Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Team

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Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Teams are the heavy weapons specialists of the Squats. When even the heavy firepower of a Squat Trooper still prove largely ineffective against the enemy of the Space Dorfs. These is where the heavy honchos come in. Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Teams are used to dispatch enemy armor and fortifications as well as large blobs of enemies.

Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Teams have a good variety of weapons to choose from, making them highly versatile. They can get a Thudd Gun to perform a battery of light artillery to lob shells over the enemy base, or use a Mole Mortar to act as a underground version of the Thudd Gun to both harass and break infantry line ranks. For extra vehicular punch, they could be equipped with either a Lascannon, a Rapier (Not to be confused with the Space Marine Rapier, this one was a big lascannon plus which had to have it's own slow platform), a Missile Launcher or a Multi-Melta, depending on how far they are willing to royally fuck up enemy armor. For direct anti-infantry weaponry, they opt a Multi-Laser or a Heavy Bolter to suppress and reduce infantry into chunks.

They could also choose to take a Tarantula which was a "Semi Robotic" floating Weapons Platform which mounted 2 shoulder mounted heavy weapons and (because they could float) were able to move and shoot in any direction, which was the whole point of taking the thing.


A Brotherhood Weapon Team costs 20 points plus the value of their weapon. The costs of a team plus weapon are listed by weapon type below.

Consisting of a team of 2 Squat Troopers, they can be armed with a wide array of different heavy weapons such as Thudd Guns, Mole Mortars, Lascannons, Multi-Lasers, Multi-Meltas, Rapiers, Heavy Bolters, and Missile Launchers. Each can go to as low as +70 points to upwards to massive +240 point cost.

If you still want to roleplay as Squats in Tabletop and if you still have the official models, take these guys.

Forces of the Squats
Command: Guildmaster - Living Ancestor - Squat Warlord
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