Bunnies and Burrows

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Watership Down, if Watership Down was a Fantasy Games UnlimitedGURPS roleplaying game. Great way to piss off powergamers, but they'll break it anyway.


You are a bunny. There are no +10 axes of killing. No armour, space ships or guns. Just a bunny with paws and big ears. You encounter a wolf. Good fucking luck.

Yes. This is not a hoax.
Are you sure? Every time somebody has said something isn't, it has for me. So is it a hoax?
The world may never know
Except for that book cover RIGHT THERE on the right side.
Whatever; there's a GURPS splatbooks for everything, even the fake stuff.
Found the ISBN, you can buy it on amazon, it exists: 1-55634-237-3
PDF version of the original game [1]

Bunnies & Burrows is also available as a setting for triStat dX.

And now there's a 3rd edition kickstarter from Frog God Games here [[2]]

OK, but what really is it?[edit]

Bunnies & Burrows is a game that was published in 1976 (two years after D&D was first published), and is about you being a bunny, with only your natural skills and your cunning to get by. As a result it's not the type of game that forms murderhobos, as the only really killable things are insects. Anything bigger than that ranges from Hard-to-Kill (Such as snakes, rats, and weasels), to You-Might-Not-WantTo-Bother (Cats, small Dogs and Crows), to Just-No-Contest (Bobcats, Wolves, big Dogs, and of course Humans). The game is concerned with your rabbits survival by being cunning and full of tricks. Luckily there are many ways to go about this.