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A pair of white antlers wrapped in flowering vines
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Amaranthine
Portfolio Vigor, Strength, Life, Forests, Beasts, Perserverance, Survival
Domains Life
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Cervans, Community Leaders, Healers, Druids, Rangers, Diviners, Paladins
Favoured Weapon Unknown

Cairith the Resolute is one of the five Amaranthine associated with the Humblefolk races of the Humblewood setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Though the Cervans claim Cairith as their patron deity, they do not claim to be his direct descendants in the way of birdfolk. Instead, they claim him as a guardian spirit, who was the first born creation of Ardea when she gave life to the world, and who in turn took over protection of the cervans once the Dawnmother gave them life in turn. His most prominent gifts to them are their vigor, their strength, and the power of "The Sight".

Cairith's purpose is difficult to explain, and on the surface overlaps with both Hanera and Altus. At his core, Cairith is the Amaranthine of vigor and strength, overseeing the energy which is he cause of slow, steady growth and longevity. In living beings, this force manifests as the ability to run, jump, grow, and become strong. Ancient forests, where plants cover the trees and giant beasts are endowed with the intelligence to speak, are seen as signs of Cairith’s blessing. Cairith teaches that adversity brings strength, but his teachings differ from those of Altus. Altus encourages his followers to seek out challenges, where Cairith sees life itself as a perpetual struggle. The true test of survival is always against oneself and one’s own limits. By persevering in spite of these limits, Cairith counsels his adherents to triumph over the forces of death. This struggle must one day end, of course, and so the followers of Cairith seek to honor the daily triumphs of life as they happen. An existence is considered well-spent if it was lived unflinchingly, even in the face of sorrows and hardships.

For this reason, similarly to Tyton, Cairith has a deep philosophical opposition to necromancers and the undead, arguing that such beings truly cannot appreciate life's struggles.

Amongst those who pray to the Amaranthine of the humblefolk, Cairith is quite popular. His dogma of growth, strength and vigor appeals to community leaders and healers, whilst druids and rangers focus on his promotion of the forest. Paladins invoke his dogma to give heart to those they defend. As the patron of the Sight, the mystical ability to see into the future, he is regarded as something of a patron for all diviners. Finally, just as Altus is called upon by any birdfolk who is suffering and wishes for the strength to perservere, so too do the humblefolk call upon Cairith for that same purpose.


Cairith is envisioned as a massive, non-anthropomorphic stag whose mighty antlers are covered in moss and flowering vines, which flow down onto his mane and shoulders, and whose hooves cause plants to sprout from the earth wherever he walks. Where others see a tangle of vegetation, Cairith sees the plan of nature unfolding.


The way of nature is growth. Let nothing stifle you, and you will flourish.

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