Calitha Starbrow

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Calitha Starbrow
Giant pearl in nacre
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Celestial Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Time)
Portfolio Oceans, Travelers, Adventurers, Good Fortune, Merchants
Domains Time
Worshippers Water Elves, Followers of Elendaen, Sailors
Favoured Weapon Trident

Calitha Starbrow, also called Tallivai, Felidae, Mother Ocean, or Barramundje, is the patron Immortal of the water elves, and the protector of the seas.


Calitha was one of the first elves, born in their homeland of Evergrun, who became fascinated with the sea and how it related to time. Eventually she undetook the Path of the Dynast, travelling three times to the future to help her children, the water elves of Minrothad Islands, retain their kingdoms. After this, she ascended to Immortality in the Sphere of Time sponsored by Ordana, and begun teaching the Elendaen, the Ocean Path, which taught to never exploit the ocean which was the cradle of all life.


Calitha appears as an elven woman with a skin of nacre, a diamond star on the center of her forehead, wearing a garment of sea plants and seashells. She sometimes carries a trident with her.


Calitha embodies her own philosophy, guarding the ocean against those who would seek to exploit it. Her only ally is her patron Ordana. She dislikes Protius, feeling he doesn't concern himself enough the preservation of the sea.

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