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The Bubblechukka or Bubble Chukka is what happens when you turn Timmy's bubble blower into a weapon that could blow tanks the fuck up. An example of the Orks weaponizing a force field, the Bubblechukka is an odd piece of tech even by the standards of Ork 'Inovashun'. The AdMech has been consistently been stumped at the inner workings of this gun or how this shit actually works.

The bubbles that this thing fire varies a lot, like most Ork contraptions. Sometimes it fires gigantic and imposing bubbles that end up dealing as much damage as Timmy's bubble blower. Other times, it fires small, indistinct soap bubbles that explode with the force of a fucking Krak grenade.

It is most commonly used as a Mek Gun. You would think that something this awesome would have been mounted on a larger vehicle or something right? Crunchwise, if you wanna see it, simply head to the Mek Gunz page for its rules.

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