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  • Campaign: Kyu's game
  • Name: The Sneakiest Motherfucker This Side Of Lookshy.
  • Caste/Aspect: Night.
  • Motivation: Be the sneakiest motherfucker on the other side of Lookshy.
  • Positive intimacies:
  • Negative intimacies:
  • Anima:
  • Experience: 4/8

Background And Appearance[edit]

"Right, into the cell again." The guard shoved a small man, into a large cell. The inmate was short and scrawny, a mat of black hair hung over his forehead and his bony features caught the light for just a second. His nose was small, it didn't stick out from his face, his blue eyes were slightly sunk into his head, giving the impression that he was eternally tired. His mouth was closed and pale lips sat delicately on his face. He stood up in his cell as the guard slammed the barred door shut, "We're bringing in a Dragonblooded from Lookshy specifically to watch you." He then scoffed and walked away.

The thin little man stood up, he was about 20, his shoulders were narrow and barely stuck out from his neck. He looked like he'd not been fed in a long time, his arms like if he were to carry anything heavy they'd snap off, and his legs looked about the same. His clothes were dusty, ripped and baggy on him. He scuffed his boots on the floor of his cell as a young Dragonblood walked in to the holding room, the exalt was too young, entering his 20s with a red mane of hair that reached down to the base of his spine, he sat in a chair facing the skinny man's cell and sighed.

"Good evening," the incarcerated man started.

"Don't try that on with me," the exalt snapped, leaning forwards, resting his elbows on his knees and his chin on his hands.

"Try what, good exalt? I was just wondering how you are?" There was an inscrutable charm about his speech that let his words roll into the Dragonblood's mind, and the accent with which he spoke was comforting.

The Dragonblood paused before replying, he filled the space with a sigh, "Well, here I am, minding you. How do you think this makes me feel? Stuck on guard duty for a mortal with sticky fingers. I should be out there, in the Wyld Hunt..."

A smirk formed but dissipated quickly, "Well, come on, mortals are important. Think of all the accolades you can get from sitting and looking at people. You don't need the Wyld Hunt."

"No, I do. I need to be out there, beating Anathema to death and getting girls and... Y'know, being a hero."

"Perhaps you should go out there... And be the hero that I know you are?"

The dragonblood sprang to his feet with heroic resolve, "Perhaps I will..."

"Perhaps? Perhaps? Come here," he beckoned with his hand, the Dragonblood followed the instruction until both their chests were pressed up against the bars separating them. The inmate put his hands on the exalts shoulders and shook him a little, "Repeat after me; I am going to go out there."

"I am going to go out there."

"And I am going to draw my sword."

"And I am going to draw my sword."

"And I... Am going to.. Kick... Some... golden glowing ANATHEMA ASS. ARE YOU WITH ME?"



The exalt turned on his heels and drew his sword, he ran out of the hallway screaming something about the dragons. The man in his cell smirked and pulled a key from his palm, he spun it on one finger "I swear, they get dumber and dumber every week." He reached around and unlocked his cell. And he was free.


There was the small issue of getting out of here, this was his 3rd visit to this jail in about a week and people would recognize him. He crept out of his cell and out of the little hallway that he was being kept on, his senses told him that a patrol was just passing, the clack of footsteps outside his door approached, passed and got further away. He quietly opened the door and began to creep along behind the marching guard. As quick as he could he slipped in the first door they opened into... a library. Well, this was a multi-purpose building. He began scouring the room for way out, and there was one... In a window at least 25 foot off the floor. However, there were bookcases underneath it which he could hop up onto, but that itself was going to be a feat.

With some graceful climbing and maneuvering he had got on top of it, all there was left to do was to climb out the window. The doors to the room burst open with a loud shout, "HALT FIEND." He turned, it was the Dragonblood he had coerced before... This was going to be awkward.

The exalt leapt in a single bound atop a bookcase on the other side of the room and began hopping from one to another with fumbling grace. The mortal summed up his chances and began to leap from one book case to another in an attempt to run away from the perusing exalt. This went on for a few seconds before the exalt caught up with him and swung his sword, it missed, the mortal managed to duck and roll off the bookcase. The exalt had been put off balance by his swing and as the mortal landed on his feet he started to push against the bookcase. It was at least 15 feet tall and 15 wide, full of heavy tomes of forgotten lore.

He was amazed. It actually started to tip over. It fell, the Dragonblood tumbling with the book case and getting pinned under it with a sickening thud. Though the exalt managed to push the bookcase off himself, the mortal sighed in frustration but it didn't last long, the exalt rushed him, his sword seemingly broke or lost. He swung with a right, the mortal ducked and uppercut the exalt with an elbow, it didn't seem to phase him. The exalt kicked, it hit the mortal square in the chest and he was sent flying, a bookcase stopped his flight. He stood and began to run away, or that's what the Dragonblood thought when he gave chase. The mortal ran at a wall, bounded once before reaching it and then jumped at it, his foot hit the wall and he ran up it before pushing off and flipping backwards. He arched in the air over the Dragonblood with a quick flip, his leg extended and his foot cracked into the back of the exalts head. The fire aspect crumpled as rays of golden light burst from the mortals foot and then to the rest of his body.

His next job was to simply stroll out there with his new found power, and he did just that. Once outside he turned around and put his hands on his hips, "We're bringing in a Dragonblood from Lookshy to watch you." He mimicked, applying some sunglasses he found on the floor, "Please, I'm The Sneakiest Motherfucker This Side Of Lookshy."

Some piktours


Strength  2        Charisma     1        Perception   4
Dexterity 5        Manipulation 5        Intelligence 2
Stamina   1        Appearance   3        Wits         5


Solar/Abyssal Block
   Archery          [F]Integrity    5    Craft              [C]Athletics  5    Bureaucracy 
[F]Martial Arts  5     Performance    [F]Investigation   3  [C]Awareness  5    Linguistics 
   Melee            [F]Presence     3    Lore               [C]Dodge      5    Ride        
   Thrown              Resistance   1    Medicine           [C]Larceny    5    Sail        
   War                 Survival          Occult             [C]Stealth    5 [F]Socialize    

Languages: Skytongue, Old Realm



Artifact: ●● Silk armor
Artifact: ●● Chain sword



  • 2nd Larceny 2m/1 sux May pay up to (att+ability)m.
  • FLAWLESSLY IMPENETRABLE DISGUISE 7m; Type: Simple (Speed 6 in long ticks); Combo-OK; Until the character sleeps; Roll (Wits or Manip + Larceny) to determine the quality of a disguise you are donning. Lets you change skin color, texture, hair and eye color. Lets the character appear anywhere between half and twice their age, change their ethnicity and gender, and their height by 10% in either direction, their voice, accent, speaking style and scent. Ordinary Awareness or Investigation can't see through this, but exalts can use charms, etc. But the difficulty is +4. The disguise is impenetrable, not exact, you can still be seen through.


  • 2nd Awareness 2m/1 sux May pay up to (att+ability)m.
  • Keen Hearing and Touch Technique: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. 2 autosux to awareness rolls involving hearing/touch and can pick up stuff too faint for human senses, reduces external penalty to target unseen characters to -1 and internal penalty from blindness to -2.
  • Unsurpassed Hearing and Touch: 2m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. Doubles success on rolls dealing with smell/taste.


  • 2nd Stealth 2m/1 sux May pay up to (att+ability)m.


  • IMAGE OF DEATH TECHNIQUE 2m; Simple (DV -3); Illusion; One day; Character plays dead. (Perception + Medicine) dif 3 is needed to say otherwise. Can hold breath x10 longer than normal, does not need to eat or drink. Hearing, touch smell work normally, can't see or move. Can act normally the action after calling off the charm.
  • WALL CLIMBING TECHNIQUE 1m; Reflexive; Combo-OK, Obvious; One action; Can run up walls, hanging ropes, without halving base speed. Must activate over and over for every action, or hold onto ledges, footholes etc, or attempt to climb down normally.
  • DISTRACTING FINGER-GESTURE ATTACK 2m; Reflexive (Step 1); Obvious; Instant; Pick a target, make a hand sign, delay the target by (MA) ticks. Their DV doesn't refresh, so they cannot flurry, but can use reflexive charms and extra action charms. Can guard too.
  • EBON SHADOW FORM 5m; Simple (Speed 5); Form-type, Obvious; One scene; Add MA to join battle. Add (ess) to Stealth and dDV. Can deal B or L when unarmed (form weapons count as unarmed). If killed using this charm, the body dissipates into thick black smoke, leaves no ghost or physical remains, except for armor, etc.



Essence: ●●●
Personal Essence Pool: 7/17
Peripheral Essence Pool: 37/37
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: 6/6



Compassion ●
Conviction ●●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor      ●●

Virtue flaw: Catch me once, shame on me.
Limit: 0/10
Limit Break Condition: Caught doing something lecherous.
What then happens: Having been caught now the Night is defensive, he's got to keep everyone off his back. And the best way to do that is to lie. For one Scene the Exalt tells nothing but lies, to friends, enemies, strangers, who ever. They may be as realistic or unrealistic as the exalt pleases.


SILKEN ARMOR (ARTIFACT ●●) Attune 2 Silken armor stacks with other armor. Can't be detected as magic. Can be worn while performing MA that prohibit armor. Is stiff unless attuned.

Soak    Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
+5L/3B      -      -       0      ••    2

DAIKLAVE, CHAIN (ARTIFACT ●●)The artifact version of the rope dart looks like a short daiklave and can be wielded as such. A quick twist separates the hilt into two sections connected by a slender chain. An attuned wielder can then swing the blade by the chain. The blade then has a 10-foot reach. Alternatively, an Exalt can hold the blade by the remainder of its hilt and swing the other half as a normal fighting chain, as well as using it for clinches. Characters with any degree of Martial Arts Ability can switch between functions without the need for a Ready Weapon action. A chain daiklave never carries more than one hearthstone setting. The following trait bar describes a chain daiklave with the blade swung on its chain. When using the blade as a regular sword, or swinging the chain instead, use the trait bars for a short daiklave or a dire chain.

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]


Dodge DV: 7
Dodge MDV:7
Soak: 5A/5L/4B
Pierced: 4A/4L/3B
Hardness: 0A/0L/0B


Name           Speed  Accuracy     Damage    Defense    Rate    Tags
Chain sword:    5     +10           +6L        +2         2     2, M, R
Sword:          4     +14           +5L        +1         2    
Chain:          5     +10           +9B        +2         2     M, R
Chain Clinch:   6     +11           +7B        –          1     C, M, P, R


□ -0
□□ -1
□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying


2BP: MA 5
2BP: Dodge 5
2BP: Larceny 5
2BP: Integrity 5
2BP: Athletics 5
2BP: Awareness 5
2BP: Stealth 5


4: Str 2.

Shopping list[edit]