Call of Cthulhu (LCG)

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Created by FantasyFlightGames, it's one of the most underrated and badass card-games out there. There can be a lot of complaining about a card or entire faction being ridiculously overpowered, but in all truth every faction is OP in one particular way, whether it's Control elements of Hastur that leave players unable to move, the cheap defenseless undergrads you spawn and spam with, or the agency, which seems to have too much in their budget given all the grenades and guns in their arsenal. And can summon Cthulhu. The gods are OP, but they're still manageable because so is everything else if you use it properly. Unlike Magic and other card games of the like, the game is separated into multiple phases: terror, combat, magic, and investigation. And unlike many games out there where the main focus is to bash your opponent's skull against a brick wall, you focus on winning "Story Cards", which if you chose to activate, can mean dire results for both players, a boon for both, or little to nothing of interest.

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