Cain and Amberley

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Fapfic about Cain and Amberley Vail by The Provider !!TQbw47BOc9I

Amberley Vail pulled the vial away from her mouth and placed it on the table in front of her, wiping her mouth with her hand. She could feel the transformation taking place, while not officially trained in the art of Polymorphine transformation, she had her contacts and tremendous mental fortitude. She could feel her body contort and shift as she bent it to her will, the skin-suit she was wearing struggled to keep up with the changing shapes. After several minutes, the feeling of bodily stretching had been replaced by a slight numbness, shaking her head to help clear it, Amberley looked into the mirror on the wall, what she saw made her slightly shocked, her once beautiful human face remained to a point, but it wasn't this she was focusing on; her human ears were no-more, they had been replaced, forcibly changed, into those of an Eldar. They were long, slender and ended with in a point, she brought her hands up and felt both of them, running her hands up and down their lengths, noticing how they had become much more sensitive. Her hair was now a light a auburn brown, flowing down her back, below shoulder length. She quickly fixed this by turning it into a pony tail, but it still had some length to it. It was at this point she noticed the tightness of her skin-suit, she looked down at her breasts, which had grown in size and were protruding in front of her, she held them with her hands and bounced them slightly “I over did it I think” she said out loud, her voice surprising her at how much it changed, becoming much more authoritative than her human voice “No time to change now!” she spoke as she looked back into the mirror, breathing out as she did so, Ciphas Cain would be back soon, and she was determined to give him the surprise of his life.

Ciphas Cain opened the door, which slid to the side with a low swoosh noise, he sighed, another day doing the Emperors work, removing those who couldn't see reason and the truth in front of them. He was home, or what could be called home, now and it was time to enjoy some of the perks of being an Inquisitor; he walked over to his drinks cabinet, throwing his Inquisitor's uniform onto the nearest seat and unbuttoning his white under-shirt. “Ah, finest Tolorian wine from Segmentum Tempest” he smiled as he opened the antique wooden doors, gilded with gold and platinum, but instead of a bottle of wine, he found a blank space where it should have been, he panicked and quickly checked the other bottles, yet it wasn't there, it had gone. Furious he stormed into the living area in order to get on the vox and demand the Adeptus Arbites raided all known smugglers in order to get his wine back, as he entered though, he noticed, on the glass surfaced table, a bottle and two glasses, one half full, the other empty. He slowly walked forward and turned the bottle towards him and looked at the label “Tolorian No.16” he spoke, placing the bottle slowly on the table, with a small clank as he did so. As his brain began working through what could have happened, it was answered for him “I hope you don't mind” came a calm and slightly amused voice from behind him, exactly from whence he came “I was ever so thirsty”, by now Cain had turned around and saw who was speaking, his heart jumped and adrenaline kicked in, before him was a lithe and astonishingly beautiful Eldar, with a voluptuous chest and all of this covered by an extremely tight skin-suit. “Eldar, Xeno? By the Emperor, you shall die today!” Cain shouted instinctively and reached for his Laspistol, but found it not to be there “Looking for this?” the Eldar asked, bringing her hands from behind her back to show the Laspistol “You really shouldn't leave your weapon unattended” she smiled before throwing it onto a nearby seat “Don't bother going for it, I have disabled it, as have I disabled the doors and all communications, if you want them back in working order, you'll need me to do it for you” the Eldar continued, walking past the dumbstruck Cain and sitting on the chair nearest the wine, before quickly crossing her long, slender legs. “Introduction times, my name is Verley, and I, well, we have been watching you for a long time, Ciphas Cain” Verley spoke as she brought the half-full wine glass to her delicate pink lips and took a sip of the delicious wine. “What do you want, Xeno?” Cain asked, anger rising at how he could be trapped so easily

“Come, have some wine with me, I'll explain all” Verley spoke as she poured a large amount of wine into the empty glass, before using one of her fingers to slowly push it towards Cain and the empty chair “Foul witch, trapping me in my own home and drinking my expensive wine!” Cain yelled swiping the air in fury “Well then, more for a filthy Xeno like me then, mon'keigh” Verley smirked as she brought the newly filled glass towards her, whilst simultaneously finishing her own glass. “Oh no you don't!” Cain said defiantly, grabbing the glass and downing it in one go, gasping for air he placed the glass as hard as he dared onto the table before slumping into the empty chair “There we go, that's more like it,” Verley smiled filling up both glasses again “So, let us have a nice conversation, no threats, no violence, from one superior advanced race to a barely intelligent one” laughed Verley “You're pushing it Xeno, I'm wondering if it's worth killing you and dying in here” Cain spoke, grabbing his filled glass and taking a big gulp “But, lets hear what you've got to say before hand, perhaps I'll gain some intelligence from you” Cain smiled, the wine already working it's intoxicating magic, it was becoming almost impossible for him to keep his eyes off the Eldars' breasts, but he shook his head and listened to what the Eldar had to say.

For a couple of hours, the two talked, the wine loosening the barrier of hate which the two races shared, Cain was utterly oblivious that the very Eldar he was talking to was in fact Amberley Vail, but it didn't matter, at the moment Cain was fighting his arousal to this Xeno using as much of his propaganda filled mind could handle. “So, that's it really,” Verley said, placing the 4th empty glass on the table, her cheeks flushed to a light red “I've been told to investigate the secret organisations of all races in our galaxy, and you just happened to be one of them” she smiled slumping back into the chair, her breasts bouncing slightly as she did so, something Cain didn't miss “I see, I don't suppose you could fill me in on these organisations?” Cain smiled, leaning forward, hoping to get something out of this strange encounter “Well, for one thing, the Dark Eldar? They know how to dock the Craftworld, if you know what I mean” Verley said as she also leaned forward

“What does that mean?” Cain asked, confused, not helped by his drunkenness

“You know, they have big Necron Pylons” Verley replied, laughing, which allowed Cain to immediately click in what she meant, and thoughts rushed through his brain and a question sprung in, but he couldn't say it, could he? He wanted to resist, he had for hours, but her body, her suggestions, it was all too much, he leaned forward even more, his heart racing, he asked “And what about mon'keighs?” he smiled, Verley stopped laughing, she had been waiting for something like this and now it was time to act “Well, I've yet to investigate that, mon'keigh, do you know any willing subjects?” she asked, running her finger around the empty wine glass ans seductively sucking the liquid off it, Cain finally built up the courage to reply “Well, as one of the Emperor's Inquisitors, I feel I am in a position to---” his sentence was cut off as the Eldar sprang forward and gasped her mouth around his, sticking her tongue deep inside and swirling it around, Cain was taken aback and could feel the Eldars breasts rubbing against his exposed chest, his shirt having been unbuttoned completely by now. He could taste the wine from her mouth as his tongue duelled with hers in a passionate dance, his hands slapped against her buttocks and he gave a hard squeeze, causing her to break from her saliva coated partner and she gave a large gasp of air, she grabbed both his arms with her hands and dragged them off before waggling a finger from side to side “Naughty mon'keigh, no touching your betters,” she said slowing slumping to the floor “I'm in charge, this is my investigation” she spoke with a her strong authoritative tone, it was a thrill to break her usual cheerful side with such power, Cain didn't know whether to apologise or not, his head was swimming, both from intoxication, arousal and the ultimate fear of being caught committing such heresy; however it was about to get worse in that respect. Verley had begun to undo his trousers and had pulled them to the ground, revealing Cain's underwear, she could see a slight bulge in the navy blue boxer shorts, she smiled internally, keeping her visual authoritative look “Well then, let the Apothecary see the Gene-seed” she said with as much seriousness as she could, Cain was mix of emotion that he didn't care about what she had just said. As she pulled the underwear down in one go, his penis flopped out, it was already half erect, the thought of heresy being the only thing stopping it reaching complete turgidity. Verley tutted to herself “This won't do” she announced, grabbing the member with her left hand and began to stroke up and down, the foreskin moving with each movement, Cain shuddered and wanted to pull away, but was surprised to hear “Just let it go, I cannot perform a complete evaluation if you're constantly thinking about your Emperor” she snapped as she applied heavy pressure to his penis, causing him to yelp in pain slightly “Got it? Filthy mon'keigh” she continued, her movements increasing in speed, she could feel the blood rushing into his cock as she did so, the heat warmed her cold hands as it did. As she pumped up and down, she would occasionally grasp his cock head and hold it while rubbing in a circular motion, causing Cain to shudder in pleasure, she'd pump from the top all the way down to the base in his pubic hair. Cain closed his eyes and tried to think of something else than what was happening, he wanted it to stop, but her smooth skinned hands made his penis feel amazing. As he slowly began to surrender to the pleasure, the only sound he could hear was the breathing of Verley as she vigorously pumped up and down the shaft, if she continues like this, he thought, he would soon be at his limit, as he thought this, he realised the quicker it was over the quicker he could disable her and hand her over for interrogation, he decided to let things take its course, but no sooner had he thought this, than she stopped, he looked down at her and was met with her beautiful face, her cream coloured skin, highlighted with bright red, from embarrassment or alcohol he did not know “Next, I'm going to perform a full cleaning of your 'weapon'” she said, serious as she could be, Cain, still heavily drunk looked over at the Laspistol from earlier, turning back he began to speak “But why...?” again he was cut off as both hands of the Eldar held his cock and he turned back and looked down in time to see her open mouthed head envelop the top of his cock, Cain let out a large cry and grabbed her head, trying to pull her off, this was too much, this was beyond heresy! His attempt, however, was countered by the determined Eldar, who slid more of the rock hard cock into her mouth, the muffled breath coming from her mouth, she began to move her head up and down the shaft of his penis, whilst rolling her tongue around the head, flicking it every so often. Cain released his grip, he was too drunk and this felt too good for him to care, with this he just relaxed; Verley continued her 'cleaning' of Cain's weapon, taking as much as she could in her mouth, rubbing the parts of the shaft she couldn't with her hands. This continued for a few minutes, Cain forcing himself to not climax, he couldn't let the human race down. Verley knew what he was doing, so she slowly began to withdraw her mouth from his soaked cock, her tongue circling the shaft and gland as she did so, as she reached the head she sucked hard and let it fling out of her mouth. She looked up at him, saliva running down her chin, her mouth muscles were sore, but she was still able to speak “Holding back are we?” she said, her right hand still wanking the wet cock, Cain didn't reply “Well, we'll have to sort that, won't we?” she replied, opening her mouth as wide as she could, before plunging it down on his cock, she was taking as much as she could in her mouth, it nearly hitting the back of her throat, up and down she went, nothing fancy, just pure movement, Cain's breathing increased, he couldn't resist this, as he tried his breathing became audible and her movements became faster to match it. He couldn't resist it any more, as she pulled her mouth up to the top of his cocks head, he finally started to climax, it was at this point, however when he grabbed the side of her head and thrust it all the way down. He felt her nose press into his groin and his cock hit the back of her gullet as he came, he held her there as she tried to pull away, she hadn't been expecting that “How do you like that? Xeno?” he said, the last of his semen had left his cock and he released his grip, Verley pulled her head off quickly, causing a bit more cum shoot onto her face as she coughed a mixture of semen and saliva onto the floor, he mouth and throat sore from the force applied to it “Typical mon'keigh, can't listen to simple orders, I said no touching!” Verley gasping as she spoke. But she could forgive him, he didn't know it was her, besides, it was her turn now.

“Impressive stamina, mon'keigh, but can you follow it up?” she asked, sitting in front of the near numb Cain and spreading her legs apart. Cain looked down at the skin-suit covered groin before him, he could make out the outline of her vulva and possibly an already erect clitoris. He was tired, but he wasn't going to be beaten by some disgusting Xeno's; he stood up, took off his shirt, exposing his muscled body and put his hand behind Verley and pulled the zip all the way down, reaching the top of her buttocks, pulling it forward and then off, he removed the skin-suit to expose a beautifully unblemished body. The stunning cream colour of her skin was only disrupted by the light pink of her nipples, which were stationed on two large breasts. If he had been going soft, then this was the cure he needed, holding his cock in his left hand he guided it towards her vulva, pressing it in slightly, before rubbing his cock up and down the opening, causing the Eldar to gasp. He did this for a few minutes, occasionally pressing the top of his cock against her hard clitoris, which caused her to shudder in pleasure, he could feel her wetness on his penis tip and knew it was time for him to show what humanity was made of, he aimed his cock in the right place and with a deep breath, yelled “For the Emperor!” before thrusting deep into her vagina, causing her to arch her back and scream in pleasure as she knocked the bottle of wine over as she tried to steady herself on the glass table. It was at this point Cain began to pump with earnest, his cock rubbing the walls of her vagina with every thrust. Verley held his head while embracing his mouth with hers, mainly to stop her moans from being audible. Several minutes passed and Verley pulled her aching mouth away from his, the thrusting continuing as she tried to speak through her gasps and moans “V-Very good... Mon'keigh” she said, her eyes closing as she concentrated on the cock rubbing up and down her vagina “You've not seen anything yet, Eldar” Cain spoke, placing his hands on her buttocks, before pulling her towards him. Verley let out a huge gasp as she collided with Cain, forced to embrace him and rest her head on his shoulders. He had pulled her as far in as he could, his cock now reaching further than it had before. Holding her in place he thrust faster and faster, spreading her ass cheeks as he did so, feeling her breasts bouncing up and down and the nipples occasionally caressing his, sending shivers of pleasure through both of them. “Mon'keigh.. stop, I can't..” Verley said through moans, she wasn't expecting this and didn't know what Cain had planned, whatever it was, he wouldn't listen to her half-pleas. Faster and faster he went, pushing his endurance to the limit, Verley was in a semi-trance by now and was just waiting for the end, pleasure had taken over. When it came, it nearly knocked her unconscious, nearing her climax, Cain had moved one of his hands off her buttocks and up to the top of her back, before pulling his cock nearly all the way out, leaving just the head inside, he gave one final thrust, whilst simultaneously pulling her towards him as hard as he could. He achieved what he wanted, his cock head briefly touched her cervix and at this point, both of them climaxed. Verley let out a huge scream of pleasure as the cock hit her cervix, and she could feel the sudden warmth of his cum soaking it. Cain held it in position as long as he could before he collapsed back into his chair, his cock slopping out of her vagina. She fell backwards onto the cold, glass table, and for half a minute, time seemed to stop.

Both of them resisted for as long as they could, but eventually, they fell asleep. Several hours passed and Cain woke up; he found himself sitting naked in his chair, with his cock all sticky and the floor covered in saliva, cum and sweat. He looked at the table and saw the outline of a body on the glass table, but nothing else. He looked around the room, walking naked and half awake, he reached the mirror and looked into it, rubbing his face, he looked like shit. His hand rested on the table below him and he felt his hand knock something made of glass, he looked down and picked it up, looking at the label “Polymorphine – Several Hours” was the hand written label. What was a Polymorphine vial doing in his house, he wasn't an assassin, he then heard his bathroom door slide open and out stepped a naked Amberley, he immediately turned back to face the mirror, but could see her in that too, so he looked at the floor, then noticing he was naked and covered his groin with his hands. “Um, hello Vail, I can't really explain what happened, but first, why are you naked?” he asked, staring at the floor “Oh, I was going to have a shower and wondered if you'd like to join me” she said, turning back into the bathroom, before turning around and saying in her most authoritative voice “That's an order, mon'keigh!”

Cain stumbled his way towards the bathroom door, his sweaty feet sticking to the tiled floor as he did so, squelching in various liquids as he past. Reaching the bathroom door, he clicked the access panel and the door swished open to reveal not Amberley Vail as he expected, but the Eldar, Verley from before “You? What have you done with Amberley?!” he demanded, head throbbing from the drink induced hangover, the Eldar threw a glass vial at Cain, which he just about managed to catch, looking at the vial, it too read “Polymorphine – Several Hours”, looking up from the label he saw Verley seductively walk towards the impressive shower cubicle, which was large enough to fit several people into, it was surrounded on all sides by giant, powerful shower nozzles, perfect all round cleaning. “I've got a Portal that needs investigating” she said enticingly, finishing by biting her lower lip and giving a cute, Eldar giggle. By now, Cain had worked out exactly what was going on, it annoyed him how long it took him to figure it out, but if Amberley wanted to play games, then he would oblige. Strutting forward with as much power and authority as he could, he pushed the naked Eldar into the show cubicle and closed the translucent door behind him. “On” he called out and with this simple command the dozen shower heads sprung into life, and so did Cain, grabbing hold of Verley's face he engaged in passionate embraces, his past worry of heresy washing away with the sweat and semen of his last encounter with this 'Eldar'. As their tongues danced in each others mouth, Verley used her left hand to slowly rub Cain's cock, slowly going up and down the shaft with both forehand and backhand motions, rolling the cocks head in the palm of her hand occasionally. Cain was uninhibited by fear of heresy now and he let the pleasure flow through him, becoming rock hard in the process. Verley pulled away from his mouth, s trail of saliva still joining them together, placing her right hand on his chest, she slowly knelt to the ground and held his cock with both hands. She began to slowly circle the head, occasionally sucking the tip of it with her mouth, before running her tongue over his urethra opening, causing him to shudder in pleasure and placing his hand on the wall to steady himself. It was at this point she began sucking his cocks head in her mouth, but her hands dropped from his shaft and reached around and held both of his buttocks. Cain stroked Verley's auburn hair, which was now out of it's pony tail and all loose, drenched with water, ran his hands up and down her ears, causing her to moan and move his penis about in her mouth while she adjusted. Verley had been sucking the tip for about a minute, letting Cain caress her hair and ears, she looked up at him, her Eldar eyes a deep azure colour, Cain felt his cock slightly bend as she did so, he looked down at her and placed his hand on her cheek, to which she attempted to smile before returning to her original position. Cain felt her grip tighter on his buttocks, which made he gasp slightly, but it wasn't anything like what followed, as Verley pulled him as hard towards her as possible, while thrusting her head forward. Cain felt his cock hit the back of her gullet and heard her overcome her gag reflex, even over the sound of the water raining down upon them. Verley began to pull out, reaching the end of his cock again, thinking this was it Cain went to say something, but to his surprise, and pleasure, she repeated the same action again, thrusting her head forward and pulling him towards her, her face and nose burying deep into his groin. Over and over she did this, each time resisting her gag reflex, by now Cain had resorted to using both his arms to support him as he unashamedly let his moans out as loud as they needed to be. Verley began to speed up, faster and faster she did the deep thrusts into her throat, Cain couldn't resist forever and it was on a particularly deep one that he climaxed and ejaculated down her throat, he didn't force her to stay, but for some reason she did, drinking down his hot liquid, before pulling out the spent cock and sucking the end as if it was the first food she had eaten in weeks.

With the water still coming down on both of them and Verley licking his cock clean, Cain wondered what he could do to repay her for such an experience, he had a brief think as the occasional shudder of residual climax was released by her fevered licking. He couldn't risk getting her pregnant, it would be a rather embarrassing event if the other Inquisitors found out, so he came to the only conclusion he could. “Get up, filthy Xeno” he shouted at loud as he could, water running down his face as he did so. Verley, not used to this side of Cain found it rather exciting and did as she was told “Anything else, master?” she asked sweetly, pressing her breasts together when her arms reached her side “Turn around, now” he said, and Verley did as she was told, her pussy was already incredibly wet, and she couldn't resist rubbing her erect clitoris with her fingers, occasionally tweaking it between thumb and forefinger, as she lost herself to this, Cain stepped forward and pushed her forward so she bent over, Verley didn't protest, she was too busy tweaking her nipples and plunging her fingers deep inside her pussy. Cain slapped his hands on her ass, causing her to yelp in pain, before he spread the ass cheeks apart, revealing a delicate ass-hole. Letting the water run down the crack and pooling slightly on top of the anus, he moved his still hard cock forward and lined it up to the ass-hole “Well Xeno scum, it's time you're punished for your refusal to follow the Emperor” he said, Verley had realised now what he was doing to her ass “Cain, wait, this is--” she was cut off before she could finish, Cain plunged his dick right into her ass-hole, causing her to scream in a mix of pleasure and pain, her hands gripping into fists and she lent on the wall, Cain pumped his cock as fast as he could, but the tightness of her Eldar ass-hole was providing a difficult obstacle to overcome “What's the matter xeno? First time somebodies entered your webway?” Cain laughed as he grabbed her hips with both hands and increased the deepness of his thrusts “C-Cain, sto, stop, pl-please” Verley whimpered through bouts of moaning ans gasping, she could feel his hot cock rubbing the walls of her rectum, causing pressure to be placed on her vaginal walls, stimulating her in both holes “I don't listen to xeno's, witch” he laughed, his cock thrusts speeding up as he plunged deeper and deeper, he sphincter loosening up to the cock inside it, the constant water lubricating every new thrust. Cain made it last as long as he could, Verley moaning throughout at this new sensation, and, with one final thrust he shoved his cock as far as he could inside her ass, ejaculating inside her, to which she responded with her own orgasm, as her pussy and ass combined in a largest orgasm she ever had, causing her legs to buckle and falling to the shower floor, cock slopping out of her ass-hole and his cum began to dribble out and was washed away, Verley breathing heavily, totally blank to everything but what she just experienced. Cain sat down on the floor and lifted the Eldar up and held the still shuddering body in his arms, kissing her forehead before saying “You're a strange one, Amberley Vail” squeezing her tight he finished “But I love you” and this caused Verley, or Amberley, to smile, and she fell asleep in his arms, to the sound of the water and his heart beat.