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Reason: A character sheet that has not been updated in ten years, for a campaign that is clearly not being played anymore


  • Campaign: Something Exalted
  • Name: Sapphire Rose In The Moonlight.
  • Concept: All the pretty. All of it. It's mine.
  • Caste/Aspect: THE PRETTY LUNARS.
  • Motivation: See a tranquil Summer bloom in Creation once more.
  • Positive intimacies: Obsidian Cloud, Great Roaring Wings, Storm Of The Moons Wrath, Summer time
  • Negative intimacies: Demons.
  • Anima: A scene of a tranquil meadow flares behind Rose.
  • Tell: His Skin has the slightest tint of sapphire blue.
  • Experience: 29/29
  • Totem: Cute little Russian dwarven hammy -


Sapphire Rose was once a young boy, quite a happy one too. He lived in the grassier portions of the East, renowned for flowing pastures and rolling meadows, the sun shone and the wind blew, life was good. And he grew up this way too. He was always quite likable in his own way, loving the simpler things in life, and fighting like a rabid dog to defend them. He didn't have many friends, but those he had he loved, and was loved in return. Then... Something stopped, something changed. The sun didn't smile and the wind didn't sing, the grass didn't dance it's loving green dance. Something happened in a far away land and the Empress wrought demons upon the span of creation, the imperial manse broke and down came the defenses. Raksha came and ate all his friends, demons danced upon the land and trampled the flowers to death. Rose ran and wept for Creation as he did, the months came to him in a frenzy of barely living until... There was light again. A woman. As she walked the flowers came to life under her feet. She held him. Brushed away the tears. And he was happy once more. Because he now had a mission, and the means to fulfill it. Some nice people came, and they took him to heaven. Where he met other people like him, and he made friends... And he maybe met a girl. Maybe.

Then they paired him up with a whole group of people, and then they had to fix everything on their own. All Rose wants is a nice sit down under a tree...


He appears short, and almost chubby. But largely adorable, his soft stare and wide eyes give him almost a child like innocence and the tender way his mouth hangs open ever so slightly make it appear almost as if he's placidly shocked about something. A shock of silky white hair slides down from his face and onto his shoulders, trailing to his lower black, it sometimes wiggles over his shoulder to his front, making his entire body glow like the first stream to catch the sunrise. He wears a light blue, long sleeve shirt with a silver tabard over it. White pants and a light blue belt to hold the tabard in place.


Strength  [6]9      [C]Charisma     7        Perception   6
Dexterity [6]9      [C]Manipulation 7        Intelligence 6
Stamina   [7]10     [C]Appearance  [7]12  [F]Wits         7


Lunar Block
Archery               Craft                Bureaucracy   3
Athletics      7      Larceny       7      Investigation 7
Awareness      7      Linguistics   7      Lore          7
Dodge          7      Performance  [7]9    Occult        7
Integrity      7      Presence     [7]9    Medicine      7
Martial Arts   7      Ride          3
Melee                 Sail          3
Resistance     7   [F]Socialize     7
Thrown                Stealth       7
War            4   [F]Survival      7
Craft Water:    3
Craft Air:      3
Craft Wood:     3
Craft Fire:     3
Craft Earth:    3
Craft Magitech: 3

Languages: High Realm, Low Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak, Skytongue, Flametongue, Seatongue, Forest-tongue, Claw Speak.


MA: Natural weapons +3
Performance: Dancing +3
Social: Talking about things he cares about. +3 - Hearthstone gives this same bonus to Cha or Manip +1.
Ling +1. Clawspeak.



  • Manse 1 dot. (BP)
  • Manse 2 dot. (BP)
  • Manse 2 dot. (BP)
  • Manse 5 dot. (Counts as 7 dots)
  • Artifact 1 dot. Pog.
  • Artifact 2 dot. Skin mount. Gem of bones to fire. Solar plexus. (BP.)
  • Artifact 2 dot. Skin mount. Gem of seduction. Left side of belly button(BP.)
  • Artifact 2 dot. Skin mount. Sphere of courtesans constellation. Right side.(BP.)
  • Artifact 3 dot. Orichalcum Infinite resplendence amulet. (2/3s (BP))
  • Artifact 4 dot. Armour. (Counts as 5 dots)
  • Artifact 5 dot. Crown of Thunders.(Counts as 7 dots)
  • Hearts Blood 6 dot. (Counts as 7 dots)(BP to make it legendary)
  • Solar Bond 5 dot. (7 dots)
  • Artifact N/A This was free!



Essence: 7
Personal Essence Pool: 27/27
Peripheral Essence Pool: 37/46
Committed Essence: All periph. 5m amulet. 4m CQR. 6m armor. 1m pog. 10m crown. 5m EMFM. 4m Beauty is always clear. 5m rattled cage. Gain 18 from skinmounts.


Willpower: 10
Temporary: 9/10



Compassion ●●●●●
Conviction ●●●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor      ●●

Virtue flaw: Compassion
Limit: 0/10
Limit Break Condition: luna idk
What happens during: - He just needs cuddle.


  • Orichalcum Infinite resplendence amulet Attune for 5m. +4 app. +1L/B soak. +1 to resist survival again
  • CROWN OF THUNDERS The beautiful crown of thunders is solid orichalcum with three hearthstone settings. Legend names its maker the Unconquered Sun, a gift for a hero of the Primordial War. Once attuned (10 motes), it increased each of her Physical Attributes by three dots, but it was a greater tool for rulership. Spending 10 motes give the wearer an aura of command that adds five dice to all social rolls for the rest of the scene. While that power functions, she may spend an additional 10 motes to appear glorious and mighty. Mortals may not attack her and treat all of her orders like compulsions. Other entities compare their Dodge MDVs to her player’s social roll, which gains three bonus successes. Resisting this unnatural mental influence costs two points of Willpower, after which one becomes immune for a month and a day.
Repair: 1
Commit 1m. Put it on an artifact different to your exalts base MM. Commit for the normal amount of motes.  Attached to Crown.
Soak       Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
+12L/14B   8L/8B    -0       1       •••• 6
  • Silver Tongue Of The Pacifist. This lovingly crafted gem sits within a pedant held around the users neck by a thin necklace.

[19:53] <Jammy> An essence flow, but for all the social excellencies at once? [19:54] <TFDG|AGHRTH> yeah so +3 mdvs versus akuma and demons, etc. Also for anyone with a positive intimacy towards you. 5m commit per scene to make any social attack you make function in regular ticks, and yes that :D

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

  • Gem of seduction; ●● This deep purple hexagon changes to dark blue in bright sunlight. It makes the bearer seem more attractive, especially to anyone to whom he is attracted. The gem gives a +1 bonus to all Appearance or +3 to any roles involving seduction. Oadenals, 93.
  • SPHERE OF COURTESANS’ CONSTELLATION ●● This gold-flecked, orange globe raises its possessors Appearance to 3, if it does not equal or exceed that value already. The bearer’s Appearance drops to its original level the moment the Sphere leaves his person. In addition, the bearer’s player gains a +2 bonus to all Performance and Presence rolls.
  • STONE OF PASSION ● This dark-purple teardrop improves the sound and quality of its bearer’s voice whenever the bearer speaks about a topic about which he cares deeply. The bearer’s player gains one additional die on all Charisma and Manipulation-based rolls that have to do with such topics.
  • GEM OF BONES TO FIRE ●●●●● Concentrate on someone, roll (Manip+Social) dif (their ess), you've now managed to catch their eye. They then make a WP roll, dif (your sux on the Manip+social). If they fail, their bones lite on fire and they suffer 2L, unsoakable levels every 5 ticks until death or until the bearer loses sight of them. Once out of their LoS the burning stops and they may heal.


Dodge DV: 12
Dodge MDV: 12
Soak: 12A/19L/23B
Pierced: 16A/17L/18B
Hardness: 8A/8L/8B



1/1 -0
2/2 -1
30/30 -2
1/1 -4
1/1 Incapacitated
21/21 Dying



Str: 11
Dex: 11
Sta: 12


1: Claws. Natural attacks are lethal
1: Fangs. Bites are lethal
3: Fur. 3B/3L soak
1: Night Vision.
1: Tail. Fluffy and itty bitty.
2: Impossible joints. +2 dice to stealth and ath when the subject of being bendy comes up.
2: Inexhaustible. +2 Sta.

Gift charms[edit]

3m: CotSM - Claws.
2m: Bruise healing method. 1B/action
3m: Halting the scarlet flow. 1L/action
1-7m: Armour Forming Technique. Commit up to (ess)m to get get m*3 B+L soak.


Dodge DV: 13
Soak: 12A/24L/32B AFT for 7m 19A/45L/53B
Pierced: 17A/18L/20B AFT for 7m24A/31L/33B
Hardness: 8A/8L/8B


Clinch: Speed 6.   Accuracy +20.   +11L.    Defense -.    Rate 1.   Tags; C, N, P.
Kick:   Speed 5.   Accuracy +20.   +14L.   Defense -2.   Rate 2.   Tags; N.
Punch:  Speed 5.   Accuracy +21.   +11L.    Defense +2.   Rate 3.   Tags; N.
Bite:   Speed 5.   Accuracy +21.   +11L.    Defense +2.   Rate 3.   Tags; N.
CotSM 1m.
Clinch: Speed 6.   Accuracy +22.   +16L.    Defense -.    Rate 1.   Tags; C, N, P.
Kick:   Speed 5.   Accuracy +22.   +19L.    Defense -2.   Rate 2.   Tags; N.
Punch:  Speed 5.   Accuracy +23.   +16L.    Defense +2.   Rate 3.   Tags; N.
Bite:   Speed 5.   Accuracy +23.   +16L.    Defense +2.   Rate 3.   Tags; N.
CotSM 3m.
Clinch: Speed 6.   Accuracy +30.   +29L/8   Defense -.    Rate 1.   Tags; C, N, P.
Kick:   Speed 5.   Accuracy +30.   +32L/8   Defense -2.   Rate 2.   Tags; N.
Punch:  Speed 5.   Accuracy +31.   +29L/8   Defense +2.   Rate 3.   Tags; N.
Bite:   Speed 5.   Accuracy +31.   +29L/8   Defense +2.   Rate 3.   Tags; N.


18 actions of rape
1m, 1wp.
2m: Impressions of Strength; +3 presoak damage.
2m: Burrowing Devil strike; Ignore armor.
2m: Golden Tiger Stance; Ignore (dex/2) d/pDV penalties at all times.
2m: Flowing Body Evasion: May PD one attack the lunar is aware of, for 2m on the spot PDs 1 action.
2m: MIGHT-BOLSTERING BLOW; On and attack one mote/ one sux up to (Stamina). One mote/ one level up to (Stamina).



2BP: Legendary Heartsblood
1BP: Manse: 1 dot.
2BP: Manse: 2 dot.
2BP: Manse: 2 dot.
2BP: 2 dots of the artifact; resplendence amulet.
6BP: 3 skin mounts.

Shit to remember[edit]

Perfect Symm is on at all times for free.
Don't need to pay to shapeshift.