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"We might think that God wanted simply obedience to a set of rules: whereas he really wants people of a particular sort."

– C.S. Lewis

Bytopia (known in pre-Planescape times as the Twin Paradises, with both names later being combined into The Twin Paradises of Bytopia) is a Neutral Good Lawful Outer Plane in the Great Wheel cosmology of the Planescape setting. To describe it would be... remember all those non-specific medieval Europe settings a number of Disney movies took place in? Where everyone is happy with the simple rural life they have? That is pretty much Bytopia summed up. Here the people who enjoyed the simple things in life and are of a good with a touch of lawful alignment will end up on this plane. While peaceful there is not an awful lot of excitement on Bytopia compared to the other Outer Planes, and those looking for ADVENTURE might want to look elsewhere. Despite this a stop on Bytopia or its portal town of Tradegate is a good idea for some travelers because of the very high quality of the goods fabricated in the rural villages of the plane. Still, the people of Bytopia do not hold adventurers in high regard: they see them as people too lazy to learn an actual job, which is an apt description of a murderhobo.

Layers of Bytopia[edit]

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Bytopia consists of two infinitely sized layers. Unlike any other of the Outer Planes these are not only within viewing distance of one another, they are also perfectly within walking distance. Where it gets crazy is that the layers float upside down above one another, connected by huge mountainous stalagmites/cities. In the exact middle point between these two layers gravity shifts, making "down" switch from one layer to the other. This can catch the unwary traveler by surprise and cause a nasty fall. Those who can fly can freely travel through this gravitational middle point, though it is very disorienting at first.


Considered the "first" of the plane's layers, Dothion is by far the most populated layer of Bytopia. It is a pleasant, peaceful place with plenty of rolling hills filled with huge fields of crops and grasslands for all kinds of cattle. The forests are tamed yet allow game animals to live in them, streams have been redirected to power waterwheels and a series of roads connect one village to another. Most of the industry on the plane is individual and based out of family-owned businesses, farmlands and workshops. Villages have no ruling class and people work together for the common good. The weather is mild and benign, allowing for good and plentiful harvests every year. Monsters, natural disasters and associated calamaties are few and far between; most come from the second layer of the plane and are swiftly dealt with with little permanent damage. In short, it's the ideal village community, much like the Shire (though ironically the halfing afterlife is next door in Celestia).

Garl Glittergold and his Able Assistants have taken up residence on Dothion in a place called the Golden Hills. Seven hills of gold-tinted plants hold a citadel each, which is the formal home of one of the gods of the Gnomes. Some of these places see their masters more often than others: a number of the Able Assistants have taken up traveling the planes and as such are not home very often. The other gods that live here are: Baervan Wildwanderer, Baravar Cloakshadow, Bleredd, Flandal Steelskin, Gaerdal Ironhand, Nebelun, and Segojan Earthcaller. Flandal also shares his Mithral Forge with Ama-Tsu-Mara. Other divine realms include Deephome, realm of the svirfneblin god Callarduran Smoothhands, and Prosperity, realm of Inari.


The second layer of the plane, Shurrock is very different from its counterpart. Savage, untamed, extreme and harsh, it is an ideal place for those who which to challenge themselves and their ability to survive. Yet it differs from the animal-filled biomes of the Beastlands and the vastness of Arborea in that it represents the hardships of everyday life in a rural environment instead of the circle of life and adventure for adventure's sake of those planes. Shurrock's bounty is great; ore and gemstones are plentiful, and the woodlands hold massive amounts of wood and game. This does not come freely, though; Shurrock is teeming with celestial plants and animals, all potentially lethal threats to anyone traveling through the plane. Those people who live on Shurrock have adapted to this; walled and guarded villages keep the celestial bears and other threats at bay. Sometimes animals and storms from Shurrock escape to Dothion, causing all sorts of ruckus until they are dealt with. If you consider Minecraft a paradise, this is your place.

Within Shurrock one could find the divine realms of Centerspire, realm of Jascar (though the mountain realm connects to both layers), Heart of Justice, realm of Kiri-Jolith, Martyrdomain, realm of Ilmater, Windwrath, realm of Tefnut, and The Ridiculous Tower, the former realm of the titan Epimetheus.


The life on Bytopia is attractive to many Gnomes. Because of this and the general mindset of the Gnomes being in line with Bytopia, many of them find themselves on this plane when they pass on. Combined with this and the presence of the Lords of the Golden Hills, the Gnomish pantheon, many non-Gnome petitioners on this plane turn into Gnomes upon awakening. If this is a good or bad thing is up for grabs. Other inhabitants of the Twin Paradises include all manner of celestial and plant-like creatures.


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