Brother Tiesto

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Emperor approved dubstep

"Fear the Electronica, the Dance, the Dubstep."

A veteran of many long campaigns, Brother Tiesto is the only member of the Dark Angels to be trusted with the Ravenwing Darkshroud known as "The Emperor's Undying Wub". A heavily modified vehicle incorporating a large sanctified DJ set, it is not unlike something a Noise Marine would think up (fear not the heretic's skills brother, for their beats are stale and choppy). It thunders through the battlefield, hammering thunderous holy sound over the area as Brother Tiesto works his power-armoured fingers into a trance (get it? Because he plays trance music. Fuck off) and go beyond the mixing of a normal mortal man.

Tiesto is the natural enemy of Noise Marines, and battles between the Dark Angels and Slaaneshi traitors often spiral into DJ duels (like the ancient Terran game of "DJ Hero" but actually good and with Carnifexes and shit).

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