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Concept:Crazy religious lady
Motivation: Inspire all beings to exist in accordance with the virtues of the Unconquered Sun.
Anima Banner:
Anima Effect:
Experience: 2 ability xp, 4 essence xp.




Strength     ●●●     
Dexterity    ●●●●●
Stamina      ●●●●●

Charisma     ●●●●●
Manipulation ●●●
Appearance   ●●●●●

Perception   ●●●●●
Intelligence ●●●
Wits         ●●●●●


*Archery     ●●●●●●
*Martial Arts●●●●●●+●●● Armored
Thrown       ●●●●●●
War          ●●●●●●+●●● Large Formations
Integrity    ●●●●●●
Performance  ●●●●●●+●●● Religious rambling
Presence     ●●●●●●
Resistance   ●●●●●●+●●● Physical Trauma
Survival     ●●●●●●

Craft (Air)  ●●
Lore         ●●●●●
*Medicine    ●●●●●
*Occult      ●●●●●
Athletics    ●●●●●
Awareness    ●●●●●
*Dodge       ●●●●●●
Bureaucracy  ●
Linguistics  ●●
Sail         ●
Socialize    ●●●●


Henchmen: ●●●: 1 dragon blooded henchman.
Manse: ●●●:' 1 level 3 manse, 1 level 2, 1 level 1.
Reputation: ●●●' +3 to appropriate social rolls.
Sifu: ●●●:' Martial arts teacher that knows Righteous Devil, Silver Nightingale, and one SMA.
Wealth: ●●●:' Equivalent to Resources 5.

Core Charms[edit]

  • Integrity-Protecting Prana: p199
  • Chaos-Repelling Pattern: p216
  • Reflex Sidestep Technique: p227
  • Third Dodge Excellency:
  • First Martial Arts Excellency:
  • Infinite Mastery of Martial Arts:
  • 2nd Integrity Excellency: 2m for +1 DV, reflexive.
  • First Performance Excellency: 1m for 1 die, reflexive.
  • Righteous Avenger's Aspect: 5m, reflexive, overdrive. For a Solar, defeat is only a marker in the chapters of existence, rather than the end of the book. Upon learning this Charm, the Exalt gains an Overdrive pool with a capacity of ten motes. Initially empty, he may fill it when confronting an opponent who has defeated the Solar in his present incarnation or any of his past lives. Defeat in this context means physical combat; defeating the Solar in social combat does not qualify, nor does beating him at Gateway or other contests. This Charm does not grant the Exalt special knowledge of defeats that occurred in past lives—the Solar must come by this information by any valid means of doing so. The Lawgiver gains (Essence + 2) offensive motes upon activation, and one additional mote each time his DV refreshes for the rest of the scene. The Solar may only activate this Charm once per scene, and only in battle against one who has defeated him. If the fight concludes with the Exalt’s victory, he has avenged himself, and can no longer activate this Charm against his vanquished opponent. Otherwise, the Solar may continue to assume Righteous Avenger’s Aspect until he has avenged himself. At Essence 3+, the Solar may activate this Charm on behalf of a person or group of people he has a positive Intimacy toward. In this case, the Solar needs only evidence of physical harm to activate this Charm. Seeing a man strike his wife would be sufficient to channel the Lawgiver’s wrath into Overdrive, as would watching his personally-trained horsemen scathed by a hail of arrows from a deathknight’s bow. This Charm requires that the Solar is aware he faces an opponent who has defeated him or wronged the subject of one of his positive Intimacies. The Solar’s opponent must actually have done so—the Charm will not function if the Lawgiver is mistaken, or if he is not aware of what his opponent has done.
  • Essence-Gathering Temper: Permanent, overdrive. The more terrible the enemies and adversities they face, the greater the power of a Solar’s spirit. This Charm grants the character an additional ten-mote peripheral Essence pool in accordance with the Overdrive Keyword. Whenever the Lawgiver is injured, she gains motes which are used to refill this pool: one mote for being struck by an attack without taking damage, two motes per point of bashing damage, or three motes per point of lethal or aggravated damage suffered. Essence-Gathering Temper will only provide motes when the Solar is injured against her will; she may no more order a bound demon to assault her in order to obtain motes than she may gain them from stabbing herself. Health lost in order to pay the activation cost of a Charm likewise never produces motes. At Essence 3+ the Solar may also refill her Overdrive pool when she perceives her allies being injured, at the same rate as though she were taking damage herself. In order to gain motes in this fashion, the Solar must directly perceive the character being injured at the moment the injury occurs, and must have a positive Intimacy toward that individual (the character’s Lunar mate also always qualifies). Finally, the injuries may not be self-inflicted, as outlined above, and may not be inflicted by the Solar herself.
  • Willpower-Enhancing Spirit: Permanent. Whenever damaged by an attack, roll 1 die per health level lost. Regain one willpower, plus one per success.
  • Ox-Body Technique x6: +6 -1 health levels and +12 -2 health levels, total of 25 health levels.
  • Immanent Solar Glory x6: +60 peripheral essence that can't be used to attune artifacts and can only be regained by Essence-recovery charms.
  • Inner Fire Unleashed: Permanent. Essence permeates every fiber of the Solar’s being. Lawgivers with this Charm have learned to focus that Essence upon their

vital centers, imbuing their very cells with limitless energy. Whenever a Solar with this Charm heals damaged health levels, she recovers two motes per level. After twenty motes have been restored in this fashion in the course of a scene, the Solar only gains one mote per health level healed. When twenty more motes have been paid out in this manner within the same scene, the Solar only gains one mote per two health levels restored. This healing may only occur as a result of rest or of Solar Charms which heal damage. Though this Charm is permanent, it is perpetuated and substantiated by regular meditation upon inner forces turning outward. It is a sacred power which relies upon the Lawgiver’s utmost care for her own well-being. This power fails the Solar if she inflicts harm upon herself or allows others to harm her: injuries from attacks thrown without killing intent will not yield motes when healed.

  • Soul Fire Resurgence: Permanent. Once per action, the player of a character with this Charm may pay one Willpower to roll (Valor) dice, healing a number of health levels equal to the successes on the roll.
  • Invincible Ego Shield: 5m1wp, one scene, reflexive. Upon activating Invincible Ego Shield, the character substitutes his Dodge MDV for his Dodge DV to defend against a physical attack (meaning his maximum DV bonus recalculates from his Willpower and Integrity ratings). All current bonuses and penalties that apply to either his Dodge DV or Dodge MDV apply to the DV generated by this Charm. If the Solar dodges the attack, he appears to have exerted no effort to do so as if the attacker just missed.
  • Lightspeed Body Dynamics: Permanent. Whenever successfully evading an attack by applying Dodge DV, he gains (attacker's Essence/2, round up) motes in step 10, so long as he does not use a charm with a Flaw of Invulnerability to defend.
  • Panoptic Fusion Discipline: 4m, one scene, reflexive. The Solar’s supernal senses expand and his mind speeds up to process a thousand myriad details in a split second. Opponents attempting to strike a Lawgiver using this Charm appear to be moving in slow motion. All of the character’s attacks are enhanced as though he had just spent three ticks accumulating dice with an Aim action (as a result, the character may not

normally benefit from a true Aim action while this Charm is active), and his DVs are raised by 1 against all physical attacks of which he is aware. None of these bonuses count as dice added by a Charm.

  • Reed in the Wind: Permanent. Whenever using Dodge DV to defend, apply half of the attacker's Essence as a bonus to your Dodge DV. Counts as a charm bonus.
  • Shadow Over Water: 1m, reflexive, step 2. Ignores all penalties to DVs for purposes of one attack.
  • Seven Shadow Evasion: 3m, reflexive, step 2. A dodge that perfectly defends against an attack -- even if it is undodgeable.
  • Flow Like Blood: 5m1wp, one scene, simple. Essence permeates the Lawbringer's being. She moves with an impossible fluid grace. For the remainder of the scene, this Charm negates the onslaught and coordinated attack penalties that others' attacks impose on the Exalt's DV.
  • Durability of Oak Meditation: Ignore this.
  • Iron Skin Concentration: 2m reflexive, activate before damage is rolled. Roll Stamina+Resist against a difficulty of the attacker's essence, max 6. On a success, prevents all damage from the attack; on a failure, still adds +4A/+8L/+8B soak.
  • Adamant Skin Technique: 4m reflexive, activate before damage is rolled. Perfectly reduces damage to 0 from an attack.
  • Ruin-Abasing Shrug: 5m reflexive, activate AFTER damage is rolled. Perfectly reduce damage to (Limit/2, min 0) from an attack. If reducing damage to 0, it has a Flaw of Invulnerability.
  • Majestic Radiant Presence: 7m, reflexive, one scene. The Solar burns with the incandescent radiance of the Unconquered Sun. This Charm intimidates others, negating any physical or social attack made against the Solar unless the attacker's player succeeds on a reflexive resistance roll. The Solar's player chooses when purchasing this charm whether a difficulty 1 Valor roll or a difficulty 2 Willpower roll is the appropriate form of resistance. The attacker need only succeed only once per action, no matter how many attacks she makes during a flurry. This Charm's effects are a form of unnatural mental influence, and characters can spend 3 Willpower to resist the effects of Majestic Radiant Presence for a scene.
  • Husband-Seducing Demon Dance: 10m1wp, Simple (speed 6 in long ticks). Give a performance, rolling Charisma or Manipulation + Performance and adding her Appearance in bonus dice. This Charm exerts unnatural mental influence on all who witness it. Characters with Mental DV less than the Solar's successes must spend two Willpower or fall instantly in love either with the Solar or something the Solar represents. This effect does not depend on gender or sexual preference. Targets incapable of sexual attraction to the Solar suffer starry-eyed infatuation or dedication to the Solar's cause rather than romantic desire. This love is a form of commitment (see core, p.201). Targets can break the commitment naturally but they must spend one Willpower per scene where they deliberately attempt to shake it off.
  • Respect Commanding Attitude: 5m, simple (speed 4 in long ticks), one scene. Others listen when the Lawgivers speak. In ancient days, they commanded the attention of Primordials, beasts and gods. This Charm involves a performance or oration, and the Solar's player rolls (an appropriate Social Attribute + Performance) when invoking Respect Commanding Attitude. This charm exerts unnatural mental influence on everyone who can see or hear the character. If the extra successes exceed a given target's MDV, that target suffers a compulsion to stay in the Exalt's company and respectfully observe the performance. Resisting this compulsion for five minutes costs one Willpower, up to a maximum of three Willpower per scene, and such resistance allows the target to leave, heckle, or even forcibly silence the character.
  • Phantom-Conjuring Performance: Permanent. Essence enhances the Solar's arts. This Charm allows the Solar to create ghostly images, Essence flares, ethereal music and strange sensory effects when using a Performance Excellency or Presence Excellency. These effects do not seem entirely real, they remain within (Essence x10) yards of the solar, and they cannot be used to confuse or deceive others without a stunt. This Charm has no cost, but the Solar need not use the effects.
  • Heart-Compelling Method: 6m, supplemental, one scene. This Charm supplements a Performance-based roll to rouse emotion in others. It exerts unnatural mental influence on every valid target of this roll. If their MDV is less than the extra successes on the roll, this Charm inspires the desired emotion intensely for a scene. Resisting the influence costs two Willpower.
  • Face the Light: 5m1wp, reflexive, one scene. Upon activating this Charm, the Exalt's player rolls (Charisma + Performance), adding the character's Essence in bonus successes. For the rest of the scene, everyone with a Dodge MDV lower than the successes rolled suffers an unnatural compulsion to remain whenever they attempt to leave or avoid any combat, mass combat or social combat in which the lawgiver visibly participates. Falling back to make ranged attacks is not retreating. Resisting this compulsion for the rest of the scene costs three Willpower. Like moths to the flame, afflicted Fair Folk cannot resist. Conversely, afflicted individuals compelled to flee by a botched Morale check or some other fear-based effect must spend Willpower to escape if they have it available, but otherwise collapse in helpless terror for the duration of the effect.
  • Horizon-to-Horizon Performance Method: 15m 1wp, reflexive, one action. By the authority of the Unconquered Sun, his Chosen may command the very heavens to become a vessel for their glory. This Charm may be activated only under the open sky, during the day. The clouds above shuffle themselves into the precise likeness of the Law giver, lit by the sun's that they glow from within. The Solar’s words boom out over the countryside, inescapable. For the duration of the Charm, any Performance-based social attacks (or simple informative declarations) made by the Solar are transmitted to everyone within (Essence x 20) miles in every direction. Because the Solar cannot see or hear through his heavenly manifestation, social counterattacks that require the target to actually be present may not be invoked in response to this Charm.

A second purchase of this Charm at Performance 7+, Essence 7+ expands its range to (Essence x 50) miles. A third and final purchase at Performance 9+, Essence 9+ expands the range to (Essence x 100) miles.

  • Righteous Devil: All 12 charms.
  • Silver-Voiced Nightingale: All 12 charms.


Essence: ●●●●●●
Regeneration: 5(10 when resting)/hour
Personal Essence Pool: 28
Peripheral Essence Pool: 106/122
Committed Essence: 16 (28 -12 for skin mount and aegis-inserts)


Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□□□□□



  • Compassion ●●●●●
  • Conviction ●●●●●
  • Temperance ●●●●●
  • Valor ●●●●●

Primary Virtue:Conviction
Limit Break:Heart of Flint
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□


Dodge DV:11
Dodge MDV:11
Soak: 28B/30L/17A
Pierced: 20B/22L/10A
Hardness: 12B/12L/12A



● *Orichalcum Fivefold Harmonic Adapters: Thumbnail-sized discs of orichalcum engraved with mystical glyphs and surrounded in a ring of adamant. Lets a Solar wearer attune to Starmetal artifacts as if he were a Sidereal by sticking them on.

●● *Orichalcum Dragon's Tear Tiara: 2 mote commitment, +1 to perception pools, +3 dice to any task that requires geomantic or occult sensitivity, and has one hearthstone setting.

●● *Skin Like The Mountains Oil: Rubbed on a character’s skin before battle and lasts for one scene. It can be used in conjunction with armor or used by itself, and it does not count as armor for the purposes of martial arts. As long as the character is wearing skin-like-the-mountains oil, it gives her skin a metallic blue-gray patina. Skin-like-the-mountains oil adds +12L/+10B to the character’s soak and provides her with a hardness of 9L/9B. Five has fixed them up with all they need, so the boost is figured above.

  • ●● Skin-Mount Amulet: Adds 10 motes for a level 5 hearthstone. Appearing as a large rivet-style body piercing made of one of the magical materials with an indented disk-shaped socket, skin mount amulets are nothing more than implanted hearthstone amulets (see Exalted, p. 380) that require no attunement. The design of these amulets also confers an additional number of motes of Peripheral Essence to the wearer’s maximum Essence pool equal to twice the rating of any hearthstone placed in the socket. Mountain Folk, God-Blooded and other non-Exalted Essence channelers instead add these motes to their singular Essence pools. Mortals normally incapable of channeling Essence may attune to manses if they have one of these devices installed, gaining the usual benefits of any hearthstone from an attuned manse installed in the stone. Mortals also gain the aforementioned bonus motes as a meager Essence pool that they can recharge only through the inset stone but may otherwise use as if they were Exalted. Any commitments using Essence from the amulet (such as to other artifacts) immediately end if the hearthstone leaves its socket. At the height of the First Age, skin mount amulets were a popular form of jewelry among the Chosen. Hearthstones can be removed or replaced in a skin mount amulet as readily as any other type of hearthstone amulet. Only the socket itself is actually riveted to the body.
  • ●●● Hand of the Great Maker: Spend 8 motes to activate Chaos-Repelling Pattern to attune, which raises its duration to indefinite. This artifact takes the form of an intricate orichalcum and adamant gauntlet with clockwork components and bubbling motonic condenser rods that fill with lightning-white Autochthonian Essence while worn. Has a 5-dot solar hearthstone slot.
  • ●●●●● Fiery Solar Cannon: 8 mote attunement. This is one of the most powerful handheld weapons created during the First Age. The body of the weapon is carved from a single fi ve-sided tube of solid ruby inlaid with orichalcum. This weapon is three feet long and as thick as a grown man’s calf, and it can be wielded only by one of the Solar Exalted. It is normally carried over the wielder’s back and requires the user to stand still and use both hands to fire it. (The wearer cannot use a move action while firing this weapon, and he can dodge or parry only by using reflexive Charms or persistent Charms that are already in effect.) When fired, this weapon shoots balls of golden sun fire that fly as swiftly as an arrow and then explode into a sunburst two yards in diameter. If two targets are standing next to each other, the explosion affects both equally. Otherwise, it affects only a single target. This attack can be dodged, but it cannot be parried without Charms that allow the user to parry any attack. These sunbursts burn the target with the heat of the sun and damage stone or metal as readily as they damage flesh. The user must expend two motes of Solar Essence for every shot.

Although this weapon can be fired only once in a flurry (per its Rate), the wielder can cause it to simultaneously fire a number of additional balls of sun fire equal to his permanent Essence in a single shot. Each attack must be aimed at a separate target. Each target dodges each ball of sun fire separately, but all of these attacks use the same attack roll, with no loss of dice from multiple actions. Each ball of sun fire costs an additional two motes of Essence, however. The character may spend only one mote per shot to fire less powerful balls of sun fire, which are only one yard in diameter. This weapon requires the user to commit eight motes of Essence to it. In addition, he must also insert a Fire or Solar hearthstone of at least level 2 into the base of the weapon. This hearthstone provides no benefits to the user, as all of its energy is used to help power the solar cannon. This artifact can be used only by the Solar Exalted, so the material bonus for orichalcum has already been figured into this weapon’s stats: speed 5, acc +3, damage 18L (or 9L for a half power shot), rate 1, range 300, 2 motes per shot.

●●●● *Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers:Perfected kata bracers are prayer strips crafted of a single magical material and curled into bracers. The strips’ sutras are starmetal engravings, except in starmetal bracers—they use orichalcum. Attunement costs eight motes. When the character activates a Form-type Charm, the sutras inscribed on the bracers glow and lift from the artifact to engulf the character in light for a brief moment. For the rest of the scene, she gains several benefits. She adds her Essence to the accuracy, damage and defense of her unarmed attacks and of attacks made with the active Form-type Charm’s particular weapons. She may choose to inflict bashing or lethal damage at will and she may parry lethal attacks unarmed. In addition, Starmetal eases the flow of martial essence, reducing martial art charm costs of the activated form by 2.

●●●●● *Starmetal Celestial Battle Armour: 8 mote attunement. First created by Autochthon and widely duplicated during the First Age, these forms of armor were specifically designed to aid and protect the mighty Celestial Exalted in battle. This type of armor is also the model from which the Armors of the Immaculate Dragons (see pp. 84-87) were derived. Each suit of celestial armor is a specifi c creation designed to aid a particular Celestial Exalt. The following description covers the basic framework used in the most advanced suits of armor. Unlike the less powerful dragon armor, celestial battle armor incorporates self-repairing enchantments so that it does not require periodic maintenance. Each suit of celestial battle armor requires a commitment of 10 motes of Essence and a level-3+ hearthstone to power the armor’s various enchantments. This hearthstone provides no other benefit. The armor has three hearthstone sockets, and the wearer can select which one is rendered inactive by powering the armor as a diceless miscellaneous action. In addition to the following list of features, each of these suits of armor also add in the appropriate magical materials bonus. Because they are only made for Celestial Exalts, no celestial battle armor is made of jade. Terrestrial animas are not sufficiently powerful to use this armor.

  • Filtration Baffles*: +2 bonus to Resistance against poison or all forms of disease (including wound infection); one-hour supply of fresh air (refilling the tank in fresh air takes one minute per 10 minutes of air added to the tank).
  • Sensory Augmentation Visor*: As a reflexive action, the wearer gains a +2 bonus to Awareness. Alternatively, the wearer can reflexively activate Essence sight (see p. 85) for three motes per scene, which also automatically pierces any dragon armor cloaking device. In addition, the lenses that provide Essence sight for this armor are coated with thin films made from a mixture of orichalcum, starmetal and soulsteel. As a result, when the character activates the armor’s Essence sight, she can also see unmanifested spirits, ghosts, living beings and enchanted objects (including walking dead and automatons) as glowing presences. In addition, the wearer can see the Essence-fl ows of demesnes and manses at the range of her normal vision and can easily tell the power of these locations and if their Essence flows have been properly capped.
  • Exomuscular Fibers*: +2 dots to Strength for feats of strength, calculating jump distance and inflicting damage with attacks.
  • Peripatetic Greaves: Doubled movement rate; 10mph marching movement rate.
  • Reinforced Gauntlets/Boots: As weapons, the gauntlets and boots can parry lethal attacks without a stunt (as an exception to the standard “N” tag), and have the following respective statistics:

Name Speed Acc. Damage Def. Rate Tags
Gauntlet 5 +1 +5B +2 3 N
Boot 5 +0 +6B -2 2 N

  • Adaptive Camouflage Subsystem*: +2 bonus to Stealth while moving or +3 while stationary. This ability specifically defends against Essence sight. In addition, this color-changing feature can also be used to provide the armor with the appropriate colors and imagery for parades and other formal occasions.
  • Enhanced Healing: The energies of this armor are focused on repairing the wearer’s flesh. While wearing this armor, the owner heals one level of

bashing damage every tick and one level of lethal damage every hour.

  • Enhanced Durability: The armor gains another +3L/+3B soak and +2L/2B hardness.
  • Essence Shield: By spending four motes of Essence, the wearer can create a shield of solidified Essence that increases the wearer’s DV by two against both melee and ranged attacks. This shield lasts for one scene.


  • ●●● Gemstone of the White Jade Tree: This blue-violet cabochon glows with a pale inner light. This stone hardens the bearer’s skin; any damage the character suffers after soak is cut in half (rounding all fractions upward). This same hardness reduces the possessor’s movement speed by half, rounding all fractions down. This penalty applies to all forms of movement, but can be cancelled by removing the stone from its setting. Doing this also instantly cancels the stone’s beneficial effects.
  • ●●● The Freedom Stone: This stone is a murky blue-black, full of shifting colors. A character who bears this hearthstone can never be physically restrained, only confined. All grapple, clinch, hold and throw maneuvers against her automatically fail.
  • ●●● Windhands Gemstones: This hearthstone is perfectly clear -- so clear it becomes invisible in water. Against ranged attacks, the bearer may apply his DV (parry or dodge) without defense penalties or onslaught penalties and can parry lethal attacks unarmed.
  • ●●●● Gem of Adamant Skin: This hearthstone is a glittering, flawless black ovoid. Lethal damage done to the character is automatically converted to bashing, before soak is applied.
  • ●●●●● Gem of Perfect Mobility: This brilliant-red, faceted square glows as brightly as a candle. Any Exalted bearing it is as swift as a beam of sunlight. A character attuned to the hearthstone halves (round up) the number of ticks all actions require, without causing any penalties and may divide her dice pools normally to gain additional actions. In addition, these increased speed also applies out of combat, allowing the character to walk, run or sprint twice as fast as normal. The only limitations on using this hearthstone are that sorcery still takes the normal time to cast, and that using these additional actions makes the character appear inhumanly fast. Anyone seeing the character move or react this rapidly will know she is not human. The additional action gained from using this hearthstone is incompatible with all Extra Actions Charms. The character can use one or the other, never both.

Charms Coming Soon[edit]

  • Flashing Draw Mastery: Permanent. When challenged, the breathtaking speed with which a Lawgiver calls blade to hand is often the last miracle her opponent witnesses. This Charm represents the unhesitating, blinding speed of a Solar’s genius hands, honed by a lifetime of practice. Add one success to the character’s Join Battle rolls. In addition to this benefit, the character may also reflexively draw or ready an Archery, Martial Arts or Thrown weapon upon rolling Join Battle, without the need for a miscellaneous action. Finally, all Archery, Martial Arts or Thrown attacks made during the first tick on which the character acts after rolling Join Battle have a Speed of three.
  • Swarm-Culling Instinct: Permanent. Sometimes outgunned, rarely outdrawn, a Lawgiver answers the call of battle with a swarm of deadly steel. This Charm permanently enhances the Lawgiver’s ability to manage greater numbers of opponents. Upon rolling Join Battle for the first time in a scene, the character may make a reflexive Thrown attack against any opponent whose Join Battle result is less than her own. Additionally, where others would grow desperate at the sight of enemy reinforcements, the Lawgiver is invigorated. For the duration of combat, the character may make a attack against all opponents who roll Join Battle after the initial Join Battle roll that began the fight, unless that character is doing so because they have cast a spell (generally representing new characters appearing and entering the fray). This Charm will only allow the Solar to make attacks against opponents whose engagement range she is within. Martial-ready: Archery, Martial Arts, Melee
  • Shrike-Saving Discretion: A Lawgiver may grow to become an old hand at killing. When greatly outnumbered, it may not do to break his cover at the first opportunity. This Charm permanently enhances its prerequisite. The Solar may opt to withhold free reflexive attacks accrued against opponents as outlined by the rules of Swarm-Culling Instinct, choosing instead to stock these attacks until a tactical opportunity presents itself. Free reflexive attacks stocked in this fashion vanish at the end of the scene. Until then, the Solar may unleash as many attacks as he has stocked on targets of his choice. For example, a character with five stocked attacks may choose to unleash five attacks on one target, or he may launch a single attack against five different targets, or he may attack one target three times and withdraw, retaining two free reflexive attacks until the scene ends. A Solar may stock up to (Dexterity + 3) attacks in this fashion.
  • Cover-Shrouding Movement: 3m or 3m1wp, reflexive, one action. During the Primordial War, Solar generals often found themselves marching armies against foes whose very shoulders buffeted the skies. From such a vantage, all manner of horrors might be hurled on the heads of the Lawgivers’ forces. Only the peerless tactics of the Solar Exalted saved the Celestial Host from such a fate. By paying three motes and activating this Charm, the Solar becomes impossible to target for all opponents outside of his engagement range. Alternately, the Solar may pay an additional one Willpower when activating this Charm to protect a complementary unit he leads. This Charm is accomplished by use of terrain; the character uses brilliant combat maneuvers to position himself in a locus of absolute tactical advantage. For one action, the Solar may continue to move himself and his army toward or away from his foe without reprisal. However, any opponent in combat who moves into the Solar’s engagement range may target and attack the Exalt. Cover-Shrouding Movement may not be used if the Storyteller determines that there is no possible cover for the Solar to employ. Note, however, that possible does not necessarily mean reasonable—a famous Solar general hid his army in the shadow of Mardukth as he moved his forces in for the kill.
  • Vanishing March Maneuver: 5m or 5m1wp, reflexive, one tick. The Solars used this Charm to sow confusion amongst enemy forces and control the tenor of battle. Upon paying five motes to activate this Charm, the Solar makes a critical combat maneuver which completely obscures him to all opponents in combat, rendering him impossible to target. By paying an additional point of Willpower, the Lawgiver may extend this benefit to a complementary unit he leads. The effect of this maneuver is perfect: it does not require cover. At the beginning of the next tick, when the Solar emerges from cover, all opponents within (Essence x 20) yards are considered to have made a Join Battle roll. Vanishing March Maneuver may not be activated if there are any opponents within 30 yards of the Solar, nor may it be re-used after activation until the character’s DV has refreshed five times.
  • Demon-Wracking Glory: Variable +1 wp. This Charm expands Phantom Conjuring Performance. The maximum radius for evoking unnatural effects extends to (Essence

x 100) yards, or (Essence – 5) miles if the Solar has Essence 6+. More importantly, the Exalt may use these effects to cause physical injury to creatures of darkness within (Essence x 10) yards. The Charm causes harm through blatantly supernatural and suitably Solar effects. Attacks take the form of bright fires, scorching beams of sunlight, phantom executioners and the like.
Demon-Wracking Glory inflicts harm in three ways. The Solar chooses between them each time she uses the Charm. Two methods last as long as the Abyssal continues to sing, play, orate or the like, and spends Essence each action to maintain the Charm. The third is an instant attack. For each form, however, the Solar’s player must roll (Charisma + Performance) to initiate the attack. A character can use only one attack form at a time. Activating the Charm costs Willpower. Continuing it merely costs Essence (for the two continuing effects).

Area, Continuing: The Solar inflicts one level of aggravated damage per two motes spent each action, to a maximum of (Essence) damage. Targets can soak this damage only with Stamina or soak-enhancing Charms. The Solar’s aggravating performance affects every creature of darkness whose Dodge MDV is less than the number of successes from the attack roll. Continuing the attack counts as the character’s Charm use for each action.
Single Target, Continuing: The Solar’s chosen victim suffers one level of unsoakable aggravated damage per action that the Solar continues the Charm. This effect costs three motes per action. The initial attack roll must exceed the victim’s Dodge MDV. Continuing the attack counts as the character’s Charm use for each action.
Single Target, Instant: The Solar spends up to her (Stamina + Essence) in motes and inflicts that many dice of aggravated damage, plus extra successes from the attack roll. The target can resist this damage only with Stamina or soak-enhancing Charms. The attack cannot be parried without a Charm or stunt, but it can be dodged like a normal ranged attack.

  • Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgment: 2m supplemental. The Solar ignites her spirit with the Essence of the Unconquered Sun. This can enhance a physical attack, making it Holy and causing it to inflict aggravated damage against creatures of darkness. This Charm can also enhance social attacks that create shame, guilt, or fear, making the attack Holy, and causing them to treat it as unnatural mental influence that costs 1 WP to resist. This halves the creature's base MDVs against the attack.