Bunnies and Burrows

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Watership Down, if Watership Down was a Fantasy Games UnlimitedGURPS roleplaying game. Great way to piss off powergamers, but they'll break it anyway.

You are a bunny. There are no +10 axes of killing. No armour, space ships or guns. Just a bunny with paws and big ears. You encounter a wolf. Good fucking luck.

Yes. This is not a hoax.
Are you sure? Every time somebody has said something isn't, it has for me. So is it a hoax?
The world may never know
Except for that book cover RIGHT THERE on the right side.
Whatever; there's a GURPS splatbooks for everything, even the fake stuff.
Found the ISBN, you can buy it on amazon, it exists: 1-55634-237-3
PDF version of the original game [1]

Bunnies & Burrows is also available as a setting for triStat dX.

And now there's a 3rd edition kickstarter from Frog God Games here [[2]]