Brotherhood of the Gauntlet

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Brotherhood of the Gauntlet
Battle Cry Imperator Est Valde
Number Unknown
Founding Unknown
Successors of Iron Hands
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master The Great Council
Primarch Ferrus Manus
Homeworld Airless Moon and Medieval desert world
Strength 1000+
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Greyish Black, grey and dark green details with a silver gauntlet.
The current default paint scheme of a standard marine of the chapter

Moor/Feudal Islam based Space Marines.


The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet's founding is unknown but it is known that they were created to drive back Ork presence in a number of sectors in a crusade, one filled with much glory that is retold to Brothers of the Chapter to this day. Record of their founding are lost, they claim to be descendants of the Iron Hands but due to this record loss and their aberrant beliefs in concern to the Omnissiah these claims are rejected by the Iron Hands themselves.

Their gene stock is flawed in that their Occulobe is especially sensitive, lending them keen sight in low-light environments but becoming a disadvantage in bright environments, especially if their helmets are off and their eyes are exposed directly. The Chapter has a strict belief in honour, believe they must be representative on the Emperor and exalt in his glory. As killing an opponent face to face in close quarters is the most glorious form of combat they direct their tactics to allow this option to be available as much as possible. To better delve into combat and decrease the amount of time spent at a distance the Chapter utilized drop pods often, believing them to be a fitting sigh for the Angels of Death to deliver Imperial wrath. While they prefer close combat the Marines of this chapter are equally skilled with melee and ranged weaponry, utilizing each according to the situation. They generally prefer to use ranged weaponry as cover to close a gap for close combat, their weapon of choice of elite Marines of the Chapter is usually the Power Fist, colloquially a Power Gauntlet within the chapter. The Brotherhood also, as it's name may suggest, believes in close bonds of fraternity within the Chapter believing that these bonds strengthen the Chapter and make it a more effective force, believing that the loyalty displayed in these bonds embodies the virtues of the Emperor and the Imperium, other virtues they believe in include stability and order, virtues that lead to their close relationship and positive attitude to the adeptus arbites. The chapter also places a special emphasis on learning, knowledge, technology but in particular medicine, the apothecaries of the Chapter are proudly proclaimed as some of the best of the Imperium. The Chapter has a high quantity of Apothecaries and they are rigorously trained. Other virtues of the Chapter are self-sacrifice, charity, restraint and asceticism.

The chapter's hero was the Jibraaiyl Emir of the first Pillar who single-handedly killed a Daemon Prince from their arch-enemy, the Glistening Host. The chapter has it's fortress monastery on an airless moon named Jannah of a medieval desert world where it recruits from called Andalus. The Glistening Host are regarded by the Chapter as the most vile of the Imperium's enemies, due to events described in detail elsewhere. The marines of the Chapter also have a cold and sometimes condescending nature to other Imperial factions outside of the Ecclesiarchy, due to their devotion to the Emperor, and the Arbites this often makes them no friends. The Inquisition is on very tense terms with marines of the Chapter due to events with the Glistening Host and their abnormal practices such as their lenient behaviour to non-Chaos worshipping religious sects. The Adeptus Mechanicus also distrusts the chapter despite their positive view on technology due to their belief there is no differentiation in the Emperor and do not revere the Omnissiah, their is also a tense history between them and the chapter. Not all of Andalus follows the Imperial Creed in a traditional manner, rather than wiping these factions out the chapter tithes them more highly and provides factions more in line with the Imperial Creed with better equipment. Due to the marines' inhabitance of the moon, the moon has become a revered symbol on Andalus, something adopted by the Chapter, and it is said the Angels descend from the moon in orbs of the Emperor's Wrath. Due to the history of Andalus it has a long record of Chaos infestation. Due to this there are many cults that still plague the planet to this day that marines play a role in destroying. Such cults include a Slaanesh cult left over from the events of the Glistening Host that infects the noble classes, born from a peasant claiming to be the son of Tzeentch and that he would lead the inhabitants to an era of hope, and a small cult led by a mad man who claims the Emperor is merely representative of the moon.

The Chapter follows on in the legacy of it's progenitor the Iron Hands that instead of a Chapter Master it has a council, which it calls the Pillars. The Pillars are made up of who are considered to be the five most important individuals to the Chapter these being; the Emir of the First Company, the Head Apothecary, the Head Librarian, the Head Teach-Marine and the Head Chaplain. Relatedly the Chapter is named the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet due to a gauntlet relic they discovered during crusade, this relic is rumoured to be a possession of their primarch Ferrus Manus. To keep the relic safe it is kept in a highly protected cube of a dark hue in their fortress monastery where it is regarded with great reverence. The chapter a unique naming scheme for units:

  • Cataphract/Furusiyya - Biker Marines
  • Janissary - Tactical Marines
  • Malak - Similar to the Black Templar's Emperor's Champion
  • Emir - Synonym to Captain

The Chapter, once, had close ties with the AdMech before they came to revile the Omnissiah-Emperor division but their ties were different from their progenitors. For while the Iron Hands say the flesh is weak so we must turn to metal, the Brotherhood says the flesh is weak so let us make it stronger. They had close ties with divisio biologis and have come with many medical techniques to improve combat effectiveness. They work to improve these techniques. The battle brothers also carry a drug called “agga” (seruroid hetume injection) that improves their abilities in battle, they usually only take it if they are fighting in daylight with no helmet or are in dire circumstances. The drug dulls physical sensations like pain, but sharpens the mind, giving the marines preternatural focus and reflexes that seem to border on precognition. High doses of the drug can keep a marine alive and fighting well after they should be dead, at least until the drug wears off. Unfortunately this focus causes the marines to block out what’s happening around them. A marine might continue to fight and not notice all his battle brothers are dead. An apothecary designed the drug but it was a Sepah (terminator) who made it legendary. The drug gave the Sepah incredible fighting ability but made him an ineffective leader. The Malak is a warrior who on the eve of battle is given the best equipment and is pumped full of combat drugs, making him a nearly unstoppable force on the battlefield. The champion rarely survives the battle, because if the enemy doesn’t kill him, the drugs usually do. The chapter only has a very limited supply of dreadnoughts, and only entombs victorious champions immediately after battle so that the combat drugs don’t wear off, leaving the marine to die of shock. The chapter gives special reverence to dreadnoughts because they only wake for battle. An existence even the most hardened marine fears.

Initiates into the chapter must cross a very large desert called the Jahannam without provisions, their vision is impaired slightly as is their mobility as a standard Space Marine glove is put on them which is cumbersome to the unaugmented initiated. After crossing the desert they enter an enclave of the Chapter where a testing chamber housing a gauntlet is placed. It is almost a mile long, the warriors attempting to strike you are plentiful and will attempt to strike you in various way, often by surprise. Additionally while most of them are common warriors some are very skilled and the common warriors are pumped full of drugs to make it challenging.

Marines of the chapter often have a surname of "ibn-X" wherein X is the name of the predecessor of their gene seed, marines can only take up a new surname when they exceed the deeds of their predecessor. Manly never accomplish this or spend much of their time with the surname of ibn remaining due to the long life spans of a Space Marine, and even when they exceed the deeds of their predecessor many keep their surname to honour the predecessor still.

Originally, it was meant as a manner of determining the origin of gene-script flaws within the chapter's stocks. It is a secret not well known beyond the chapter's keep ... That certainly, the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet are legendary for their fighting prowess at night, but their strong preference for close combat during the day has more to do with necessity than taste . The occulobe geneseed of the Gauntlet Janissaries has been irreparably damaged, mutated to amplify all visual signals. Indeed, during the day cycle, the Brotherhood Junaid have great difficulty targeting the enemy at far ranges, and even the correction filters of the marines' advanced autosenses often fail to correct a flaw that runs deep along the nerve of the occulus, penetrating far into the visual cortex. Even those marines with artificial eyes provided by the chapter's adept silhatars, following the designs passed down by >>EXPUNGED<< fail to see very far into the distance during the day compared with most marines. They have, however, an excellent ability for perceiving even minute details for things close by. Perhaps this might be because of their judicious use of >>REDACTED<< -certainly, a fearsome addition to any battle brother's arsenal.

The Brotherhood and the Glistening Host[edit]

The history of the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet and the Glistening Host are intertwined as early as the Brotherhood's founding for it is said during their crusade against the foul Orkz the Brotherhood and the traitors, who were loyalist named the Blood Dragons, fought valiantly together and built a bond of respect and friendship that bonded the two chapters.

It was in fact the Blood Dragons who first reclaimed Andalus from traitors, as they set about to liberate the world from the clutches of multi-factioned Khorne cults. However the liberation proved a hard process and the Khorne cults persistent, it seemed to be a dire moment for the Blood Dragons and they sent out a call of distress. Fortunately or unfortunately a section of the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet was nearby in the sector, setting out to reclaim a relic for the Adeptus Mechanicus that could only be claimed in a certain time frame. The Brotherhood took down their task in favour of aiding their fellow Astartes, the relic of teh Adeptus Mechanicus was lost and teh Adeptus Mechanicus has been embittered over the event.

Together the two chapter took Andalus for the Imperium, it was gifted to the Blood Dragons as their homeworld due to their greater losses. They ruled the planet in opulence, civilized and refined behavior in the hope it would counter the Thirst. They were very involved with the civilian populace, they wished to put on an air of nobility and grace, believing it would keep the animal in them at bay. Tragically it didn't work. The Marquis, a now well known heretic, had a huge palace on the planet where he entertained many guests, he was an excellent performer and writer of theatre, played electro-dulcimer and hosted salons for writers and nobles. But in his heart he was being consumed by visions of slaughter. The pretty servant girls that attended to his chambers, how he longed to rip their heads off their spines. The arrogant, pretty nobles that came to his receptions, he would have the most intense impulse to murder them all with their dinner implements and then spread their innards all over the table and feast... He couldn't restrain himself.

And one night, when his urges were unbearable, his party was visited by a strange guest. A woman of unknown lineage, but obviously noble, for what other woman could carry herself so proudly and gracefully? She embodied all that he strove for. Elegance, refinement, civilization. So he pursued her, not for sexual pleasure, but for her calming effect on his secret, shameful urges. Because whenever she was nearby, the Thirst receded in him, the blood calmed itself. And finally, she revealed her nature to him, and he was overjoyed when she told him of her master and the gifts she could offer, not just to him but to all her brothers... He knew that the woman was a daemon of the Prince of Excess, but he had the idea that he was the one using her for the benefit of his chapter. He saw her as a tool, a means to cure himself and his brethren of the affliction that raged in them. Little by little, her suggestions were accepted as Chapter doctrine. Icons of the Emperor were replaced by other symbols, their meaning obscured. Daily prayers and supplications to the Throne on Terra were substituted for "meditation sessions" using Warp-enhanced foci that throbbed with sensual energy, calming the Battle-Brothers and soothing their spirits. But instead of the Thirst, the Chapter was visited by other afflictions. The amulets and meditations lost their power over time, requiring gruesome recharge rituals that involved mutilation and death of civilians. The Marines became ensnared in the web of addiction and thrill-seeking that Slaanesh spun for them, until there was no way out. The Brethren that rejected the inevitable fall were killed as sacrifices, the Chapter shrugging off all remaining pretense of Loyalism and descending into hedonistic orgies of pain and pleasure, all to overwhelm the senses and keep the Thirst at bay.

When next the Brotherhood visited the planet they found it a den of hedonism and heresy. It is known that the Brotherhood paid two visits to the planet: One by a single company, the records of which have all been expunged by the chapter. Another was a full-frontal invasion undertaken solely by the Chapter, but they were not enough and were eventually thrown off by the heretics. They reluctantly called in for help and were eventually provided with reinforcements in the form of the Grey Knight with whom they worked together in throwing off the Blood Dragons, now the Glistening Host. They claimed the planet now as their own homeworld, to make amends for letting their traitor brothers corrupt it even further, the corruption of the Host still remains within Andalus today. The Brotherhood swore oaths of vengeance against the Host, feeling that their Brother's fall into heresy could have been prevented if they had been more vigilant.

The Brotherhood and the Black Templars[edit]

The tense relationship between these two loyalist chapters can be traced to an event where the Black Templars and the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet had assaulted a planet that had seceded from Imperial Rule called Jerus II, in a system relatively close to the Segmentum Solar.

The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet had assaulted the planet to retake it and recover a supposed artefact of their chapter that had been absconded with by the renegade planetary leader, who had slain a representative of the chapter through treachery and claimed an old keep of the Brotherhood. The Black Templars were also situated near the planet and heard of the heresy being committed, they landed on the planet and did what they do excelled at: Scourged and destroyed all heretics in the name of the Emperor, no pity, no remorse. The Brotherhood landed and saw the carnage left in the wake of the Templars, and asked if the severity of the assault was necessary. The castellan answered the commander of the Brotherhood with a simple response and did not deign to expand further to the chapter, the response was; 'They are Heretics, and must be returned to the graces of the emperor by the mercy of the blade'. This response to the Brotherhood did not seem suitable to them.

After the destruction of most of the rogue governor's forces, they attack him. He was using the keep of the Brotherhood as a base to use Imperial civilians as human shields. The Black Templars commenced a zealous assault, leaving no civilians or heretics alive in the keep and destroying most of it's structure.

The Brotherhood holds resentment for the Templars for their callous disregard of the people of the planet, and their property. They also feel slighted because the Templars killed the arch-heretics who they believed it was their right to slay. To further extenuate circumstances, a Malak of the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet and the Black Templar Crusade's Emperor's Champion had both engaged the heretic, but the Emperor's Champion slew him and in the process badly damaged the Malak of the Brotherhood.


Chapter History 
Unknown Founding
Chapter Progenitor 
Iron Hands
Chapter Purpose 
Gene-Seed Purity 
Chapter Flaw 
Eye to Eye
Codex Demeanour
Battle Brothers
Gene Stock
Over-sensitive Occulobe
Figure of Legend 
Chief Librarian
Deeds of Legend 
Chief Librarian lost in the Warp
Number of Worlds 
One (moon orbiting a planet)
Homeworld Type 
Uninhabited moon, medieval world
Homeworld Terrain 
No atmosphere (Moon, Jannah) and Desert (Islamic based Andalus)
Homeworld Relationship 
Distant Rule
Codex Organization 
Combat Doctrine 
Drop Pods
Reveres the Emperor above all
Current Status 
Over Strength
Chapter Ally 
Adeptus Arbites and Ecclesiarchy
Chapter Enemy 
Glistening Host
Battle Cry 
"Imperator est Valde!"



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