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and now for something completely different

Call of Cthulhu, NEMESIS with adjusted MADNESS rolls, Saturdays, suptg irc

oh shit we didn't want to be here at all[edit]

And what's with these statues that move around jesus christ


Colonel William Harcourt: Armed with moustache, pith helmet and elephant gun, he's ready to confront any vile deity of the Cthulhu Mythos and incorporate their savage little realms into the British Empire. Do R'lyeh or Yuggoth have any opium?

Henri Lamont: A shellshocked French veteran of the Great War who's seen the worst that man can do and lived to drown his memories at the bottom of a wine bottle. Who better to confront horrors from out of time and space than someone that already has a thousand yard stare?

Elise Rouge: A Librarian who has a soft spot for family and demands silence within her library. Curious books about otherworldly things that have appeared in her library have spurned her to join this adventure.

Francesca Guccini: A young Italian anarcho-syndicalist who, fleeing her country's Fascist regime after things got a bit too thick for her, got unfortunately involved in a number of bizarre events and screwed-up cults.

James Fielding: An American Stock Market junkie who lost everything. Living on the streets, he just looks to find a roof over his head. Retribution can come later.

Yulian Mitofran: An Ex Red Army soldier travelling the world to find a place where he fits in. (This is just a back up character in case other people drop out)

En Pe Ces[edit]



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