Brother-Sergeant Matiel

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He's seen a battle or...a hundred.

"I would call him starved for vengeance, but my words are inadequate to encompass his fury."

– Matiel remarking about Gabriel Angelos to Mordecai Toth in Dawn of War

Brother Matiel AKA Brother Meatball, is a Brother-Sergeant of the Blood Ravens Space Marine chapter. He appeared in Dawn of War on the planet Tartarus along with his superior Gabriel Mangelos and the Librarian, Isador Akios. His role as a Brother-Sergeant basically included being the sub-commander to Gabe, and a necessary tool to help keep the plot moving. He appeared to be very sensible, and often talked a lot of sense (unlike some people, therefore making him a somewhat likable character). His voice acting is also quite good thanks to Scott McNeil (no sarcasm).

Brother Matiel's first appearance on the planet gone fucking mad AKA Tartarus, was shortly after the Bluhd Rehvehns had defeated Warboss Orkamungus. He was curious as to why Inquisitor Mordecai Tough had arrived on the fucking mad planet. His concerns were justified, as Toth's appearance shortly after the alleged Chaos sightings was indeed no coincidence. He also helped to disarm some Eldar explosives which consequently stopped everyone from being blown to kingdom come. Later, he held the heretical forces of Chaos at a chasm before Gabe came in with the big guns. All fluff aside, Matiel was actually pretty badass (although Vance Motherfucking Stubbs will always be the total badass), and did not show any hint of fear or doubt in the face of the complete fuck-fest that was Tartarus.

Unfortunately (according to canon), Matiel died at the final stages of the Tartarus campaign, where he met his end battling SSSSSSIIIIINNNNNDDDRRRRRIIII as a Daemon Prince. His powered armor and chainsword, however, can be obtained in Dawn of War II as dropped wargear.

Ironically, he can be seen alive and well at the beginning of the last cutscene in the original Dawn of War, and presumably escapes with his brothers before the Warp Storm comes (they ran off). The Dawn of War II developers were probably careless and had his fate retcon and pretended he was dead just to have more shiny gear able to be looted by the Blood Ravens. Either that or it was just some other random Sergeant since they all share the same character model.


  • It can be said that Brother Matiel is also present in every other Dawn of War game as his character model is exactly the same as the Marine Sergeant/Squad Leader.
  • He has an official banner of the Bluhd Rehvehns attached to his back. Presumably, this is to make him look bigger than he really is.
  • He is bald (no surprises there), meaning he is part of the blood ravens' inner circle of baldness.
  • He doesn't appear to wear a helmet (likely to show off how heroic and manly he is, as helmets are hardly heroic). Oh, and to show everyone his two service studs (meaning he's over two centuries old).
  • His weapons of choice include a Chainsword, and a Bolt Pistol. His chainsword named "Tartarus" can be obtained in DoW2, and has a penchant for ripping through Orks.
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