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Name: Loving Smile THEMESONG:Meds
Campaign: Campaign:Anarchy Group Omega
Concept: Silver Faction Lunar-Lover
Caste: Chosen of Serenity
Motivation: Raise the Lunar Exalted as the lords of Creation, assisted by the Sidereals.
Intimacies: Lunars, Brilliance (Negative), Dragon-Blooded (Negative), Coyotes, Creation
Anima Banner: A pale blue, like the auroras of the North.
Anima Effect: (Essence) Sux on Perform rolls to allies and herself.
Experience: 0/0
(write experience points as "unspent / total" plx)


Loving Smile Exalted at the tender age of 25, as expected by the Loom, late in the First Age. She took quickly to her duties, ensuring pleasure and enjoyment to fates that need it (especially the souls of former Solar experiments), and advising her assigned Solar, Ingenious Brilliance in Manufacture, a Cauldronist, and his wife, Demure Coyote Howl. As the years passed, Smile and Coyote grew increasingly close as they grew to fear Brilliance's madness as he railed against his Deliberative. Eventually, the Sidereal and the Lunar made love, an experience Smile still remembers vividly to this day. This continued for exactly 384 years, until the final days before the Usurpation, when Coyote spurned her over Smile's attempts to convince her of the danger Brilliance, and the solars, posed. Smile could barely bring herself to show up to the feast on Calibration, and just looking at Coyote and Brilliance sitting together made her squirm in her seat; why couldn't they just get it over with, every minute they were here would be another minute etched into her psyche, seeing the woman she loved with a madman. She didn't even receive the kindness of killing Brilliance herself, as she was only so powerful, and got stuck with killing the small fries, the newly Exalted Solars or opposing Lunars.

And then the most horrible thing happened: Coyote was killed. By a Dragon-Blooded of all things. A coward who could never bring himself to face her equally, to treat her as one would treat a goddess, just a punk kid from some lowly Gens who wouldn't even live to see the end of Calibration. Especially not once Smile took him aside, once the fighting had died down. He was so proud of himself, so happy to have ended such a powerful, beautiful Exalt. He could barely wipe that sickening little smile off his face as she broke every major bone in his body and then ground herself onto him, in a parody of the way she would with her only love. He died howling in agony, a fitting end for a bastard like him, and all his kind.

Following the Usurpation, Smile withdrew from most of her peers, too saddened by the sudden uproar of factionalism among her kin to even bother to socialize among them beyond the barest courtesy. She whiled the years by drinking alone in her apartment, reliving every second of the Usurpation and wishing there had been another way.


Smile appears to be a woman in her late forties, frown lines markedly evident in her expression. If she wasn't so constantly sad, she would have a beautiful smile, with just the right facial structure to make her look simultaneously aristocratically haughty and just happy to be alive and enjoying life still.


Strength ●●●●● oo Charisma ●●●●● ●● Perception ●●●●● oo
Dexterity ●●●●● ●● Manipulation ●●●●● ●● Intelligence ●●●●o oo
Stamina ●●●●● ●o Appearance ●●●●● ●● Wits ●●●●● ●o



Resistance ●●●●● ●● Craft ●●●●● oo Archery ●●●●● ●● Investigation ●●●●● ●● Awareness ●●●●● ●●
Ride ●●●●● oo Dodge ●●●●● ●● Athletics ●●●●● ●● Larceny ●●●●● ●● Bureaucracy ●●●●● oo
Sail ●●●●● ●o Linguistics ●●●●● ●● Melee ●●●●● ●● Lore ●●●●● ●● Integrity ●●●●● ●●
Survival ●●●●● oo Performance ●●●●● ●● Presence ●●●●● ●● Occult ●●●●● ●● Martial Arts ●●●●● ●●
Thrown ●●●●● ●● Socialize ●●●●● ●● War ●●●●● oo Stealth ●●●●● ●● Medicine ●●●●● oo
A S T R O L O G I C A L   C O L L E G E S
The Mast ●●●●● The Peacock ●●●●● The Quiver ●oooo The Key ●●●●● The Crow ooooo
The Messenger ooooo The Ewer ooooo The Banner ooooo The Guardians ●●●●● The Haywain ooooo
The Captain ooooo The Pillar ooooo The Spear ●●●●● The Treasure Trove ooooo The Rising Smoke ●●●●●
The Ship's Wheel ooooo The Musician ●●●●● The Gauntlet ●●●●● The Sorcerer ooooo The Sword ●●●●●
The Gull ooooo The Lovers ●●●●● The Shield ooooo The Mask ●●●●● The Corpse ooooo


Fate 5


  • Integrity (Straight Up Ignoring People +3)
  • Martial Arts (Pissed and Murderous +3)
  • Performance (Genuine Love +2)
  • Presence (Scornful Rebukes +2)


  • Native: Airtongue
  • Other: Old Realm, High Realm, Low Realm, Firetongue, Seatongue, Forestspeak, Rivertongue


  • Salary 5
  • Celestial Manse 5 (Gem of Madness)
  • Celestial Manse 3 (Orb of the Unnoticed Predator)
  • Backing (Cerulean Lute) 5
  • Artifact 4 (Arms of Multiple Manipulation)
  • Artifact 4 (Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers)
  • Artifact 2 (Skin-Mount)
  • Celestial Manse 3 (Guardian Gem)
  • Artifact 2 (Skin-Mount)
  • Artifact 1 (Perfected Boots)
  • Artifact 3 (Serpent-Sting Staff)
  • Familiar 6 (Coyotepack, alpha is only one who gives the 5m pool)
  • Artifact 2 (Skin-Mount)
  • Acquaintances 2
  • Savant 3
  • Reputation 3

Resplendencies and Astrology[edit]

  • Lovers Resplendency
  • Target 2
  • Duration 3
  • Endurance 7
Handsome Boy Eyes: 1 Endurance: Presence social attacks with intent to seduce using only eye contact. 
Celestial Bliss Trick: 1 Endurance/performance: Orgasm in 3 minutes on target, Touch keyword. Target automatically receives an Intimacy that puts them under the sway of the user.
Whore-And-Virgin Stance: 1 Endurance 1 paradox die per week: spend 1 day out in a major city, become a courtesan/whore, as long as they live an empty life of sex and submission they avoid all bureaucratic, legal and official scrutiny. Effects that would find her must beat her (Manip + Pres) roll, with Exalt's essence in autosux. Only has 7 hours free per week, and must be a state of virtually mindless self-indulgence. 
  • Sword Resplendency
  • Target 2
  • Duration 1
  • Endurance 3
Style-Discerning Eye: 1 Endurance 1 paradox die: Determine a single charm a target uses, know how to learn it without a tutor for 1 year.
Minimum Legal Defense Competence: 1 Endurance: apply full DVs against an attack as long as the Defense Value is not modified by charms. 
Tears of the Blade: 3 Endurance 1 paradox die: Instakill mortal, irrevocably kills an Exalt when they hit Incapacitated. Lasts for the rest of their lives 
for Terrestrials, 1 year and 1 day for Celestials. No effect on gods, elementals, or outside fate creatures.
  • Rising Smoke Resplendency
  • Target 2
  • Duration 1
  • Endurance 4
Record-Obtaining Inquiry: 1 Endurance: Add Essence to Charisma roll against a god, judge, or magistrate. 
Superior-Entreating Memorial Style: 1 Endurance: Write a letter addressed to a fellow Sidereal, burn it, and it appears pressed against their skin. They 
may send a letter back in the same fashion. 
Chains of Adorjan: 3 Endurance, 1 to 3 paradox dice: Summon Adorjan to scour the target for 3 actions. In Creation, loses the L tag. Against demons, inflicts only one paradox die and lasts 13 actions.




  • Ordained Bridle of Mercury: 10m 1wp, Simple (Speed 6 DV -2), Obvious, Touch, Until Applied. (pg 130).
  • Spirit-Shape Companion: 10m 1wp 3xp, Simple (Speed 6 DV -2), Servitude, Shaping, Touch, Instant. (pg 130).
  • Godly Companion: 20m 1wp 3xp, Simple (Speed 6 DV -2), Servitude, Shaping, Touch, Instant. (pg 131).


  • Icy Hand: 1m, (pg 176).
  • Terminal Sanction: 8m 1wp, (pg 176).
  • Underling Invisibility Practice: 4m, (pg 176).


  • Second Craft Excellency: Durr Durr Durr. Dicecap of Essence + Peacock.
  • Fateful Craft: durr.
  • World-Shaping Artistic Vision: -1 TN to manipulating fate with the condition "Instilling or Destroying Love". Permanent enhancement.
  • Destiny-Knitting Entanglement: 2m, Reflexive, Instant. Handle an object for an hour, then use this charm to discover it's general condition and whereabouts. Or, they can spend 2m to have it return to the user, through a series of circumstances. Used in combat, requires a stunt involving others or the scenery retuning it to their hand.
  • Predestined Delivery Shaping: 7m, Simple (Dramatic Action), Combo-OK, Fate, Indefinite. Send an object to a person the user knows the name or place of, and has something physically connected to the recipient. Moves for as long as the user keeps Essence committed to the charm. Roll (Wits + Craft Fate), to see how quickly it gets there, difficulty set by ST based on distance and means of travel. The object sent can carry an astrology effect as part of the fate-crafting.


  • Absence: 2m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Ignore all penalties to DV.
  • Duck Fate: 10m, Reflexive, Combo-Basic, Instant. Roll Dex+Dodge at difficulty of Essence of the cause of the attack. If successful, totally avoids the effect.
  • Avoidance Kata: 2m, Reflexive, Illusion, Instant. Use within 2 actions of the beginning of combat, vanish from current location and appear elsewhere (randomly determined). An Illusion effect blurs the memory of others in the area, making them forget the Sidereal. 2wp to resist.


  • Favorable Inflection Procedure: 5m, Simple, Emotion, Virtue (Compassion), Instant. Roll (Cha+Ling) against target's MDV, adding the user's Essence in sux; if you win the target gains an Intimacy towards the user for the rest of the scene.
  • Blue Vervain Binding: 5m 1xp, Simple (1 long tick, DV -2), One minute. (Int+Ling), Diff 5, if successful the two targets understand one another forever.
  • Abandoned Words Curse: 10m, Simple (1 long tick, DV -3), Instant. (Wits + Ling), against target's MDV. Success suppresses one dot of Linguistics and removes the ability to speak read or understand that language. They may relearn it again normally.


  • Second Perform: The usual, dicecap of (Essence + Musician).
  • Fateful Perform: duh.
  • Third Perform: duh.
  • Heart-Brightening Presentation Style: Permanent (2m). Spend 2m, allow use of any Bureaucracy, Perform, Presence, or Socialize Excellency for any of those 4 dice pools.
  • Faultless Ceremony: 1m, Simple, Combo-Basic, One Week. Participate in a ceremony, roll (Cha+Perf+Essence) at Difficulty (8-Resources spent on the ceremony). Success means people at the ceremony receive a +1d bonus to all pools for 1 week. Participants are happy and harmonious.
  • Perfection in Life: 5m, Simple, Combo-Basic, Fate, Virtue (Compassion), One Scene. (Cha+Perf) against the highest DDV of the crowd. If successful, everyone who witnessed the performance (and is not Outside Fate) receives 1wp. This may only occur once a day, but may raise their Willpower above it's normal max for the scene.
  • Defense of Shining Joy: 5m 1wp, Simple (Speed 5 DV -1), One Scene. User adds Perform to their DDV for the scene, and may use with Perform Excellency or Dodge Excellency to increase their DDV. This effect ignores onslaught penalties and reduces the DV penalty of all actions by 1 (min 0).
  • Song of Spirit Persuasion: 5m 1wp, Simple, Combo-Basic, Servitude, Instant. (Manip + Perform) against the spirit's MDV. If the roll succeeds the spirit becomes an Ally, who remains so for the duration of the story.
  • Ice and Fire Binding: 10m, Simple (One Hour), Combo-Basic, Maiden, Mandate, Servitude, One Season. (Int + Perform) difficulty (9-participants who know this charm and Old Realm, min 5). Success summons a spirit with an Essence no higher than the user's. That spirit is bound to seek the joy, pleasure and health of a dominion (as per Mandate rules).
  • Harmonic Completion: 16m 1wp 1lhl, Simple, Emotion, Prayer Strip, Five Days. User becomes blind for the duration, but any Performance rolls succeed with 1 sux per die. People listen to the user. They also have their Performance score added to their DDV and MDV for the duration.


  • Second Socialize: the usual, dicecap of (Esence + Lovers).
  • Fateful Socialize: duh.
  • Shun the Smiling Lady: 7m, Simple, Emotion, Fate, Shaping, Indefinite. Reduces target's app to 1 before supernatural effects (to apply them, target must spend 1wp and roll manip+socialize at difficulty of user's Essence). If anyone loves the target and has an Essence below the user's, feelings cease immediately, Intimacies are removed.
  • Cash and Murder Games: 10m 1wp, Simple, Combo-Basic, Fate, Servitude, Virtue (Conviction), Instant. Targets 2 people, redefines relationship in terms of one person gaining dominion over another. Roll Manip + Soc against the MDV, adding user's Essence in successes to the roll. If success the definition takes hold. Victim can spend 1wp to ignore it for 1 scene, once they spend wp equal to activation successes the relationship is broken.
  • Life Without Compunction: 5m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Emotion, Fate, Social, Virtue (Temperance), Instant. Manip + Soc after a faux paus, 1 sux makes them not care, 3 sux they consider it normal, 5 sux makes it accepted by the society for the rest of the story.
  • You and Yours Stance: 10m 1wp, Simple, Combo-Basic, Compulsion, Fate, Servitude, One Scene. Anyone who wants to attack the user rolls Conviction at Difficulty of user's Essence. Acting in a way that won't please them requires a Temperance roll, same difficulty. Rolls to seduce by the user add bonus sux equal to the user's Essence.
  • Fortuitous Fellowship: 12m, Simple (dramatic action), Fate, Shaping, Instant. Wits+Socialize after 1 week in a society, spend successes on Magnitude or Loyalty: Magnitude cannot exceed (Craft Fate), Loyalty cannot exceed her highest Virtue. User defines the new Policy, but has no control over people who join. They may become the leader only if they craft a Resplendency for the purpose.
  • Wanting and Fearing Prayer: 10m 1wp 1lhl, Simple, Illusion, Fate, Prayer Strip, Virtue (Conviction), Indefinite. (pg 152 Sids).


  • Second Presence: the usual, dicecap of (Essence + Gauntlet).


  • Third Integrity: 3m, the usual.
  • Compassion Essence Replenishment: Channel Compassion, receive (Comp * 2) motes back. If use Perform to help soothe people, receive (Virtue) motes.


  • Second Investigation: the usual, dicecap of (Essence + Key).
  • Efficient Secretary Technique: 2m, (pg 163).


  • Second Larceny: durr. Cap of Essence + Guardians.
  • Fateful Larceny: durr.
  • Avoiding the Truth Technique: 3m, (pg 164).
  • Thought-Swiping Distraction: 5m 1wp (pg 165).
  • Sidereal Shell Games: 1m + 2m/increment (pg 165).


  • Second Stealth: durr. Cap of Essence+Mask.
  • Fateful Stealth: durr.


  • Second Melee: durr. Cap of (Essence + Spear).
  • Harmony of Blows: 8m. (pg 156).
  • Impeding the Flow: 3m. (pg 156).
  • Serenity in Blood: 5m 1wp. (pg 156). Flaw of Compassion.
  • Smiling at the Damned: 5m, (pg 157).


  • Ox-Body Technique: 7 purchases, 7 -1 7 -2 health levels.

Martial Arts[edit]

  • Second Martial Arts Excellency: What do you think? Dicecap of Essence + Sword.
  • Fateful Martial Arts Excellency: 1+m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Each mote reduces the TN of the roll by 1, min of 3. Spend 4m 1wp, convert entire pool to Successes.
  • Master's Hand Envisioned Anew (Ess 7 version): Permanent. Copy one form weapon from a SMA to any other style. Purchased 3 times. Weapon is a Serpent-Sting Staff

Violet Bier of Sorrows[edit]

  • Secrets of Future Strife: Permanent. Double unmodified Join Battle pool.
  • Flight of Mercury: 1m/action, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Up to (MA) Actions. Reduce speed of all attacks by 1 (min 3) for one action per 1m spent, cap of MA motes.
  • Blade of the Battle Maiden: 2m/die 2wp, Reflexive, Obvious, Scenelong. Every 2m spent increases MA dice pools by 1d, or 1 to PDV calculation. Dicecap of (Dex + MA).
  • Joy in Adversity Stance: 5m, Reflexive (Step 5), Combo-OK, Scenelong. Roll (Essence) when attack does not beat DV, each success adds 2m. Only works in true adversity.
  • Violet Bier of Sorrows Form: 6m, Simple (Speed 6 DV -1), Form-Type, Scenelong. Minimum damage of MA if higher than Ess/Overpowering. Each successful attack strips 1 dot of a virtue from the target, but may not invalidate the Great Curse.
  • Death-Parrying Stroke: 2m/HL, Reflexive (Step 8), Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Reduces rolled damage successes by 1 per 2m spent.
  • Unobstructed Blow: 5m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant. Attack becomes Unblockable, ignores armor completely if it hits.
  • Horrific Wreath: 2m 1wp, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Holy, Obvious, Instant. CoDs receive Agg damage from this attack.
  • Metal Storm: 3m/attack, Extra Action, Combo-OK, Instant. 3m per attack, attempts an extra attack at full dice pool, attack cap of MA.
  • Crimson Palm Counterstrike: 5m, Reflexive (Step 2), Combo-OK, Counterattack, Instant. Roll (Dex + MA), subtract rolled successes from attacker's successes after DV, if negated extra successes are applied to the target as a counterattack.
  • Life-Severing Blow: 2m/hl, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Buys automatic successes on the damage roll, success cap of (Essence).
  • Conclusion-Pursuing Approach: 10m 1wp 1lhl, Simple (Speed 6 DV -2), Combo-OK, Fate, Obvious, Prayer Strip, Scenelong. Regain 1wp when you do damage to a target, Triple wound penalty on the target against the User's attacks. If prayer-strip version is used, subtracts 1wp from targets damaged by the weapon for the scene. If they run out of willpower OR are outside fate, they subtract 10m instead. If the target has 10m of essence to lose, all unsoaked damage becomes successes on the damage roll.

Tiger Style[edit]

  • Crimson Leaping Cat Technique: 3m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Obvious, One Action. Add MA to Dex for purposes of determining move and dash distances, and to Strength for jump distances.
  • Striking Fury Claws Attack: 2m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Inflict lethal damage unarmed, add Essence to damage rolls with Tiger Claws.
  • Tiger Form: 6m, Simple (Speed 3), Form-Type, Scenelong. Add MA to raw damage unarmed, add Essence to natural Bashing/Lethal soaks, suffers no penalties from fighting while prone.
  • Raging Tiger Pounce: 2m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, One Action. Automatically knocks down target if attack hits. Only Charms or other magical effects can contest this.
  • Spine-Shattering Bite: 3m + 1m/die, Simple, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Unarmed attacks inflict a minimum of four levels of lethal damage, each 1m adds 1d to the roll, to a limit of ((Dex + MA)*2).
  • Stalking Cat Movement Meditation: 2m/die, Simple, Combo-OK, Scenelong. 1d to Stealth and Awareness rolls for stalking a target per 2m, mote cap of (Essence), only works for sneaking up on opponents or the like.
  • Leaping From Cloaking Shadows Attack: 5m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant. Ignore half target's Lethal/bashing soak if they do not know you are there.
  • Celestial Tiger Hide: 5m 1wp, Simple, Obvious, Scenelong. Add MA to Bashing/lethal soak for the scene.
  • Angry Predator Frenzy Style: 7m 1wp, Extra Action, Counterattack, Obvious, Scenelong. Make 2 Martial Arts attacks every action (no MAP). In addition, they may immediately counterattack whenever hit, Adding the successes on the attack roll by the target to the raw damage.

First Pulse Style[edit]

  • Lightning Mental Armament: 2m, Reflexive (Step 2), Instant. Activate when attacked unexpectedly; Applies half normal DVs to the attack and adds 4d to the Join Battle roll afterwards.
  • Stubborn Monkey Hesitation: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Automatically act on tick 0 of combat, forces all present to roll Join Battle. Add (Essence) dice to the JB roll if others initiate the violence.
  • Hunter Bags the Deer: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Act one tick earlier than normal, but add 1 to the speed of the action taken using this charm. DVs do not automatically refresh after this action, but do the action after the action this charm was used on.
  • Bird-of-Paradise Whistles in the North: 3m/5m, Reflexive (Step 9), Combo-OK, Counterattack, Two Actions. If hit with an unexpected attack, may make a clinch counterattack at their full dice pool; if successful, may throw the target to the ground (prone), or (Strength) yards in any direction. This effect also gives the target a -2 internal penalty to all attempts to hide from the user for two actions. May activate a second version for 5m, when hit by any violent attack, making a normal counterattack at their full dicepool; this counterattack does bashing, it instead inflicts lethal damage, and if already able to inflict lethal it adds +3L to the damage. Reduces the user's DVs by 1 for the action.
  • Poisoned Rat Moves Without Pride: 4m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant. Supplements an attack; if it hits, target rolls (Wits + Awareness) at difficulty of MA rating. If they fail, the target's next action speed increases by one tick.
  • First Pulse Form: 5m, Simple (Speed 3 Dv -2), Form-Type, Scenelong. If the user activates this charm and is still the first to attack, they gain +2 sux to the attack roll. Reduce the speed of attacks and flurries consisting only of attacks by 1, minimum 4. Gain an automatic 2d bonus to all attacks, but Guarding becomes a DV -1 action.
  • Introduction to the Stone Prince: 5m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Crippling, Instant. Supplements a normal unarmed martial arts attack, a crush clinch attack or an opposed grappling check. If the attack successfully knocks the target prone, they immediately bring down a stone-hard foot on a brittle piece of the target's anatomy. She inflicts (Strength + Essence) dice of Lethal damage, and if the target suffers at least one level of damage, they are crippled; 1 level is a hand or foot, 2 is a limb, 3 is the spine, and may always opt to do a lesser damage.
  • Fleeting Wings of Dust: 4m, Simple (Speed 4 DV -2), Combo-OK, Three Actions. User throws grime or essence-charged dirt into the target's face; count their DV as half against this attack, and if it hits inflicts a -4 internal penalty on the target for 3 actions.
  • Titan of the Streets: 2m 1wp 1lhl, Simple, Combo-Basic, Obvious, One Scene. Add 1 to all physical attributes for the scene, 3 to her Wits. All knockback is doubled, including throws, and they add 2 to their move and dash actions. When this and First Pulse are active, Speeds can go to a minimum of 3.

Mantis Style[edit]

  • Leaping Mantis Technique: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. +MA to JB pool and jump distance if the user jumps into battle. User may add MA to their move at any time in the next scene.
  • Iron-Arm Block: 3m, Reflexive (Step 2), Combo-OK, Instant. Add MA to PDV, parry lethal unarmed.
  • Mantis Form: 6m, Simple (Speed 3), Form-Type, Scenelong. +MA to Bashing/Lethal soak, does not suffer Onslaught Penalties. Parry/Inflict Lethal damage.
  • Grasping Claw Method: 3m, Simple (Speed 4 DV -2), Combo-OK, Instant. Add MA to disarm attempts.
  • Grasping Mantis Defense: 5m, Reflexive (Step 6), Combo-OK, Counterattack, Instant. Roll (Dex + MA) as a parry attempt, if successes = or greater than the target's attack the attack is parried and the target is clinched. Use net successes as extra successes on the hold attempt.
  • Joint-Locking Technique: 3m, Reflexive, Touch, One Action/Hold. Add Essence to (Str/Dex + MA) roll to maintain/control clinch.
  • Joint-Disabling Attack: 4m, Simple, Combo-OK, Crippling, Touch, Instant. in a grapple, make normal attack/damage rolls, for every HL that would be inflicted instead put a -1 penalty on the target's pools and DV for the scene.
  • Flying Mantis Kick: 2m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant. Jump and attack in one action without flurrying, if hits successes count double for determining damage.
  • Crushing Claw Technique: 3m/action, Simple, Touch, Varies. Crushing attack, inflicts (Str + MA + successes) lethal damage.
  • Unfolding Retribution Stance: 6m 1wp, Reflexive (Step 9), Combo-OK, Counterattack, Scenelong. Counterattack against any who attack them at full dice pool.

Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style[edit]

  • Deadly Starmetal Offensive: 5m, Simple (Speed 3), Obvious, Shaping, Five Actions. Increases unarmed attacks, statline in attacks. (Speed 3 Acc +3 Damage +7L Defense +4 Rate 3)
  • Orichalcum Sheathing Stance: 5m 1wp, Reflexive, Obvious, Five Actions. adds 12L/B armored soak that does not interfere with MA charms.
  • Flickering Moonsilver Approach: 10m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Obvious, Five Actions. Make unarmed MA attacks at a range of (Ess * 5) yards. Subtract MA from target's DVs.
  • Five Jade Fury: 10m, Reflexive, Knockback, Obvious, Five Actions. Inflict Bashing or Lethal, 1 Autosux on attack rolls per 3d rolled (round up), 1 autosux per on damage rolls per 3d rolled (round up), knockback 1 yard for every level of damage inflicted, reduce speed of action by 1. Apply one of these benefits per attack.
  • Four Magical Materials Form: 15m, Simple (Speed 3), Form-Type, Obvious, Scenelong. Automatically receive the benefits of the 4 previous charms. Convert lethal damage to bashing (before soak), unless it would damage a magical material.
  • Charm Redirection Technique: 7m, Supplemental, Obvious, Instant. Roll (Dex + MA) against difficulty of target's Essence. Target pays for the effect as normal, but it must be able to be applied to another person (Reflexives cannot be redirected).
  • Sequential Charm Disruption: 5m + charm cost 1wp, Supplemental, Obvious, Instant. May annul or redirect combos as Charm Redirection Technique.
  • Spell-Shattering Palm: 12m, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. (Dex + MA), difficulty of target's Essence + circle of the spell.
  • Astrology Interruption Method: 10m 1wp, Reflexive, Obvious, Touch, Instant. (Dex + MA), difficulty of (Ess + College) of the Sidereal who applied the Destiny.
  • Soul-Fire Shaper Form: 15m, Simple (DV -3), Form-Type, Obvious, Scenelong. Increase Essence to 10, don't fill pools but maximum goes up. May make one free use of the previous 4 charms on every action, does not count as charm use or their action.
  • God Ways: 6m, Simple, Obvious, Indefinite. (Cha+MA) difficulty of target's Essence. Target may make a Willpower roll, difficulty 2, every action to regain control of their body. Cannot possess Soulsteel objects. May possess other MM objects only if they know this Style's charm for it.
  • Full Moon Lunar Ways: 10m 1lhl, Simple, Obvious, Touch, Five Actions. Replaces their Anima Banner but not their caste mark or Lesser Sign. Pick one Caste attribute/ability of the Exalt type, gain (Essence) Successes on the roll for the duration. May choose a new attribute/ability each time they activate the charm.
  • Games of Divinity Form: 7m 1wp, Simple, Emotion, Form-Type, Obvious, Scenelong. Enemies who want to harm her must fail Compassion, addicts viewers. Players must succeed at Temperance rolls to refuse any reasonable opportunity to see the Charm in use again.
  • Demense Emulation Practice: 20m 1wp 1lhl, Simple, Combo-OK, Obvious, Scenelong. (Dex + MA), adds an additional number of Agg damage equal to the successes rolled. This is soaked separately.
  • Demense and Manse Form: 12m, Simple (DV -2), Form-Type, Obvious, Scenelong. Grants a 5 dot custom hearthstone set in a starmetal circlet for the duration.
  • Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form: 10m 1wp, Simple (Speed 3), Obvious, Scenelong. Double JB pool, always acts first on the tick as a perfect effect, is aware of all attacks and is immune to sensory penalties as a perfect effect. May sense every Supernatural effect, object or creature within (Ess * 10) yards. Noticing hidden things is a normal (Per + Aware) roll that adds (Essence) successes. May activate other PAoC Form-Type charms at normal cost, or 2 non-PAoC Form-Type charms. Form weapons from other styles count as in-style for PAoC charms for the duration the Form coexists with this Form. This does not extend to armor.

Charcoal March of Spiders Style[edit]

  • 11 Charms


Essence: ●●●●● ●●
Regeneration: (4 per hour plus twice the rating of your hearthstone(s) under normal conditions. remember you gain an additional 4 motes per hour when you're resting)
Personal Essence Pool: 23/23 (Familiar Pool 5/5)
Peripheral Essence Pool: 63/63 (87 max) (+22 from skin-mounts)
Committed Essence: 24
(write your essence pools as "current / maximum". current should be lower than maximum if you have motes committed to artifacts or if we finished a session while you wasn't at your maximum essence.)


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□ □□□□
("cross out" □ boxes by substituting them with Xs)


+7 BP

  • Obsession (Deformity): -3 penalty on all actions around Coyote's Exaltation during which she does not remain within 2 yards of her.
  • Hallucinations (Affliction): Hallucinates about Coyote's death during the Usurpation.
  • Delusion (Debility): All Dragon-Blooded are descended from the same immediate family as the Dragon-Blooded who killed Coyote.


  • Enchanted Features (4bp): +4d bonus to social rolls against anyone who can be attracted to her, ignore dice penalty but receive no bonus against people not attracted to her. Limit on App dice bonus is increased by 3, and receives no penalty in App against someone with a higher App than her.
  • Omnidexterity (3bp): No dice penalty for using feet for tools, or with off hand.



  • Compassion ●●●●●
  • Conviction ●●●●
  • Temperance ●●
  • Valor ●●●


  • Compassion □□□□□
  • Conviction □□□□
  • Temperance □□
  • Valor □□□

Flawed Virtue:Compassion
Limit Break: □□□□□□□□□□


  • Fate-sting Staff (Art 3) (+1 Acc, +3 Dam) (By spending 8m that does not count as charm activation, the user may poison the target's fate, imposing a -2 internal penalty to all actions for one day, as their fate goes untended by the Pattern Spiders.) (Attune 5)
  • Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers (Art 4) Add Essence to Accuracy Damage and Defense of unarmed attacks, reduces charm costs by 2m (minimum 1). (Attune 8m)
  • Arms of Multiple Manipulation (Art 4) spend 5m, receive (Essence) additional arms, which may act independently of the user. (Attune 3)
  • Silvered Tattoos of the Moon (N/A) (Lunar anti-shaping tattoos, Count as Moonsilver Resplendency Amulet and Silken Armor) (Attune 7)
  • Perfected Boots (Art 1) +3 yards move, +6 to dash, +2 strength for jumps. (Attune 1)


  • Gem of Madness (People who attack you go mad, pg 104)
  • Guardian Gem (Twice per story, the user may reroll any roll. They may also twice per story force a reroll on someone else, deciding which to keep).
  • Orb of the Unnoticed Predator (3, cannot leave tracks or traces of passing, if the user moves slowly they gain a +1 difficulty to observer's Awareness rolls to notice her).


Dodge DV: 11
Dodge MDV: 11
Soak: B:16 L:13 A:10
Soak (Piercing): B:11 L:8 A:5
Hardness: B:0 L:0 A:0
Move: 10 yards
Dash: 19 yards
Vertical Jump: 14 yards
Horizontal Jump: 28 yards


Punch (Speed 5 Accuracy 15 (18) Damage 5B PDV 8 Rate 3 Tags N)
Kick (Speed 5 Accuracy 14 (17) Damage 8B PDV 7 Rate 2 Tags N)
Clinch (Speed 5 Accuracy 14 (17) Damage 5B Rate 1 Tags C,N,P)
Serpent Sting Staff (Speed 5 Accuracy 15 (18 w/ specialty) Damage 20B PDV 9 (11 w/ specialty) Rate 3 Tags M,P)

PKB Statlines[edit]

Punch (Speed 5 Accuracy 22 (25) Damage 12B PDV 11 Rate 3 Tags N)
Kick (Speed 5 Accuracy 21 (24) Damage 15B PDV 10 Rate 2 Tags N)
Clinch (Speed 6 Accuracy 21 (24) Damage 12B Rate 1 Tags C,N,P)
Serpent Sting Staff (Speed 5 Accuracy 22 (25 w/ specialty) Damage 27B PDV 13 (14 w/ specialty) Rate 3 Tags M,P)


□ -0
□□□□□ □□□□ -1
□□□□□ □□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


  • 5BP: Artifact 4 (Arms of Multiple Manipulation)
  • 5BP: Artifact 4 (Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers)
  • 2BP: Artifact 2 (Skin-Mount)
  • 3BP: Celestial Manse 3 (Guardian Gem)