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Bray'arth Ashmantle is a venerable Dreadnought and former captain of the Salamanders fourth company. He is unforgiving and a merciless warrior, full of zeal and unflagging in purpose. He often bashed heads with Tu'Shan's predacessor over tactics and doctrine.


Originally known as Sokhar Bray'arth, he fell during the cleansing of Ymgarl's moons from Genestealer taint, and was interred to a unique ironclad dreadnought called the Iron Dragon, believed to be a relic made by Vulkan himself. Bray'arth survived the interment process, as the its Machine Spirit often either overcame or overloaded those interred into it, with the shoulder armor of the machine being decorated with detailed bas-reliefs of his death battle against genestealers. (which incidentally makes him a bitch to proxy)

He earned his new name of Ashmantle from his actions during the Casvsarae Insurrection, his first campaign after interment. He pursued Abhuman rebels and Black Legionnaires supporting them in a sub-city network for nine days, before smashing his way out through the duct workings, completely covered in soot and ash. He was later awakened by second company captain Pellas Mir'san to participate in the Badab War.

On the Tabletop[edit]

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