Campaign:Betrayal of the Light/Unnamed Water Aspect

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Anima Banner:A murky typhoon of stagnant water with serpentine shadows within.
Anima Effect:Can breathe water as easily as air and move freely underwater.
Experience: 2 general, 7 ability, 20 essence



Combat Statistics[edit]

Attack Dice 19 or 33 (23/22/21/20/19/18/17 flurry)
Rate        2 or 7
Damage      5B or 26 L & P, +1 cumulative per attack
Soak (B/L)  1/0 or 8/7
Parry DV    10 or 13 PV
Dodge DV    8
Health      7
Dodge MDV   13/15 vs Solars
Essence     66/74 or 60/74
Committed   8
Spent       0 or 6


Strength     ●●●●●
Dexterity    ●●●●●●●●
Stamina      ●●

Charisma     ●
Manipulation ●
Appearance   ●●

Perception   ●
Intelligence ●●
Wits         ●●●●


Awareness     ●●●●●
Integrity     ●●●●●●●● + ●●● vs solar exalted
War           ●●●●●●●●
Martial Arts  ●●●●●●●● + ●●● unarmored
Lore          ●
Occult        ●●●●●


Breeding ●●●●●●
+6 personal, +11 peripheral.
Henchmen ●●●●●
10 young combat-oriented dragon blooded.
Manse ●●●●●
1 level 5 manse, 1 level 4 manse, 1 level 1 manse.
Retainers ●●●
2 non-combat oriented dragon blooded.


  • First Excellencyx8: Too complicated to explain.
  • Sorcerous Initiation x3:
  • Effortless Dominance:
  • Cracked Cell Circumvention: Enhance rolls when restrained or imprisoned. Will fill in later.
  • Bloodless Murk Evasion: 4m, perfect dodge and reappear (temporary) willpower yards away. Fails vs holy attacks.
  • Seeing is Blindness: 3m, supplemental, one scene, shaping, sorcerous. May enhance any physical attack. Roll Manipulation+Presence; if this trumps the highest of their Perception or Awareness, they are blinded for one scene. The eyes of the victim darken to pure black without irises or whites of any kind.
  • Shadow Spite Curse: Reflexive. Spend 3m to create stackable -1 penalties to another's actions.
  • Soul Crack Exploitation: 1m, supplemental. The Ebon Dragon delights in taking advantage of an enemy’s weakness. This Charm may enhance any attempt

at mental influence toward a character the Infernal has mirrored with Nemesis Self Imagined Anew, making that influence unnatural. If the influence preys on one of the target’s Intimacies, the roll to impose the influence is made at target number 6. Influence that preys on Motivation uses target number 5. If the influence attacks Motivation through an Intimacy, the target’s MDV is halved (rounded down), and the roll is made at target number 4.

  • Witness to Darkness: -1 internal penalty to non-reflexive actions while in Creation's sunlight. +7 (Essence) in MDV vs Manipulation-based attacks and bonus successes to recognize or pierce another's deceptions. See in darkness or when blind perfectly.
  • Hollow Heart Transcendence: All virtues 1, gain (Essence Rating) secondary willpower pool to ignore virtue failures and to resist mental influence.
  • Nemesis Self Imagined Anew: 1m, indefinite. Select living being within 7 yards. Motivation becomes an antagonistic opposite of the target's Motivation, gain an inviolate Intimacy of spiteful hate towards the target, and when witnessing a social attack aided or inhibited by one of the target's Intimacies, he recognizes it and may spend 1 mote to know the Intimacy and gain an Intimacy to the same subject but opposing.
  • Our Little Secret: 4m sorcerous, touch a witness to an act of depravity, and they must spend 3 wp to communicate what they have seen. Or spend 8m, and touch evidence, and the same applies to any who see it.
  • Puissance Mimicry Intuitionx3:
  • Black Mirror Shintai: 5m1wp, shaping, sorcerous. May only be activated once Nemesis Self Imagined Anew has been against an opponent of equal or lower Essence, becoming a perfect duplicate of the original aside from that the evil twin is a creature of darkness. Temporary traits remain as they are, but new maximums are replaced. An intimacy of spiteful hate towards the original is retained.
  • Shadow Slave Extraction: 20m1wp. As an alternative, may summon into existence out of darkness and shadows a duplicate of the target as per BMS. The clone lacks motes of its own and must use its masters' instead. The duplicate is as obedient as a bound demon.

  • Retribution Will Follow: 1m Reflexive, one scene. When taking damage, this charm may be activated to enter a savage killing frenzy for a scene like an uncontrolled Berserk Anger Limit Break, becoming immune to all negative effects from wound penalties and treating all forms of mental influence from beings of essence 7 or less as unacceptable.
  • Raging Behemoth Charge: 4m, reflexive, one scene. Add MA to number of yards per tick he can cover with a Move or Dash, so long as he is heading towards a character he observed physically attacking him this scene. Enhanced dashes are at -0 DV.
  • Infernal Monster Form: 6m, one scene. Eyes burn green and muscles swell impossibly. Each unarmed attack inflicts piercing damage and adds a cumulative dot of Strength for the scene, starting after the attack is resolved. Maximum of +7 (Essence) dots. May parry unarmed. Counts as outside of fate and a creature of darkness.
  • God-Smashing Blow: 3m or 3m, 1 wp, supplemental. Enhances unarmed attack, causing automatic knockdown with no resistance possible if it hits, and every other character within 8 (Martial Arts) yards of the impact must check for knockdown at a difficulty of 7 (the Exalt's Essence). The surface beneath the target also suffers the raw damage of the attack. If it hits a materialized god or demon with 7 or fewer Essence, may spend a willpower to appear to chunk apart the corpse, but really just violently dematerializes it.
  • Fists of the Old One: When hitting with a fierce blow enhanced with God-Smashing Blow, the opponent flies back in the direction of the blow, launching them Strengthx5 yards, and when landing or hitting anything, they suffer falling damage as if having plummeted straight down the distance, and can't arrest momentum with a Wits+Ath roll. Can also inflict third damage by bouncing an enemy somewhere high.
  • Glory to the Demon Monster: When Retribution Will Follow and Infernal Monster Form are simultaneously active, all Infernal Monster Style charm costs decrease by 2 motes.
  • Joyful Cessation of Restraint: 3m, 1wp, extra action. Creates a magical flurry of 7 (Essence) unarmed attacks, with a DV penalty of only -1. If by the end of the attack the victim is prone, then the attacker may make two additional, undodgeable attacks.
  • World-Breaker Grip: Enhances a grapple, using only one limb and with no penalty for off-hand. May only hold the victim, not crush him, but it no longer requires any effort, and may continue to fight with the enemy held. The victim may also be used as a blunt weapon, dealing damage to both the target and victim.
  • Screaming Meat Shield: 5m reflexive, may parry an incoming attack by using a held victim. The attack cannot be aborted and must be resolved against the victim. If the attacker kills a held character he has a positive Intimacy towards as a result, he loses one willpower from despair.
  • One Hand Fury: Hand becomes an indestructible artifact, inflicting +3 damage. By spending an extra willpower while activating Infernal Monster Form, green flames erupt from the hand and upgrade the punch attacks (listed above). If Str is maxed out from Infernal Monster Form, it still adds a +1 cumulative raw bonus damage, until the Form ends.


Jade perfected kata bracer (8 attunement)


Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□



  • Compassion ●
  • Conviction ●
  • Temperance ●
  • Valor ●

Primary Virtue:Valor
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□