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Here's the scoop. 10 years ago, the Jade Prison split open. Ever since then, the Yozi's Reclamation plots have been advancing smoothly. Ebon Dragon is infiltrating and doing his scheming thing. Adorjan is tearing it up in the north. Cecylicine is making her desert utopia in the south. SHLIHN is keeping the Deathlords busy. Meanwhile, Malfeas has been... well, he's been getting pretty fucking pissed. "Stick to the plan" they say. "Don't blow it" they say. Well this plan is starting to get more and more boring by the sec...

Wait, what's that? Ebby says things are in motion. No more sending Infernals up to sulk around in dark corners! It's time to send them out to start TEARING SHIT UP!

You are a coven of the most powerful Infernals Hell can muster. Your mission is to go out and indulge your demonic urges to their fullest. Destroy, conquer, corrupt, whatever you will so long as the East is sent toppling into Malfeas.

The Basics[edit]

Storyteller: Blinkdog
Start Date: Late May/Early June
Game Time: TBD. Whatever works for everyone.
Room: #ActsofVillainy. Please try to join this room whenever you are online.


The Infernal Thing is the annual meeting of all the Green Sun Princes in Malfeas. You are all given free reign to RP amongst yourselves at any time. If the ST isn't available, you have permission to run your own NPC's, although abuse will cause that permission to be revoked. Uninvolved players may also run NPC's for this purpose, even those who are not even signed up for this chronicle (Assuming they have experience with Exalted and this particular game, like from lurking or obsessively reading logs and character sheets). Make sure someone keeps a log, and the ST will review it, approve any actions or statements from important NPC's (In the event that, say, Liger shows up for a pub crawl), and if it is good, possibly award XP or other bennies.

The Setting[edit]


Ebon Dragon's wedding has gone off without a hitch. His other plans are moving smoothly, but could benefit from a large-scale distraction, so he's given Malfeas the go-ahead to cause as much chaos as he likes in the East. Stuff is going on in the rest of Creation, but it's not that important right now. (ie. I gotta sit down and figure some of this stuff out)

The Rules[edit]

  • INFERNALS ONLY. Other exalts are fags. ALSO NO AKUMA. Green sun princes represent.
  • Unlimited Combos. Since this makes Scarlet Rapture Shinitai less awesome, SRS's instant combos no longer cost one willpower.
  • Useful Overwhelming.
  • Improved feats of strength. (Roll Str + Ath and add it to your Str + Ath pool)
  • Torment has been inverted. You gain torment when you do stuff that pleases the Yozis, and lose it when you piss them off. When you reach 10 and decide to activate your Apocalyptic Form, you synchronize with your Yozi masters mentally, spiritually and physically. Your body manifests it's demonic nature more clearly, and your will becomes like Malfean brass.
    • In Apocalyptic Form, you regain all your temporary willpower, and for the rest of the scene you are immune to ALL mental influence, as the Yozis are basically riding shotgun in your mind. You also manifest (Essence x 2) points of positive mutations to represent the physical transformations you undergo.
    • Torment can go into the negatives. If your torment is less than zero for too long, the Yozi and demons will get pissy at you and ask you to do stuff. (AKA: Cousin! Let's go bowling!) If it reaches -10, the offender suffers their usual limit break as the Yozis tell them off.
  • If you break the game, it better be because you are doing something AWESOME. Insufficient awesomeness will revoke your broken abilities.
  • Training times are waived. It is assumed the Yozis have access to time-dilation abilities and nonlinear training abilities that act outside causality, so if you need to learn a new charm in the middle of combat, go for it.
  • Lillun is one of 50 young girls who have been used as the 'Anchor' for the infernal shards. Think "Little Sisters" from Bioshock. They each also have a "Big Daddy", a hellforged wonder which follows them around and ensures their safety. The demon that is now the Unwoven Coadjutor of the Infernals was the motivating power of the Big Daddy until it was called on to do it's duty, so every Infernal has an additional intimacy (that does not count to their starting limit or their Compassion + willpower limit) of protective affection towards their Little Sister. The 'empty' Big Daddies are now powered by the arcane link between the infernal and the Little Sister.
  • Slayers castemark is now a stylized nuclear warning symbol.
  • Apparently White Wolf decided to not release any Infernal or Malfean hearthstone powers, so feel free to come up with your own. Malfean hearthstones cost the same as normal hearthstones, however, you will be awarded bonus XP for each hearthstone you create. Post them here: Malfean Hearthstones.
  • Custom Charms go here: Custom Charms.

Character Creation[edit]

  • Standard chargen with 200xp tacked on. Go crazy.
  • Backgrounds cost 3xp per dot.
  • The Artifact background gives you twice it's rating in artifact dots, which can be spent in any way you desire. (Yes, with Artifact 3 you could have an artifact with a rating of 5)
  • Keep in mind there is probably going to be a lot of fighting.
  • Sorcery and Necromancy are modified as follows: [1]
    All Terrestrial Circle Sorcerers receive the spells Slave Spawn Summons, Emerald Countermagic, Unconquerable Self and one additional spell of their choice without additional cost.
    All Celestial Circle Sorcerers receive the spells Fiend Vassal Conscription and Sapphire Countermagic without additional cost.
    All Solar Circle Sorcerers receive the spells All-Commanding Oversoul Beckoning and Adamant Countermagic without additional cost.
    All Shadowlands Circle Necromancers receive the spells Field of Fell Dreams, Raise the Skeletal Horde, and Iron Countermagic without additional cost.
    All Labyrinth Circle Necromancers receive the spells Arisen Legion and Onyx Countermagic without additional cost.
    All Void Circle Necromancers receive the spells Summon Hekatonkhire and Obsidian Countermagic without additional cost.
    For every Yozi you take Sorcerous Enlightenment for after the first, you also learn a spell of your choice from the appropriate circle.
  • Feel free to come up with custom demons for your Unwoven Coadjutor.
  • Try and come up with a theme-song.
  • NEW BACKGROUND: Infernal Command. See Abyssal Command, but with yozi cultists and demons instead of ZOMBIE GOASTS
  • No Essence above 5 for now.
  • Influence and Connections have been altered. Both represent your overall Clout or Connectiveness, so you only take the background once. Each area that you want to have specific influence or connections in like a language from your dots in Linguistics. Therefore, if you have Influence 4, you might have Malfeas's Progeny, The 7th Legion, Nexus, and Mercenaries.


You are not alone. Each character has the full backing and support of Hell. There are various benefits this provides, each with a scale appropriate to your rating in the Backing background.

Safehouses: Over the years, there have been hundreds of places the servants of the Yozi have prepared to hide from the wrath of Creation's defenders. Outside of fate and hidden from even the gaze of the Unconquered Sun, the Green Sun Princes may use these hideouts to lay low if their actions draw too much attention (as they undoubtedly will).
Backup: Each Green Sun Prince is a force unto himself, but sometimes that is not enough. Cultists, summoned demons and Akuma are all available to call upon when you are in need. Be it a team of Blood Ape shock troops, a group of Cultist smugglers or political pressure from an Akuma in deep cover in the local government, if your patron approves, are yours to command.
Artifacts: The Panoply of Hell is vast, and the choicest devices are for you to take up. If you have the XP to spend, you can have any Artifact you wish. It can even be delivered to Creation within the hour, available for pickup from a convenient cultist. Implanted artifacts still require some work, but this can normally be performed in a safehouse with little trouble.
Information: If you need to know something, there's probably someone who either knows it or can find out, and they're at your beck and call.
People: Sometimes an infernal does not have the patience or time to deal with the mundane tasks at hand. That's why they have People. Handling cleanup operations, criminal operations, preparing for a mission etc. If it's beneath you, let it fall to those who are beneath you.

All of these things can be accessed via a Hellphone, a device that each of you has been given. It is a creation of The Flatterer of Forgotten Genius, one of your Defiler peers. It is a small, perfectly smooth obsidian tablet, roughly the size of a modern smart phone. When held in the hand of a native of Malfeas or a creature of darkness, all one has to do is speak the name of the person they wish to communicate with. If that individual has a Hellphone, it will then notify them of your desire to speak with them, and if they accept you will be connected. If you want instead to send a short message, simply saying the recipients name and a short (up to 30 seconds) message, it will convey that message when the recipient accepts it. Speaking into the device and having it give an audio output is the simplest way to interact, but it can also work telepathically. It also has the ability to send written messages, which appear in dimly glowing green old-realm runes on (or just under) it's flat surface. It can translate speech into text. It can be stored in your shadow.


Player Characters[edit]

Link yo sheets here. Please include your screename and what dates and times you are available (Include time zone please)

  • SKULL is ready to headbutt everything for malfeas. Sarbiton - Free mon, most tues, wed, sun.
    • Arantoins, Malfean Spider Buggies. Contributed by Sarbiton, I hope I get XP for this.
  • Justin Case. Here as backup. LinaInverse - Free Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat
  • Anja of the Clock Tower, Luna's bookworm Defiler. Available: Saturday, Sunday (best), after 19:00 GMT.
  • Solene of the Discordant Blades, Scourge out to troll Creation because Malfeas and Adorjan said so. (Ashel - PST. Clear any morning/night. 'Primetime' Friday/Sunday are best, Wed/Sat bad but doable, Tue/Thur/Mon occupied)
  • Kelda Geigr, Radioactive Slayer who wants to turn the world into a cinder and dance on the glowing ashes. Available: Weekdays After 1800 CST, 1600 CST on Thursdays. Sundays anytime. Saturdays before 1700.


The various accomplices, victims and opponents of this madness.


  • Disciple of The Unholy Pyre, Malefactor who is gonna make people like the Yozi, by kicking their ass. AeonPhoenix (Disappeared)
  • Chain of Creation's Freedom, control-freak Defiler out wants to "fix" the disorder- and free will-ridden Creation. Golby (Dropped)
  • Blur of Wind and Carnage, Saman's speedy leetle Adorjan/ED Infernal. (Dropped)
  • Unrepentant Sand Mistress. She knows a guy. LinaInverse (remade)
  • Sandir Meino, CAPSLOCKGUY's dapper fiend diplomat. Available: Any time on a Brisbane Saturday. (Can't make game time)
  • Schobel, a not-Lelouch with an artistic bend played by MR RAGE, available all days, except those between June 13th and June 25th. (Until he gets back and finally writes a background and description)



Session Summaries for the tl;dr amongst us.

Experience Points[edit]

Experience point totals without the 200xp granted at character creation. Here is as good a place as any to note that you may go up to 10xp in debt, not including debt from training effects. Listed by username.

Ashel:       105
Bennie:      47
LawnPygmy:   88
LinaInverse: 51
Luna:        97
RAGE:        11
Sarbiton:    63
TFDG:        5

Bonus XP:

  • 1 xp per game for maintaining logs
  • 1-3 xp for creating a summary of the session's events (Depending on how long and involved the session was, and how well you summarize it)
  • 1-10+ xp for arts and crafts related to the campaign (quality and awesomeness determine reward. This includes write-ups for custom artifacts and hearthstones, fleshing out your backgrounds and history, character art or very detailed descriptions)
  • 1-8+ xp for custom hearthstones. 1-3 for just re-fluffing an existing one, 4-7 for a unique and flavorful one or a really awesome re-fluff, 8+ for a unique and awesomely appropriate demonic hearthstone.

Fun Things[edit]

To Do[edit]

A list of things the players in this game intend to do at some point during the game.

  • Sneak into Yu-Shan with those neat Ebon Dragon Charms. Will probably end with something involving Crack The Sky and the Incarna. To elaborate, we have several plans:
    • Malfeas Kart: Harnesses. Celestial Lions. Crack the Sky. Use Sids and pattern spiders as shells!
    • Scientific Experimentation: Throw the UCS and Ligier (conveniently summoned) at 5DD. Even if 5DD does vanish, you get to see UCS and Ligier crash into each other!
    • HEY: Throw progressively larger things at the Jade Pleasure Dome. Must shout HEY before throwing them. First one to lure an Incarna out of the Pleasure Dome wins!
    • Celestial Terrorism: drop a PSV on the Loom of Fate.
  • Troll Five Days Darkness, posing as solars. Get delicious Essence dots from him, then summon Ligier as a "thank you".
  • Kill a Neverborn. Just because.
  • BUT IT REQUIRES 60 SUCCESSES: Take a vacation to the West. Pick up Islebreaker. Punch (or headbutt) Leviathan out of the ocean. Bonus points if you can hit an Elemental Pole with him.
  • TIME OUT: Lock Lilith and Swan (or whatever the latest incarnation of Desus' shard is) in a box just big enough for the two of them. Enchant it so Lilith can't transform out of it or punch it open or something. Bonus points: Ship it to Malfeas and hook it up so it broadcasts whatever goes on inside.

Theme Songs[edit]

Chronicle's Theme Song
SKULL's Theme Song
SKULL's Other Theme Song
Solene's Theme Song (new!)
Disciple's Theme Song
Kelda's Theme Song
Schobel's Theme Song
Jack's Theme Song
Terror's Theme Song

Yeah, kind of like this[edit]

Replace lightsabers with daiklaves and blasters with mortal weapons and it'd be uncanny.