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The symbol of Clan Brujah, and if you think it looks like an upside down anarchy sign then congratulations: you got the joke.

The Brujah (Proununced "Brew-Ha and derived from the Spanish Bruja, or witch ) are one of the Thirteen Clans of Vampire: The Masquerade and a Gangrel Bloodline in Vampire: The Requiem.


In Vampire: The Masquerade, the Brujah are based on the "vampire punk" archetype, popularized by The Lost Boys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They're heavily involved in counter-cultures and political activism, and whilst their modern members are associated with loudmouth punks who make a lot of noise but don't get anything done, their elders were often surprisingly educated and intellectual philosophers of the underground.

They were heavily involved with Carthage, with their cities supposedly a haven for both Kindred and Kine alike. Unfortunately for them, the Roman Ventrue took a disliking to them, and invaded them so hard that it sent the clan into a collective downward spiral into thuggery and blind rage. Even Troile/Ilyes wasn't left untouched, being salted into the razed ruins of the city, where he dwells to this day. That's right folks, there's literally an Antediluvian buried in Tunisia that's still fully sentient, seething away over a hunger he can never fulfil, as he watches his childer descend into madness. Or if you are a V20boo, he is alive but fled in a casket, ate the entourage and fled. Ventrue tell a different story, which is confirmed by other sources, from Mage to Garou: Ilyes got fucked up on Baali blood and rituals and became more and more of an Infernalist fuckstick and got what it deserved.

Apparently, the Modern Day Clan isn't even the real Brujah, because there's a Bloodline that refers to themselves the True Brujah, who are the aforementioned scholarly and dispassionate type with acess to Time powers. The majority of the clan thinks that these vampires either don't exist or are completely insane.

Smiling Jack, one of the more famous/well-loved Brujahs and Anarchs, and for good reason. A total legend, and he's also voiced by Jon Dimaggio in Bloodlines, so, nice. Just don't trust him unconditionally.
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The Bruja bloodline can be described as a vampire motorcycle club crossed with a Viking raiding party. It started with Carlos Saavedra, who earned the nickname Hijo de Bruja ("son of a witch") for his uncanny ability to dodge the law while growing up in Depression-era America. After a very short stint in the US Army, he fell in with the Booze Fighters motorcycle gang. While riding with the Booze Fighters, Carlos caught the attention of a Gangrel who developed an obsession with turning him into a weapon to use against his local Prince. Carlos had other ideas, so as soon as he figured out his powers, he returned to the gang and shared his gift with six of his closest friends. The seven split from the Booze Fighters and formed the Filhos de Bruja ("Children of the Witch") gang. Carlos's sire tracked him down, but the seven jumped him and allowed Carlos to diablerize him.

The Filhos de Bruja has been growing slowly in both size and scope. From seven troublemakers, the gang has become a widespread criminal organization involved in the drug trade, human trafficking and prostitution, extortion, arms dealing, and murder for hire. Their activities do get them customers and potential victims, but it also risks drawing attention from the authorities.

Bruja's disappearance five years ago has caused the gang to get rowdier. Carlos kept the gang somewhat restrained, even keeping their Blood Potency low so they could feed on animal blood, but that restraint is gone now and it's only a matter of time before the Bruja go full Viking and raid an isolated town somewhere.

As it stands, the Bruja are too small to count members from multiple Covenants. Their members' loyalty is more to the gang than any other ideal. There are some who think Carlos went to the Ordo Dracul and won't return until he's become something else. Others join the Circle of the Crone if they read too much into the gang's name. They work with the Carthians when their goals align. No Bruja will ever willingly join or work for the Lancea et Sanctum or the Invictus, mostly because those organizations would crack down on the bloodline's criminal operations.

The Bruja Embrace a very select few, preferring to stick with a close-knit, like-minded crew. That said, they aren't above occasionally Embracing or blood-binding for criminal contacts and a handful of hangers-on are random people who got Embraced for the lulz. To join the gang requires impressing the local leader, prove a blood connection to Bruja himself, and then ride out to meet the rest of the family.

The bloodline was founded on the feral urge for immediate satiation. As such, a Bruja suffers a penalty to resist hunger frenzies. They are predators that will eagerly stuff themselves as soon as an opportunity presents itself rather than risk missing a meal.