Campaign:1000 Years Of Heresy

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A Contagion Of Renegades[edit]

In a world ravaged by the depredations of endless undead armies, the myth of the Anathema becomes truth as the newly returned Lawgivers find their numbers shrinking a little every year, whether to bend knee to the End as deathknights or to preserve the hope of saving the world -- if only for a still greater evil -- as infernal monsters. And though the Noss Fens lay silent at last, the forbidden book speaks of a ravenous plague even worse than the Great Contagion, that will feast upon even the dead.

Mad Red Suns Will Rise[edit]

The false saviours hold a festering corruption in their hearts, and the Immaculate Doctrine will be forgotten when it is needed most. They will speak honeyed promises of a world of peace, only to plunge it into an age of extermination and hatred. They will gather humanity in one place, speaking as one voice, offering promises of the birth of a new era of hope to the refugees that once dominated the world, but will only see the birth of oceans of festering, clotted blood. The red suns will light an orgy of slaughter that will never know an equal.

The Reign of Darkness and Silence[edit]

There is nothing more vile and unnatural than these three things: love without pain, silence without death, and power without ambition. The Father of Light will see to that.

The Makers Returns[edit]

The Broken-Winged Crane now speaks of the last era. The Makers shall return, and judge Creation, vile with heresy. The curse will end, as it began, with the last man and last woman screaming their defiance.

House Rules[edit]

No spell storing or essence storing artifacts, other than being used to power other artifacts. Stunts enhance entire flurries and entire defensive actions. Experience awards are global and uniform; bonuses enhance the entire party. No Imbue Amalgam, probably no Half Castes (Godblooded and Terrestrials should be fine).

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