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Police sketch. Looks like the Demoman.

"My form of canon is just as valid as anyone else's. Warhammer nerds need to get out of their mothers' basements and do something with their life before they start criticizing others."

– From the midget himself. Dick.

"Goto ... Considered Harmful"

– Edsger Dijkstra, Communications of the ACM (March 1968)

You are reading the 1d4chan article for C.S. Goto, and this pleases Him. He is not good. He disputes the "mother's basement" quote, but acknowledges "I know that my writing is different from that of some of the other BL writers", which more or less, by interpretation, means he doesn't give two shits about fans of the lore but rather only his own stories and depraved fap material. On top of that, he can't even write his way out of a paper bag, so bad is his prose. This, I suppose, pleases him?

Cassern Sebastian Goto is one of /tg/'s most utterly hated "beloved" Black Library authors, dare we say even more than he who must not be named. His books contain plenty of Eldar torture scenes, and also completely disregard most Warhammer 40,000 canon, along with an apparent contempt for the English-fucking-language. Most likely because they are actually recycled versions of his old movie scripts from fifteen years ago, with just some names changed. Even his Necromunda story which sets up an interesting premise and atmosphere, and given that it's set in Necromunda, has the freedom to tell a lot of different stories anyway (see Junktion for a really good Necromunda story that has essentially nothing to do with the wider universe), is nigh on unreadable past a few pages. His prose is just that bad; the story has clearly been transported from some other failed project, and he still managed to shoehorn in some House Escher themed BDSM.

  • Multilasers, anyone? (To be fair, it COULD have been explained away as a supply problem on the Mantis Warriors' part, but for whatever reason he didn't bother to do so.)
  • One supply that the Mantis Warriors never did seem to run out of is ammunition. Never in Goto's tenure writing for GW has anyone ever seen the need to re-load. Ever.
  • Adamantium is now Adamantite (or is it Ceramite that's become Adamantite? Fucking Goto).
  • Additionally, Terminators have a habit of surfing on top of a Rhino, firing wildly as they go like some kind of drunk-ass dumbfucks. Terminators. You know. The aforementioned chonky-ass suits of armour that can only be carried via a Land Raider? Yeah, seems like according to this dipshit, a Rhino's hull is strong enough to carry a few of them into battle. Fucking hell Goto.

For some reason, Goto really seems to hate the Eldar. Granted most Fa/tg/uys dislike eldar for the snobs they are, but Goto takes it way too far. Their fluff is repeatedly violated in many unforgivable ways, almost as much as the Eldar themselves are when he's the one writing.

  • It's fucking CANON that the Aspect Warriors don't own their armor (except Exarchs, but theirs doesn't come off) and return it to the Aspect Shrine when they grow too much sense to play dress-up kung-fu ninjas anymore. And this is actually fucking important considering that not keeping lasting attachments to these roles is part of the Eldar's ideology about saving their souls. Yet, Goto nonchalantly had several Eldar keeping the helmets they wore as Aspect Warriors like some sort of fucking souvenir. You could argue that the Autarch seem to do this since they can take the weapons of multiple aspects, but the Autarch are special commanders who walk multiple aspect paths, more likely they just get a banshee sword from the arsenal before they leave. Even if they grab and use a Banshee Mask, that's still limited to the Autarchs, not every non-Exarch Eldar!
  • The Eldar also worship Slaanesh, including the entire Ulthwe Seer Council and Eldrad himself. You know, despite the fact that every Eldar, even the crazy, hedonistic ones, loathe and revile the folly of their ancestors that so happened to result in their race being damned to a life of eternal pain and suffering the moment their souls enter the warp after death. Ohh, and said folly also reduced their empire to a shadow of its former glory as seen today. Even though the dark eldar are totally still doing that depraved shit, it's because they have to unless they feed Slaanesh by doing so. Any Eldar of any sort who willingly worships She Who Thirsts would instantly have their soul devoured (and maybe, depending on the source and maybe where all of this is happening in relationship to the Webway, turn into a daemon.)
  • Or D-Cannons? The things teleport chunks out of the target (looks kind of like Looney Toons-style swiss cheese production, but messier). The retard had them fire bullets.
  • Or Biel-Tan's Avatar? Apparently he hasn't had his Wailing Doom sword for the past 3,000 years. And is dead. A piece of said Wailing Doom was somehow forged into Gabriel Angelos' Godsplitter daemonhammer.
  • Or Fire Dragons; Goto wrote that the meltaguns of Fire Dragons (expert tank-hunters) struggle to get through a hastily-constructed Imperial Guard barricade, even at point-blank range, despite the fact that even fucking Land Raiders suffer critical existence failure the moment Fire Dragons starts shooting.
  • Even language isn't safe. According to Goto, the Eldar can't fully grasp human languages or speak them properly (though the languages of the Eldar are much more complex than any human language, and Eldar are capable of having conversations with each other using nothing but body language; yet according to Goto they can't handle human languages!? And pretty much every important Eldar character who figures in canon stories interacting with humans can at least pull off some stilted Low Gothic, while a human mastering Eldar is always mentioned as a notable accomplishment? Fuck off!)
  • In the aforementioned Dawn of War book, if you were wondering where Taldeer (who is suddenly a novice Farseer from Biel-Tan as opposed to a veteran from Ulthwe) was during all this, she was busy being murdered by Ahzek Ahriman and his Prodigal Sons (who also happened to be on Lorn V for no apparent reason). Goto puts her through nearly 20 pages worth of graphically detailed torture before finally putting her out of her misery (and fortunately rendering the novels non-canon, given that she shows up alive and well in Dark Crusade).
    • Macha doesn't fare much better- after being given one of the Swords of Vaul from Gabe (who got it from the Harlequins after repelling the forces of Ahriman) she uses it to turn into some kind of green warp-fire thing to destroy a Necron ship and subsequently vanishes from the story without a word of explanation.
  • Lelith Hesperax now lives in the Eye of Terror, and is also a worshipper of Slaanesh. This is in spite of the fact that any Dark Eldar who was so stupid as to get that close to Chaos' home turf would have his or her soul devoured in seconds (which is why they live in the webway), let alone take the utterly suicidal step of actively offering oneself up to She Who Thirsts. And she's also a psyker, even though psychic powers in Dark Eldar have long since atrophied due to their suppression since, you know, they run the very high risk of being Slaaneshi daemon chow the moment they commune with the Warp (and even if there were DE psykers, Vect has made it very clear that using said powers in Commorragh is punishable by death or Haemonculi, the former being death by Haemonculi. In fact they train from birth not to be fucking psykers.)

While similar accusations might be fairly leveled at almost any Black Library author, instead of the usual once-per-book or once-per-chapter, or even just once, against Goto you can count one for every page on average (sometimes more), as well as a lack of understanding of how one of the most important elements of the setting and how one of the most important races work, and he's actually supposed to be writing entire books about them. Which often means he degrades them in some sick fetishistic way.

He is also the only Black Library writer to ever be so much of a pussy to try excusing himself with "having an artistic license" (which in his definition apparently means he's free to screw the canon left, right and inside out however it fucking pleases him). He is apparently also a cigar-smoking midget, and rides a motorcycle that pleasures him simultaneously — much like Doomrider — which pleases him.

From just a writer's viewpoint the books are awfully written, the plot and characters confusing at times, and it is clear the works were quickly knocked up on a bank holiday weekend by a writer in a half daze from an intense Slaaneshi orgy of whips, chains and daemonette snuff (this indeed pleases him).

Fortunately, though GW demands that anything published through the Black Library be considered canon, they also state that canon doesn't necessarily mean true. The work (in universe) may be written as Imperial propaganda, for example. Or in this case, the real-world fan fiction of a severely mentally disabled child living in the slums of a hive city. C.S. Goto is not Ben Counter, though he may wish he was.

Still, it could get worse, just pray to the Emperor that it doesn't.

We have recently obtained information on his background confirming that at some point in his life he was butt-hurt by a man in a red robe.

Which would explain his near-on obsessive need to fit the words red robe into nearly every paragraph and his desire to rape the established background of 40k.

There is a transcript of an interview with C.S. Goto online. At one point Goto asks the interviewer if they said the word "multilasers", even though the transcript shows the interviewer didn't even use a similar-sounding word. This could imply that either Goto has a psychological problem, that he really is that obsessed with multilasers, or both.

He also has the balls to compare himself to C. S. Lewis.

Even when he (or a very artful troll) shows up in a thread to defend himself and deny having said the "basement" quote, he comes off as an arrogant yet superficially syrupy-pleasant prick.

The "Best" of C.S. Goto[edit]

"Grasping one talon in the formidable grip of his power fist, Neleus dragged the lictor creature out of the sand and held it momentarily, dangling from its own fore-talon. Then, with a swift movement, he crushed the talon in his fist and launched the hapless creature in the air with a swing of his immense arm, riddling it with hellfire shells as it flew. By the time it landed back in the sea of its own kind, the creature was little more than a shredded husk."
-Warrior Brood. Terminator Armor does many things, but giving a Space Marine the strength to throw a 1-ton Tyranid a few hundred feet through the air is not one of them. On the other hand, fuck knows how strong Space Marines are thanks to GW never formalizing it and it always shifts with the plot even in GW fluff.

"Balder's fellow veterans were in formation around him, discharging volleys of lasfire from their multilasers, providing support for Hoenir's squad."
-Warrior Brood. The aforementioned Multilasers.

"Taldeer stood bolt upright with her hands pressed against the lintel and her feet braced against the floor. The sinewy muscles in her slender limbs were taut and bulging with exertion. Her neck was knotted with protruding veins and her mouth was stretched into a contorted, rigid and unnatural cave. But it was her eyes that commanded the scene: they had gone. In their place there were simply two gaping cavities, rimmed with a thick, bloody ichor. She was screaming.(...)After a sudden, gurgling pause in her screams, Taldeer yelled something incoherent in a tongue that Gabriel did not know. Her voice was shrill and wracked with pain, but there was a new quality to the sound that even Gabriel could recognize. She had been shot. As the psychic screaming commenced, slightly weaker than before, Gabriel ripped his chainsword into life and whirled it around his head, clearing a moment of clarity in the mists of Chaos for him to assess the situation. A gaping wound had appeared in the side of the alien's abdomen, as though she had been shot at close range by a bolter. Judging from the position of the wound, Gabriel reckoned that the shell had probably ricocheted off the bulkhead and then punched into her kidneys, if eldar had kidneys."
-Dawn of War: Tempest, page 88. Unfortunately for her, this doesn't kill her.

"With an explosion of emerald light, the stones seemed to detonate, spraying themselves into shrapnel and jagged shards that ricocheted around the polished, wraithbone walls of her inner sanctum. A hail of razor-sharp projectiles, like the tiny shruikens (sic) used in eldar firearms, lashed into Macha's body, lacerating the psychic shields and armoured plates with microscopic ease. Before she could rise to her feet or even let out a cry, Macha slumped forwards onto the circular tablet, unconscious and bleeding from thousands of tiny incisions."
-Dawn of War: Ascension. Macha's also described as having white hair, which is blatantly false too, especially now that Dawn of War III canonically depicts her just as fa/tg/uys have for years. Also, shuriken is singular and plural, like all Japanese words.

"With a blinding blast of red light, the Assault Marine's jump-pack went critical and its fuel cells detonated, firing him down towards the ground like a giant bolter shell. Even from where he was standing, Gabriel could see the Marine was working to release the grenades that were clipped around his belt, flinging them down into the formation of eldar below him even as he rocketed down towards them. The disciplined aliens seemed unphased (sic) for a fraction of a second, holding their firing vectors until they realised what was about to happen. Then, as the xenos creatures began to scatter away from the Wave Serpents, the string of grenades smacked into the ground and detonated all at once, blowing a huge crater into the desert and rocking the nearest Wave Serpent. In an instant, the Marine's jump-pack roared down towards the vehicle, spiralling on its axis now that it had been jettisoned by the Marine himself, until it punched heavily into the gunnery cockpit on top of the Wave Serpent, blowing it clean off the vehicle and engulfing the whole thing in a giant red fireball. The Marine himself ploughed down into the desert nearby." -
Dawn of War: Ascension. Jump-packs do not work that way and they never will. Neither do grenades. Also, it’s unfazed. COPYEDITORS EXIST, GOTO.

"Somewhere in the lashes of the Eye of Terror, Lelith Hesperax flicked open her eyes with a slow smile, the serrated perfection of her teeth glinting lightlessly...(upon killing an underling) This soul she would offer to the Satin Throne, its twisted and unrestrained hedonism would please the dark lord of pleasure and fulfill the continuing terms of their ancient compact." -
Warrior Coven. The only compact Slaanesh would make with a Dark Eldar is "I eat your soul and you die (not necessarily in that order)." And that would definitely not involve implied lesbianism with a Daemon Prince.

"They all looked down at the tiny form of the alien creature, broken, bleeding, and shattered by the agonies of the warp and the hostility of the Ravenous Spirit." (...) "Between them they were carrying a large, heavy throne, in which was slumped the broken and contorted figure of the eldar seer." (...) "Gabriel hastened over to the broken form of Taldeer, who was lying in a frozen pool of her own blood. Her eye cavities trickled with tissue and her abdomen was a shredded mess of flesh and shrapnel."(...) "His eyes were fixed on the inferno that was gathering in the downed Thunderhawk, enshrouding the dying eldar seer in a thick death-mask of smoke and toxins."
-Dawn of War: Tempest, pages 89-100. WHAT THE FUCK, Goto, what did Taldeer ever do to you? she stole LIVII's well-muscled body away.

"The Harlequin mime had been strapped to its surface and was pinned by four Marines, each holding one of its limbs in place. The thin, rubbery armour over the alien’s chest had been sliced open and peeled back, exposing its porcelain skin. In turn, the skin had been cut, burnt and shredded until it was awash with bloody colours, almost as vibrant as the eldar’s armour itself. The alien’s mask had been removed, and I could clearly see its startling blue eyes bulge with each incision. Ahriman circled the table slowly, muttering quietly to himself in a tongue that I recognised but could not fully recall. He was lost in concentration, and seemed to be almost oblivious to the presence of the dying Harlequin on the table next to him. But as he muttered the secret words of his forgotten language, more cuts and gashes appeared in the flesh of the prisoner, each wider and deeper than the last until blood started to ooze out of the joints in the creature’s armour, pooling on the table and then on the floor below. But the Harlequin said nothing. It made no sound at all. Its eyes bulged and widened with each stroke of the invisible knife; it was clear that the alien was suffering terrible pain."
-Dawn of War: Tempest. You know what, a better title for the book might be "Exhibit A". Clearly Goto dislikes mimes. And Eldar. So, he made his own custom Harlequin unit for the job of...pleasing him.

Here is his wikipedia page. It is highly recommended that you check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cassern_S._Goto&oldid=329863137. The best thing to do is a nominate the article for deletion due to lack of notiblity. Just to spite his no talent ass.

Beware, it is semi-protected because of vandalism. It seems, someone always pleases him with multilasers

Why we know that this pleases him[edit]

For those who are new and confused, it all started with an interview here.

As a previous editor put it: "He KNOWS about the Multilasers, and all the stuff we said about him. He reads the pages and forums about him... and it pleases him."