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'Ain't I killed you before?' Literally all PACT players

"England expects that every man will do his duty."

– Lord Horatio Nelson

By 1985, the British infantryman has evolved into a mechanized unit, riding FV432s into the battlefields of Europe. Platoons number around 35 men, composed of 4 Rifle sections and a command section. As with all NATO armies, the platoon is led by a 2nd Lieutenant (pronounced “Leff-tenant in the British English) and a Sergeant First Class as his second in command. The Rifle sections have 6 riflemen with L1A1 Self Loading Rifles (SLRs), 2 riflemen manning an L7 GPMG, an anti-tank gunner with a Carl Gustav 86mm Recoilless Rifle and a Squad leader with an SLR. In real life, disposable 66mm Anti Tank rockets would be issued by Battalion depending on the mission and are not part of the standard loadout. More importantly, they are disposable and not carried like tic-tacs the way it's represented in the game.

In Team Yankee[edit]

The Stat Card

The British Infantry are represented in Team Yankee by the Irish Guards as part of the 4th Armoured Brigade. It is composed of 3 or 4 infantry sections; made up of a support fireteam (with a Carl Gustav or a 2" mortar) and a GPMG team with a LAW. Compared to other NATO infantry Platoons, the Brits field a greater number of teams and anti-tank armaments, making them far deadlier against enemy entrenched infantry, main battle tanks and even other infantry in assaults, since the Gustav fireteam can fight equally well in close combat as any rifle base. Another base of note is the mortar team, capable of destroying enemy infantry but ideal for blinding key enemy units with smoke, such as heavy weapons. Their alcohol rations Irish heritage grants them 3+ Assault.

Despite all their strengths, they suffer from the same weaknesses as other infantry, such as vulnerability to being pinned. While the M113 and Marder feature .50 cal MGs and autocannons capable of fighting light armor, the FV432 features a comparative peashooter with AT 2, limiting it to fighting enemy infantry or unarmoured tank teams like BM-21 Grads. A key difference is that they retain a moving ROF of 3 and have 1 armor all round, so expect these things to way die faster than the infantry they are supposed to protect. Another weakness is their inability to defeat entrenched infantry with a piddly FP 6+ on their rifles, encouraging their role as defensive troops.


You may purchase 2 Milan teams for 2 points, giving them the ability to RELIABLY destroy enemy tanks at range. When the enemy comes close, these Milan sections can be excellent sacrificial lambs to try bouncing shots towards in order to protect your far more valuable Carl Gustav teams.

You may also purchase a GPMG team for 1 point, providing the effective fire of two MG teams with 6 shots stationary and 2 shots on the move at AT6. Ideal for an anti-infantry role, but competes with units like the Scimitar which can engage light vehicles. A situational purchase when you absolutely need more machine gun fire, as 2 GPMGs would be far more specialized than a Scimitar platoon.

In the triangle of survivability, firepower and close combat the British stand proudly as the best infantry in the game in literally every category except shooting entrenched infantry. Expect to paint many of these Leprechauns if you wish to play a tournament level British list.


It's a long way, to Tipperary....

The vast majority of British infantry are equipped with FV432 APCs, with Armored Divisions transitioning to Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles from 1988 onward; exceptions include the Territorials and the Parachute Regiment. Today, the infantry operate a variety of transports for different missions, including the Warrior, the Bulldog (a modernized FV432) and Cougar Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles.

British Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Chieftain
Transports: Spartan Transport - FV432 Transport - Lynx Transport
Infantry: Mechanized Company - Milan Section (Mechanized) - Airmobile Company - Milan Platoon (Airmobile) - Support Troop
Artillery: Abbot Field Battery - M109 Field Battery - FV432 Mortar Carrier
Anti-Aircraft: Spartan Blowpipe - Tracked Rapier
Tank Hunters: Striker - Spartan MCT - Swingfire
Recon: FV432 FOO - Scorpion - Scimitar
Aircraft: Harrier Jump Jet - Lynx HELARM