C.L. Werner

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A weird little Texan dude, Clint writes mostly about Skaven and Chaos, although he has dabbled in Empire related stuff too. He's sort of awesome, from his rattlesnake skull hat to his strange winkle picker shoes. Clint is not Aaron Dembski-Bowden or Andy Smillie. Though he is better than both combined. He is also not Steve Parker.

He wrote the Thanquol and Boneripper spin-off series showing that Thanquol actually does other things in his spare time, rather than get beaten up by a dwarf and a human.

Seems to have a fetish for killing Aeslings in his Chaos novels. We think that his family might have been killed by Aesling Chaos Champions.

He's also the writer of the extremely awesome Brunner the Bounty Hunter books, some of the best in Warhammer Fantasy.

His Witch Hunter series is pretty good, too.