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Favored Yozi:She Who Lives Within Her Name
Urge:Slay Those Who Disrespect Me
Anima Banner:
Anima Effect:Oath sanctification, cheating foreign oath sanctifications, diplomatic immunity with the denizens of the Abyss, the Inferno, and the Chaos realm.
Experience: -36/220 xp



Coadjutor: redacted



Attributes 5/4/2[edit]

Strength     ●
Dexterity    ●●●
Stamina      ●●●
Charisma     ●●●
Manipulation ●●●
Appearance   ●●
Perception   ●
Wits         ●●
Intelligence ●●


Martial Arts ●●
Melee        ●●
War          ●●
Integrity    ●●
Performance  ●●
Presence     ●●
Resistance   ●●
Lore         ●●
Occult       ●●●●●
Awareness    ●●
Dodge        ●●
Stealth      ●●
Linguistics  ●


Occult (Yozi Knowledge) ●●●


Paragon of Conviction ●●●
Conviction Specialty ●●●●●● (Judgment)


Child ●●●●●
Climate Sensitivity (indoors) ●●●●
Sickly ●●●●●●
Amnesia ●●●
Beacon of Power ●●●●
Known Anathema ●●●●●●●


Inheritance (Demon Blooded): ●●●●●
Past Life: ●●●
Patron: ●●●●●



  • First She Who Lives Within Her Name Excellency(5): 1m per 1d/2m per success, Reflexive(Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender), Instant. Too long to describe. Functions under conditions appropriate to The Pyrian Source (logical actions, or ones taken place in support of a hierarchy) and may be applied to any action. Normal dice adding limits apply. Can add up to (Attribute+Ability) or (Attribute+Essence) dice.
  • Inevitable She Who Lives Within Her Name Dominance: Every time you activate 1st excellency within a scene (even for 0m), you reduce the cost of future uses of that excellency by 1m. So during a 10 part Mind-Hand flurry, assuming first usage of charms in a scene, you could add +0/+1/+2/+3/+4/+5/+6/+7/+8/+9 on the flurry for 0m on the first round (and after that action, receiving a -9m discount on all first excellency usages for the scene), and so forth. Is capable of adding +12 to hit with Mind-Hand, +6 to parry DV, +26 to damage (in HLS form), doubling Join Battle or Join War pools.

She Who Lives Within Her Name Charms:

  • Factual Determination Analysis: 2m, Reflexive. May be used to test any statement read or overheard with certain knowledge of whether it was presented as complete truth. If another Charm enhances the deception, apply (Essence) auto-sux to the resulting rolloff to determine truth. Truth is measured subjective to the knowledge of the speaker.
  • Essence-Dissecting Stare: ?m, Simple, one hour. Same as All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight (helps you detect essence users and identify charms), cost is lower of Perception or Occult -8, or 0m if you have Essence 6+.
  • Counter-Conceptual Interposition: 5m, Reflexive (step 2), instant. This Charm is a perfect parry against any attack the Infernal can perceive, even unblockable attacks. The default manifestation is an orb of crystalline fire that appears in the path of the attack, shattering to stop the blow or projectile just before it hits the Exalt. Where the sphere shatters, a ripple of bent space flows out like a stone dropped into a pond. It is possible to manifest any instant duration effect that could provide a parry, however, such as a spray of water to snuff out a firewand’s torrent or a concussive thunderclap that knocks aside an incoming arrow. Such variations are stunts, so creative use can reduce the cost of the Charm to match the perfect defenses of other Yozis. Counter-Conceptual Interposition is vulnerable to the Imperfection of the Principle of Hierarchy.
  • Imperfection of the Principle of Hierarchy: The tenets and patterns of She Who Lives In Her Name give order and stability to a universe of mad chaos. That which she understands is less than her and so unable to harm her. That which is beyond her understanding mars the perfection of her vision. Charms limited by this flaw may be used at any time. However, if the attack is enhanced by a Charm or other supernatural power that the Infernal has not studied or personally encountered, the cost to activate the defense increases by five motes. Use of any unfamiliar Combo is considered unfamiliar, even if all the Charms contained within it are known to the Infernal. A reflexive difficulty 5 (Intelligence + Occult) roll can identify any Charm that the Storyteller determines an Infernal has the slightest chance of knowing.

By default, Charms with this imperfection never defend against surprise attacks on their own. Should a Combo or other effect make it possible to defend against a surprise attack, the surcharge applies regardless of the attacker’s magic. Attacks by creatures of the Wyld never require a surcharge. The Principle of Hierarchy trumps their chaos utterly.

  • Ego-Infused Pattern Primacyx3: Shaping, Permanent. If affected by Shaping the player does not approve of, the Shaping will reverse itself after one minute, during which time you suffer a -1 internal penalty on all non-reflexive actions and can't be further changed by applications of the same Shaping effect. Multiple effects heal in the order desired. You may heal back before the effect fully resolves (as an instantaneous reflexive effect) for 2m.
  • Wholeness Rightly Assumedx5: Permanent. Adds Crippling, Sickness, and Poison to the effects Ego-Infused Pattern Primacy can restore, as well as one bashing or lethal per interval. Healing damage instantaneously costs 5m per bashing or 3m per lethal.
  • Mind-Hand Manipulation:x2 Simple, Sorcerous, 10m (committed), indefinite. The spinning orbs of She Who Lives In Her Name have no hands with which to grapple and impose order on the world. They are not so crude. Telekinesis that trails Obvious ripples of spatial distortion and white light as prehensile tendrils of mental force. It has a Strength of (Essence) and a Dexterity of (Willpower), and the associated ability is always Occult. Range interval is Willpower+Occult. TK clinches must be maintained as normal. Can be used Defensively, giving a parry rating. May spend Willpower whenever dealing 2 or more health levels of damage to replace all damage with a Crippling amputation of the Exalt's choice.
  • Principle-Invoking Onslaught 1m(+1wp), Supplemental. This Charm can enhance any direct telekinetic attack using Mind- Hand Manipulation. Instead of exerting damage through projected force, a successful hit allows the Infernal to shape any instant-duration, damaging phenomenon into existence to injure the target, even if the phenomenon is wholly imagined and has no natural counterpart in Creation’s patterns. The default attack from this Charm is a pulse of disintegrating

white fire, but the Infernal can conjure lightning, grinding earth, boiling acid mist, low-frequency screams that split bowels or new colors of light that erase mass. The nature of the effects can alter stunts, but the actual statistics of the attack follow basic telekinetic attack options. Should the attack kill the target, an appropriate Shaping can transmute her corpse to any other matter with a Resources value less than the Infernal’s Essence. Thus, a golden fog that turns flesh to gold may leave alloyed statues of gold glistening with tarnished inclusions of emerald brass. Characters immune to Shaping effects can’t be hurt by this Charm. This Charm costs one mote and One Willpower to enhance a telekinetic clinch. A grapple augmented this way creates a lingering snare or binding that maintains the clinch using the Exalt’s normal traits to do so. Independent Shaping clinches apply successes equal to half their dice pool in lieu of rolling and can only attempt to hold their target immobile. If the clinch is broken or dispelled or the creator wishes, the confinement shatters and its prisoner is free to act immediately. A maximum of (Essence) independent clinches may be maintained at one time.

  • Constructive Convergence of Principlesx3 20m 1wp, Simple (5 hours of effort per roll), Shaping. Allows the shaping of the Wyld, Creation (diff 10 and is a Blasphemy), or Hell (diff 5) within (Essence) miles. Dice pool is Willpower + Essence, may be enhanced by SWLiHN excellency as if it were a combination of (Attribute + Ability). All beings created through this charm are inherently creatures of darkness in accordance with the Yozi Essence that gave them life. Spending successes equal to a First Circle Demon's Essence rating on the "create people" option allows the Exalt to spawn an unbound heroic member of that race that comes into existence with an Intimacy of loyalty to its creator and whatever Motivation he decides to give it. Creating Land requires successes equal to the Resources value, an Infernal Demense requires successes equal to the level, extras requires successes equal to the Background dots necessary to have them as followers (increase by 1 to create a coherent military unit or social group out of the chaos), or Wealth (equal to Resources level). Creating magical things allows you to speed the craft process tenfold and apply successes directly as Craft. The things created thusly are semireal and will gradually dissolve unless they interact with things of Creation. Land/Wealth can be made permanent via sacrificing orichalcum or jade of the same resources value; Magical Things can be made real by building the manse or artifact out of materials imported from Creation; and you can change the motivation of people or whole social groups, or apply mutations, at once. See P.217 of Exalted core for details. Requires Essence 7+ (available through the use of a Lightning Strikes Twice hearthstone and 1wp) to create infernal demenses inside Creation, if one does not mind alerting the forces of Heaven to your location and the fact that you will be spending several hours in one place with diminished Essence.
  • Force-Suppression Barrier 4m, Reflexive (Step 2). One scene. Upon activating this Charm,

the Infernal’s anima crystallizes into a force construct around her, glowing at the eight to ten mote level of display. The Charm provides a shield DV bonus of the Infernal’s Essence rating, which is not cumulative with other cover benefits (only the best modifier applies). Even better, direct telekinetic attacks using Mind-Hand Manipulation are DV -0 actions with Force-Suppression Barrier active. Whenever a ranged attack completely misses the Infernal, the projectile slows to a stop as the shield strips all energy and inertia from it and drops harmlessly to the ground as the tick ends.

  • Crystal-Fire Barrier Technique 5m, 1wp, one day, Reflexive (step 2), Shaping, Sorcerous. Can only be used 1/tick. Creates a visible force barrier (Essx10) yards away, and is an inanimate object of Essence x4 bashing and lethal soak and destroyed if it takes any damage. Equally solid to dematerialized beings but the creator may move through them.
  • Ascendent Objectivity Stance 8m, 1wp, shaping, one day, Simple. Creates a Crystal-Fire Barrier that can be used for the creator to stand upon with Mind-Hand Manipulation activated. The platform lets the creator fly at (Ess)x(Natural Ground Speed) and gives 50% cover.
  • Will-Crushing Force Permanent, Shaping. If you deal 2+ damage with Mind-Hand, you can forfeit all damage to drain 1 willpower. Used on a victim of lesser Essence, reducing WP to 0 breaks their will. Mortal victims broken die as they dissolve into white fire; When it dims, the victim appears unburned and completely healthy, but this is not the same being. The new entity shares memories with and is a perfect copy of the original down to the last freckle, but the thing that replaces her is a creature of darkness with no soul. If killed, its Essence dissipates back into that of Creation like a person shaped from the Wyld. The mortal victim may be granted any logical extrapolation of the infernal's Urge or a Policy of which they used to belong to. The mortal victim loses all Virtues and is treated as an automaton, and treats any violation of their new motivation as an unacceptable order.
  • Heuristic Logos Shintai 15m, 1wp, Simple, Indefinite, Blasphemy, Form-Type, Shaping. Each syllable of the name in which the Principle of Hierarchy dwells encodes the birth or unraveling

of the universe, a weapon of sublime perfection. By superimposing a syllable of that word over the pattern of her body, an Infernal with this Charm unravels herself into perfect crystal geometries of force and motion resembling the Pyrian Source in miniature. She may embrace this form or choose another, rebuilding her component constellations into any imagined shape that fits within a (Essence x 100) yard radius—most commonly herself surrounded by a storm of spheres. Ultimately, all permutations provide the following:

• Myriad crystal orbs and semi-tangible light constructs comprise her reimagined body, leaving her without means of parrying, physically manipulating her environment, or physically attacking by most means. She can dodge normally. Her natural soak and hardness increases to 10L/B (if lower) and she can’t suffer more than minimum damage from each attack or other injurious event (this cap is applied to levels suffered in step 10).

• Her constellations levitate and fly as though using Ascendant Objectivity Stance.

• She can use Principle-Invoking Onslaught as an innate power rather than a Charm activation, paying nothing to do so. She has no limit on the number of independent clinches she can maintain.

• Her effective Strength with Mind-Hand Manipulation triples, the range of her telekinesis increases to (Essence x 300) yards and the rate of telekinetic striking attacks rises to 10. She can choose for telekinetic attacks to encompass an entire complementary unit in mass combat, systematically sweeping through the ranks with cold efficiency. This doubles the raw damage of the attack and ensures that all casualties lost to it can be killed, permitted to desert or maimed as the Infernal dictates.

• She isn’t required to inflict damage to substitute Willpower drain for damage via Will-Crushing Force. Instead, she can make this swap any time she hits. Further, she can attack complementary units this way, in which case Willpower drain applies separately to all members and is simultaneously tracked as an aggregate total against the unit. Once the total reaches the highest Willpower rating for all mortal members, these characters dissolve in white flame and are replaced with soulless copies. If the majority of the unit is converted, it ejects unconverted members and must reorganize its ranks accordingly.




Essence: ●●●●●
Regeneration: 5(10 when resting)/hour
Essence Pool: 33/33
Included Committed Essence: 42


Willpower: ●●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□□□



  • Compassion ●●●
  • Conviction ●●●●+●●●
  • Temperance ●
  • Valor ●

Primary Virtue:Conviction
Torment:Torment of Malfeas
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□


Second Circle Hellstrider ●●●●● (Can provide Str 14, Soak 27, Hardness 13, and more, as well as being able to be modified extensively)

Manses and Heartstones[edit]



Human Form[edit]

Dodge DV:7
Dodge MDV:7
Soak: 1B/0L/0A
Pierced: 1B/0L/0A
Hardness: 0B/0L/0A

Hellstrider-equipped Heuristic Logos Form[edit]

Dodge DV:6
Dodge MDV:7
Soak: 37B/37L/27A
Pierced: 25B/24L/14A
Hardness: 13B/13L/13A

Mind-Hand Blade (Speed 5, Accuracy 15, Damage 7L or 21L, Parry DV 8, Rate 5 or 10, Range 12 or 1500, Tags P, Aggravated vs Creatures of Chaos)


□ -0 □□ -1 □□ -2 □ -4 □ Incapacitated □ Dying

General Strategy Tips[edit]

Heuristic Logos Shintai can be committed indefinitely, and is paid for as mentioned. The use of HLS form or any other Blasphemy, however, broadcasts your general location to the Loom of Fate (monitored by Sidereals) and to the Realm Defense Grid's central control room (currently thought to be unoccupied), as well as providing information on your Essence level and the charm involved, while in Creation. HLS reduces all attacks to minimum damage, however. Since almost all of Lester's powers are purely mental, he loses nothing from letting his hellstrider break loose at every opportunity, aside from the obvious perils of being inside an insane demon-robot. His essence pool is 15 points higher without HLS. Mind-Hand can be committed safely, assume has activated with an extra WP for the +2 to Essence from the hearthstone.

Personal Combat[edit]

0th Action: Join Battle: Use Force-Suppression Barrier for 4m, 29/33m, spending 1wp to add +2 to Essence rating, giving a +7 to parry DV (total 15).

1st Action: Initiate a 10 part Mind-Hand Flurry for 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5. Excellencies now are at -10 cost. DV now 19.

2nd Action: Initiate another 10 part Mind-Hand Flurry for 14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5 DV now maxed at 21. Excellencies should now be at -20, and should generally be free.

3rd Action: etc.


Experience Points[edit]

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