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Campaign:Campaign:Autobot Game
Name:Interminably Distant Opportune Bolt
Concept:Alchemical Sniper
Motivation:Search Creation for a way to fix the problems afflicting Autochthon
Intimacies:Autochthon, Advisor Unit XR-1793
Anima Banner:A scope formed from various trajectory calculations
Anima Effect:For a reflexive cost of 5 motes, may add (Essence/2, rounded up) to Accuracy, Damage, and JB rolls for the scene.
Experience: 18/30


Bolt was built only recently by the nation of Yugash. Intended mainly as a scout for the upcoming return to Creation, Bolt was designed to be an expert sniper. However, there was consideration given to auxiliary functions and he was also outfitted and trained to be an engineer and inventor. After initial training, he was given a position within The Scholars as a junior member.

Thus far Bolt is still relatively inexperienced, but he shows a great deal of promise. Due to this potential, a machine god has been sent by Noi to advise him and ensure that potential is reached. The machine god was named Advisor Unit XR-1793, but has taken to being called "XR" for sake of brevity. XR has a... colorful personality thanks to his slight Napoleon Complex over his height (He is about a 1 foot 6 inches tall). Although he can often be sarcastic and bossy, XR adores innovation and inventing something can often endear a person to him. Likewise, despite making the occasional joke at his expense, XR likes Bolt and does his best to assist him.

Now that the time has come, Bolt is being sent out to fulfill his primary function. He sets out with a mixture of trepidation and excitement for a world he has only read about.


Bolt is unremarkable in appearance, for an Alchemical exalted, anyways. His nature as such neither adds nor detracts from his physical image. He has found being relatively forgettable assists in stealth and considers this to be an intended design function. In reality, they just didn't have enough resources to make him prettier, no one has ever told him this.

Bolt wears the typical garb of The Scholars when the situation does not call for camouflage.

XR looks remarkably like a small toy robot, with a (entirely non-functional and cosmetic) wind-up handle and everything. He is short (1 foot 6 inches) and quite sensitive about his height and people not taking him seriously due to his appearance.


Strength  ●●●●     Charisma     ●●●      Perception   ●● (●)
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●●       Intelligence ●●●●●
Stamina   ●●       Appearance   ●●       Wits         ●●● (●)


Archery ●●●●●     Integrity          Craft *             Athletics ●●     Bureaucracy 
Martial Arts      Performance        Investigation       Awareness ●●●    Linguistics ●
Melee             Presence ●●        Lore ●●●            Dodge ●●●        Ride       
Thrown            Resistance         Medicine            Larceny          Sail         
War               Survival           Occult ●            Stealth ●●       Socialize   


Craft(Fire) ●●
Craft(Air) ●●
Craft(Earth) ●
Craft(Magitech) ●


Old Realm




Class: ●●●
Familiar: ●●●●●
Backing(The Scholars): ●●
Vats: ●●●
Artifacts: ●●●


General Charm Slots:

  • Sustained Augmentation of Wits: - (Install 1m), Permanent, Permanent. Adds 1 dot to Wits that is considered natural.
  • Tactical Analysis Engrams: 2m (Install 1m), Reflexive, Instant. May activate this charm once without essence expenditure for each full minute spent observing a single target. Roll (Wits + Awareness) at difficulty 2, each success provides one of the following pieces of information:

-The target’s rating in any one of the following Traits: any Physical Attribute, Wits, Archery, Athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Martial Arts, Melee, Resistance or Thrown. Players may attempt to justify other Traits to Storytellers in extreme cases, particularly in cases where the target evinces overt combat powers not based on any of the above Traits. In these rare cases, the Exalt learns the rating of the associated Trait without actually learning what the Trait is. -All the target’s specialties in any one of the above listed Traits. -The target's Join Battle pool. -The target’s current wound penalty rating (if any). -The core statistics of any one weapon or attack that the Alchemical has seen the target use; this does not reveal unusual powers of artifacts, only such traits as damage, accuracy, etc. -The core statistics of any one object qualifying as armor/shield the target is wearing. -The function of any one directly combative Alchemical Charm installed in the target that is outwardly visible or that the target has previously used in the scene. This can also determine the function of combative spirit Charms used in the Exalt’s presence, provided these Charms are known in Autochthonia. May determine other charms (such as solar or fair Folk) after ~1 month of regular exposure to their use and the expenditure of 3 experience. Current other charm types known: None.

  • Sustained Augmentation of Perception: - (Install 1m), Permanent, Permanent. Adds 1 dot to Perception that is considered natural.
  • Protosynthetic Ammunition Replicator: 1m (Install 1m), Reflexive, Instant. Produces one projectile/ammunition of the Exalt's choice which last for (Essence) Actions. Instantly loads ammunition.

Dedicated Charm Slots:

  • Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity: 1m/die (Install 1m), Reflexive, Instant. Add 1 die to any dexterity-based roll per 1 mote spent (up to base (Dexterity) motes may be spent). May add to static values such as DVs, each die purchased counts as raising Dex by one for purpose of determining the DV.
  • Aim-Calibrating Sensors: 1+m (Install 2m), Supplemental, Instant. May remove one point of internal penalty per 1 mote spent or one point of external penalty per 2 motes spent from a ranged attack. Can only negate penalties due to Situational (such as an opponent with cover <100%) or Environmental (such as rain, wind, etc.) causes.
  • Essence Pulse Cannon: 2m (Install 1m), Supplemental, Indefinite. Must reflexively arm with 2 motes before use, acts like a 4-7 mote anima banner when armed. Essence Cannon has the following statistics (Accuracy +1, Damage 2L/1m spent (up to (Strength + Essence) motes may be spent), Rate (Essence * Number of times this charm is installed), Range (Essence * 50) yards).
  • Paramagnetic Tether Beam: 3m (Install 2m), Reflexive, Instant. Creates a telekinetic grapple beam of up to (Strength * 10) yards in length. The beam will last for as long as it is actively used, activating a new beam will deactivate any old one. For purpose of crude telekinesis, Strength and Dexterity are equal to (Essence).


Array of Size 4 (total Install:5, reduced Install:4):

  • Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity
  • Essence Pulse Cannon
  • Aim-Calibrating Sensors
  • Tactical Analysis Engrams


Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 4(8 when resting)/hour
Personal Essence Pool: 5/14
Peripheral Essence Pool: 18/36
Committed Essence:9 (charms) + 12 (artifacts)


Willpower: ●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□X



  • Compassion ●●
  • Conviction ●●
  • Temperance ●●●
  • Valor ●●

Clarity: □□□□□ □□□□□
Virtue channels:
1 Temperance channel used


Starmetal Fiber-Weave Bodysuit (Omnimodal function included): Artifact ●● (5L/3B, Hardness -, Mobility -0, Fatigue 0, attune 3)
Starmetal Assault Crossbow: Artifact ●● (Speed 5, Accuracy +4, Damage 10L, Rate 1, Range 250, Attune 5, Tags 2,B)
150 armor-piercing bolts (+0L, adds piercing)
49 fowling bolts (+2B, changes to bashing)
Starmetal Hearthstone Bracers: Artifact ●● (Add 3 to pool to determine DDV, add 1 to weapon's accuracy and Defense. Attune 4)
Black Jade Essence Pulse Grenade: Artifact ●● (recharge requires 6 motes and a misc. action. Up to one hour delay before detonation. 20B damage from cold to all within under 1 yard of the blast, damage is reduced by one die for every full yard from the point of detonation. Additionally, all hit must make a reflexive (Stamina + Resistance) roll at difficulty 3 or lose 2 dots of dexterity. Lost dots return at a rate of 1/hour. Speed 5, Accuracy +0, Rate 1, Range 20)

Spare Charms at Vats:

  • Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity
  • Aim-Calibrating Sensors
  • Tactical Analysis Engrams

Manses and Heartstones[edit]



Dodge DV:7
Dodge MDV:4
Soak: 5B/6L/5A
Pierced: 4B/4L/3A
Hardness: 0B/0L/0A


Crossbow (piercing bolts) (Speed 5, Accuracy 15, Damage 10L, Rate 1, Range 250, Tags 2,B,P)


□ -0
□□ -1
□□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Bonus Points[edit]

4 spent on Familiar 3->5
4 spent on Craft(Air) 0->2
4 spent on Craft(Fire) 0->2
2 spent on Craft(Magitech) 0->1
1 spent on Backing 1->2

Experience Points[edit]

18 spent on Essence 2->3

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