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BrickQuest (Fantasy Boardgaming in an ABS [acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, the plastic used to make LEGO bricks] Universe) is a game like HeroQuest or Warhammer Quest, but you're using LEGO minifigs. Even your character sheet is made of LEGO. Fuck yeah LEGO! The dungeon master's budget is measured in LEGO blocks. Encumberance? Your character can carry anything you can fit into the Swag Bin on your character sheet. Lose a hitpoint? Take a block off your sheet. Monster made of LEGOs can't fit through the door on the board? Then the monster can't fucking fit through the door.

From the official website:

"BrickQuest is a game of small-scale fantasy combat similar to HeroQuest, Warhammer Quest, or MageKnight Dungeons. It requires at least two players to play and can be played easily by four to six players.
"One player takes on the role of the BrickMaster. His job is to create, using construction blocks, a variety of dungeon rooms in which the game will take place, and creatures to inhabit them. Ideally these rooms will be modular so they can be added to the table one at a time as players enter them or get sight of them.
"The remaining players will play heroic characters who enter the dungeon in pursuit of gold and glory."

See Also[edit]

  • Heroica, The LEGO Group's hack-and-slash role-playing boardgame. It's similar to BrickQuest at a smaller scale (the standard space is 2x2 studs rather than 4x4, and the figures are single-piece "Microfigs" the size of two 1x1 bricks stacked together).
  • BrikWars, a freely-available wargaming system for minifig skirmishes

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