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If you want to read through the essential rules without downloading the handbooks, you can find them here.


This is where we will be playing. Join #ICchannel and #OOCchannel.

We will be playing every Tuesday from 4-6pm PST (7-9pm EST).


Please add yourself to the list of players here if you'll be playing with us. Include the name you want us to call you by and contact info if you so desire. (Put a '*' before your name to make the bullet.)

  • DMblue - Gmail:
  • Hunter Parasite - Gmail:
  • Syth - Gmail/Skype:
  • Orik - Gmail: skype: pedobear4pres
  • Zombie_Carp - e-mail/skype:


Tell us when you're going to be available. It would help if you also tell us your time zone.

  • DMblue - PST; Sunday all day, TuTh 5-10pm, F all day, Saturday 12-5pm
  • Hunter Parasite - Whenever, after 6 PM eastern
  • Syth - Sun-Fri noon till 3am. Arizona time, subject to change come august.
  • Orik - any day past 8 o clock, there will be days that i won't be able to do though
  • Zombie_Carp - on weekdays, anytime past 6:30 (5:30 EST)

Current PCs[edit]