Bull Centaur

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Think centaurs but actually badass.

An unholy fusion of Shortstack and Bull, these Bull Centaurs are the elite shock troops used by the Chaos Dwarves. They have the upper torso of a Chaos Dwarf but with long snaggly tusks and exotic beards with the body of a bull. They are also cannibals, for some reason.


Transformed to nothing more than Daemonic calvary serving under Hashut, a Bull Centaur is what happens when a very unfortunate Dwarven mummy gives birth to a Chakat that was chucked inside a blazing iron bull serving a Sumerian-esque Chaos God.

Their origin can be found in the Time of Chaos when a few dwarfs found even their mighty constitutions and resistance to magic overwhelmed, leading to this horrific mutation.

They are taken at birth and raised by the Sorcerers who use their dark arts to further tamper with them, fusing them into armour and contraptions of daemon-empowered and infused metal. This tampering means that over time a Bull Centaur's flesh will harden and take on a consistency of living metal, leaving the Centaur requiring poultices of molten mercury, steel sutures, brazen splints etc. to heal. Naturally only their Sorceror masters can offer this.


The Bull Centaurs, though few in number, serve as temple guardians and shock troops in times of war. They require no payment for their duties as they are utterly devout to their Father in Darkness and a large number of the slave-sacrifices sent to Hashut's temples will in fact be tithed to the Bull Centaurs, who indulge their ferocious flesh-hunger in an orgy of violence. They prefer their meat to be alive and screaming.

The sorcerers who rule the Chaos Dwarfs trust the Bull Centaur for although they are intelligent and ferocious and some are mighty warriors, none of their kind are magic users. Ergo, they are the closest thing the Chaos Dwarves have to a Greater Daemon.

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