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Caladris is a High Elf character from Warhammer Fantasy included in the Island of Blood starter set for 8th edition, also found in the rerelease set Spire of Dawn for Age of Sigmar.

The Legend[edit]

Caladris is only 150 years old by the modern era of Warhammer, extremely young for an Elf Wizard. After mere decades of study at the Tower of Hoeth in Saphery he graduated as a full-fledged Mage in the Lore of Fire and went out to serve Ulthuan as best he could. He first met his lifelong friend Althran Stormrider at the Battle of Stormkeep, of which we know nothing other than the name, when he used his magic to incinerate a crowd of Trolls that surrounded the young Prince. The two became fast companions, and Caladris became Althran's advisor.

Caladris is confirmed to carry a Channeling Staff, and spends before each battle studying every bit of knowledge available to him. His presence is an inspiration to his fellow Elves.

Caladris was part of the force Althran took to the Island of Blood when it fell under assault by Skaven lead by Skreet Verminkin. After Skreet's initial defeat a much larger High Elf force lead by Tyrion reinforced the Island of Blood High Elves.

On The Tabletop[edit]

Caladris is just a High Elf Mage model, with no other stats. He is popular for his interesting base for conversions.