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On a post-civilization water world from which humanity has long vanished, the only traces left of this once-mighty race are their submarine ruins, and their creations.

After the moon and the northern ice-cap were struck by immense comets of ice, the oceans rose with terrifying speed, flooding the civilized world in the blink of an eye. The remnants of humanity that survived the initial cataclysm were faced with a new threat in the wake of the impact; as frozen alien algae and bacteria thawed from their icy prison and fed on Earth's rich oceans, poisonous gases were released into the air. Some of Earth's native species were struck hard by the new inhospitable new climate, but none were hit harder then mankind -- they, above all, could not continue breathing the new atmosphere.

With time rapidly running out, the last great minds of humanity spliced their genes with those of the remaining adapted mammals; the new breed would be able to survive Earth's new climate, and perpetuate some semblance of intelligent life on the planet. They released their new creations on the flooded constructs across the globe and what little dry land remained, and with that, humanity faded into the sea. Some say that leftovers of a bygone era still lurk beneath the waves in suspended animation, sleeping dreamlessly and waiting, in the desperate hope that sometime in the distant future their creations would learn to restore them to life. Of course, the Earless have become little more than a legend over the years, so it would be impossible to separate the facts from the fiction of these stories.

Earth is now the Endless Blue, populated by races of demi-humans -- known to themselves as Kemomimi -- who make their home on artificial islands, the unsubmerged peaks of mountains, or the tops of Earth's flooded skyscrapers. Together, they scavenge, survive, and thrive amongst the rubble of their ancestors.

This is the world of CATastrophe.


Sun, sea, catgirls (both male and female), and shinies!

The Endless Blue is a cozy, post-apocalyptic world of infinite oceans and eternal summer, full of animal people (our gene-spliced descendants) whose entire purpose in life -- in between lounging on beaches and partying around campfires -- is to dive down into the depths and return with treasures from the long-extinct civilization known only as the Earless.


  • Can I be a Catboy or some other type of male Kemomimi? Is it female-only?

You can DEFINITELY be a male. Only in early threads was it female-only. The rumors about the gender ratio skewing way towards females are also generally untrue (unless your GM decrees otherwise). Of note is that gender roles are less defined in the world of the Endless Blue; what sex you are has pretty much nothing to do with the profession you choose.

  • Are there any remaining humans?

Maybe. It's up to the GM to decide if there are secret underwater bunkers or isolated pockets of surviving Earless, waiting to be woken by their creations, or just the slowly decaying underwater ruins, and the various pieces of technology they left behind. Both yield lots of opportunities: if there ARE humans, what do they want? To rule? Just to thrive again? To go settle some new world? And if there are not, what can be uncovered about their history, and what is their legacy for those they left behind?

(Do note: humans can't breathe the new atmosphere, so if a kemonomimi were to wake a human up, they would probably die or have a shit time breathing at the very least)

  • Is this just some furry bullshit?
CATastrophe is 10% Furry.

No. Kemomimi are not anthropomorphic animals; they are a genetically engineered successor species to humans, made to be stronger, and able to survive the plague, sickness or whatever it was that killed off humanity. Kemomimi are generally accepted to have animal-like ears and a tail; beyond that, however, they do not have fur, claws, or any of the other usual furry attributes. (If that sounds too much like a bullshit excuse for you, the Kemomimi never get out of the 10% corner on the infamous "Not Furry/Furry" chart.)

  • How high have the waters risen?

This is at the discretion of the GM. It is also debatable whether or not the setting is actually on Earth; even an unrealistically high amount of waters rising due to an ice comet would not make the earth into a Waterworld-like planet. For those interested in trying to find a realistic amount of water rising, and a map of the world post-flood, see:

If all the ice melted, the sea levels would rise by 60 meters (195 feet). However since ice comets crashed into Antarctica and added water, this could be much higher.

This is how much the water has risen, ...yep

  • What killed off humanity (the Earless)?

It is unknown to the Kemomi what killed off the humans. Likely it was an alien plague of some sort carried by ice comets, which also introduced various alien life forms to the oceans. Or most of the population drowned when the sea levels rose. This is generally left up to the GM, allowing them to come up with a storyline that might find out what happened. What matters to the Kemomimi is not what killed the Earless, but the fact of the Earless being gone.

  • What kind of Kemomimi are there to play as?

This is largely up to the GM of the game you are playing. Generally-agreed upon races are Felines/Nekomi (cats), Canines/Inumi (dogs), Lapines/Usami (rabbits), Ursines/Kumami (bears) and Vulpines/Kitsumi (foxes). Other races could include Mice, Otters, et cetera -- but as far as the setting has been established, only mammalian species would have been genespliced with humans.

  • What kind of creatures are there in the Endless Blue?

Check the CATastrophe Beastiary, FATE and CATastrophe system stats will be uploaded as the people working on those systems get them ready.

  • What are the Kemomimi like?

Again this is largely up to your GM, but CATastrophe is meant to be a lighthearted carefree system for people who are bored of the grimdark of systems like Warhammer 40k, or the high-fantasy aspects of systems like Exalted. There might be violent bands of Kemomimi, but most fights will not be to the death, and there is no large-scale violence in the Endless Blue. This does not however, mean that there is no conflict or danger. Dealing with various other species such as Kleptomanders will be an issue, as well as dealing with the relics of the past such as the Oldguard in the Earless ruins. There are also the old standbys of Giant Squids, Sharks, and other marine life.

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A beta version of a d20 based system is available here (The link is currently down so please wait until a new one is made)

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