players who are used to Khornate daemons and Daemon Engines over-specializing in melee abilities only. Not only can it bring the snip-snip and BRRZZZZ from its buzzsaw-claws to its enemies, but it can very easily bring the dakka and KABOOM from its tailgun and Demolisher Cannon respectively, then burn the corpses to ash with its flamers. Seeing this Daemon engine in action has been known to make Orks go even greener with envy at the sight of something so choppy, burny, and dakka-saturated!

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