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It all started easily enough: Someone started a futa thread on /d/, and suddenly, out of nowhere, some Anon posts something clearly spawned from an unsound mind; an anthropomorphic Penis. /d/ immediately was simultaneously horrified and amused aroused by it, and began trying to categorize this new arrival, when a tripfag gave a suggestion:

"We shall call it Brundlepenis, for that is lulzy."

Anons and various fags agreed with this name (a parody of "brundlefly" from The Fly), and began using it as one of several low-level memes to circulate /d/.

Origins of the Image[edit]

The image was created by Demon-Man, a notorious artist who does mutation/extreme body alteration porn.

Ironically it's one of the tamer things he's done, if threads on /d/ are any indication.

Pandemonium Ensues[edit]

This meme would have literally no relevance whatsoever on /tg/ (other than its obvious linking to /d/) save for one: An ongoing thread was on /tg/ in which one Anon declared he intended to model his Chaos Spawn based on some of Demon-Man's designs (including Brundlepenis). Several fa/tg/uys who wandered over to /d/, and were aware of the meme's origin, chimed in and a mixture of lulz and onlookers reeling in confusion and horror ensued as yet another Anon (or possibly the same; really no way to tell) posted a series of H.R. Gigeresque porn images, claiming that they were, likewise, intending to use them to represent Chaos-Tainted Tyranids.

The thread was sage-bombed repeatedly in an attempt to cleanse the taint, to no avail, and only stopped when an Admin deleted the thread and banned one of the participants. Like Ironclaw, it's something /tg/ wishes it could forget. To this day, posting Brundlepenis (or anything remotely associated with it) on /tg/, assuming it isn't deleted outright by a janitor or sage-bombed off the front pages, will garner tremendous amounts of rage, stupidity, and horror. It was insane and stupid then, and it still is now.

So don't fucking do it!

Some one even made a miniature model of this you could buy from Etsy. which got shut down. >_>

Thanks FuzzayD