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  • Campaign: A Divided Center
  • Name: Alibeth Wurren, Barlet of the Written Deed
  • Concept: Sidereal Reporter
  • Caste/Aspect: Chosen of Secrets
  • Motivation: Empower Solars to rule creation again with the secrets he uncovers
  • Positive intimacies:
  • Negative intimacies:
  • Anima:
  • Experience: 0/0


Alibeth Wurren was born into the famous Metagalapan merchant family, son of Dareth and Silena. His lineage never accounted for much in his life, neither of his parents working administration or in the family business. The first years of his life were spent in ignorant bliss with his mining parents. The Sidereals found him at a young age, taking him from his home to Yu-Shan at the age of five. The one who both found him, and trained him down the path to be a Chosen of Secrets was Hammer of Paradise, an Independent Chosen of Battles. Hammer never pushed Wurren into any faction, the young man drifting his way into the Golden Faction after some years. He exalted only recently, during training with his Sifu. Since that time, he has gotten more involved with the Convention of Wood, bringing him more into the fold of the Gold Faction. When not on assignment, he spends his time in the East, making friends in Lookshy. It's there he has his acquaintances, with a small newspaper that he writes freelance for. His curiosity for new knowledge carries over into his Resplendent Destiny, Barlet of the Written Deed, where he passes himself off as a freelancer reporter. His Sifu's most recent task has sent him back to the East, to look over a small group of newly exalted Lunars, and push them towards their Solar mates.


(what other people see when they look at your character.)


Strength  ●●●      Charisma     ●●●●     Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●     Manipulation ●●●●     Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●       Appearance   ●●●      Wits         ●●●


Sidereal Block
Resistance        Craft              Archery    ●●    Investigation ●●●●   Awareness    ●●
Ride              Dodge       ●●●    Athletics        Larceny       ●●●●●  Bureaucracy  ●●●  
Sail              Linguistics ●●●    Melee            Lore          ●●●    Integrity    
Survival          Performance        Presence   ●●●   Occult        ●●●    Martial Arts ●●●●● 
Thrown     ●●     Socialize   ●●●●   War              Stealth       ●●●●●  Medicine     

Languages: Old Realm, Forestspeak, Riverspeak, Low Realm



Backing (Gold Faction): ●●
Acquaintances: ●●●
Celestial Manse: ●●
Salary: ●●
Sifu: ●●●
Artifact (Starmetal Hearthstone Amulet): ●
Connections (Lookshy): ●●


  • (Dodge) Absence (Abil 2 Ess 2 p143): 2m, Reflexive (Step 2), Combo-OK, Instant. All penalties to Dodge DV are ignored.
  • (Dodge) Duck Fate (Abil 3 Ess 2 p143): 10m, Reflexive (Step 2), Combo-Basic, Instant. Dex+Dodge rolled against a difficulty equal to the permanent Essence of the foe responsible for the trouble. If successful, able to avoid the harmful effect.
  • (Linguistics) Favorable Inflection Procedure (Abil 3 Ess 2 p145): 5m, Simple, Emotion, Virtue (Compassion), Instant. Roll Charisma+Linguistics against targets MDV, add essence in auto successes. If the target is calm, success causes target to gain a single Intimacy towards the Sidereal. If upset/hostile, the target's hostility and cause evaporate from the target's mind.
  • (Investigation) Auspicious Prospects for Secrets (Abil 2 Ess 1 p162): 1m, Simple, Combo-Basic, Instant. With a Intelligence + Investigation roll, the Sidereal gets a sense if certain information should be obscured or revealed.
  • (Investigation) Efficient Secretary Technique (Abil 1 Ess 2 p162): 2m, Simple, One Miscellaneous Action. This charm lets the Sidereal ask a small emerald pattern spider for information, which it can fetch if the information is not actively concealed. It can also be sent to the Sidereal's library.
  • (Larceny) Avoiding the Truth Technique (Abil 2 Ess 1 p163): 3m, Supplemental, Fate, Illusion, Virtue (Conviction), Instant. This charm adds Larceny in successes to a social ability roll. If the result exceeds the targets MDV, he thinks he saw through the lie and believes that whatever the Sidereal said isn't true.
  • (Larceny) Thought-Swiping Distraction (Abil 2 Ess 1 p164): 5m, 1wp, Simple, Fate, Instant. The Sidereal makes eye contact with a target for a few moments, and gets a quick impression of what the target is thinking about. The target loses his train of thought.
  • (Lore) Methodology of Secrets (Abil 2 Ess 2 p166): 5m, Reflexive, Until the character next sleeps. The character receives a vision from the Maiden of Secrets, understanding how he fits into the Maiden's plan. Upon waking, the character gains three relevant bonus specialties that can be divided among up to three abilities. The dice from the specialties may also apply to the effect roll for Sidereal astrology that involves the corresponding college.
  • (Stealth) Soft Presence Practice (Abil 2 Ess 1 p170): 2m, Supplemental, One Action. This charm divides the number of motes spent by two for purposes of calculating the effect on a character's anima.
  • (Bureaucracy) Underling Invisibility Practice (Abil 3 Ess 2 p42): 4m, Simple, Illusion, Indefinite. A person who thinks themselves better than the Sidereal cannot see the Sidereal. The Sidereal's presence also gives the victim a sense of deja vu.
  • (Martial Arts) Leaping Mantis Technique (Abil 2 Ess 1 p97): 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. The character leaps towards his opponent, adding her MA score to both the Join Battle dice pool and the maximum number of yards he can leap. The charm must be activated before the Join Battle action is rolled. During the fight, he mad add his MA in yards to his Move.
  • (Martial Arts) Iron-Arm Block (Abil 3 Ess 1 p97): 3m, Reflexive (Step 2), Combo-OK, Instant. The character takes a defensive stance, and adds his MA score to his Parry DV for one action, either unarmed or with a MA weapon. He can also parry lethal damage attacks unarmed.



  • Paradox: 1/10

Resplendent Destinies[edit]

The Treasure Trove

  • Scope: ●●
  • Duration: ●●●
  • Endurance: ●●


Essence: ●●
Regeneration: 4 active, 8 relaxed, 12 sleeping
Personal Essence Pool: 1/11
Peripheral Essence Pool: 29/29
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●●●●
Temporary: 6/7



Compassion ●●●
Conviction ●●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor      ●●

Virtue flaw: Flawed Fate (Conviction)
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□
Limit Break Condition: Spending willpower to resist virtue, resisting unnatural mental influences, affecting fate contrary to virtue


(here is where you write down all your stuff. you write your artifacts, too, name, fluff and stats. you have to specify, for every item, what background (resources, arsenal, artifact...) did it come out of. don't itemize your tacklebox, this isn't D&D)

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

(write what hearthstones (if any) you have, and write some stuff about the manses too: a bit of description, where they are and so on)


Dodge DV: 5
Dodge MDV: 4
Soak: 0A/1L/2B
Pierced: 0A/1L/2B
Hardness: 0A/0L/0B


Punch (Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 3B, Parry DV 5, Rate 3, Tags N)
Kick (Speed 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 6B, Parry DV 3, Rate 2, Tags N)
Clinch (Speed 6, Accuracy 9, Damage 3B, Parry DV N/A, Rate 1, Tags N, C, P)


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying
□ Dying

one Dying level per dot of Stamina


3 BP on ● Conviction, 3 BP on ● Valor, 2 BP on ●● Larceny, 2 BP on ●● MA, 2 BP on ●● Stealth, 3 BP on ●●● Occult, 1 BP on ● Investigation, 1 BP on ● Linguistics, 1 BP on ● Socialize

Shopping list[edit]