Campaign:Blackrock and Roll

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Player Characters[edit]

These are the player characters, who will be organized by party and location as the game progresses. For now, simply list yours; you can use Mythweavers or something else to host them.

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Under construction.


It's been one month since the Shattering, and it is clear that Azeroth will never be the same. Deathwing's emergence from Deepholm has scarred the world forever, and now the races struggle to survive in a world that is beset on all sides by enemies - from the forces of the Black Dragonflight headed by their mad aspect, through the dark and devious Twilight Cult, to the warring Elemental Lords brought closer to Azeroth with their prison, the Elemental Plane, broken wide open. Among the multitudes of enemies old and new, a small collective of heroes may find themselves witnessing a shocking revelation about who - or what - is truly behind the Cataclysm. And this enemy may be much closer than they think...

  • Playing with D&D 4E rules!
  • Characters are generated with basic rules: 22 pt buy, level 1, 100g to start with. Refluff character classes/races as appropriate to be at least marginally Warcraft compatible.
  • This is a heavy role-play game, and you are encouraged to port your World of Warcraft characters into this game; do not worry about them being higher level, your low level in the campaign will be an abstract concept; you'll retain your in-game reputation and proficiency in a role play sense.
  • Characters are receiving double the normal experience points so that they may progress faster. You may only level up after a short rest, and enter a higher level tier (paragon, epic) after an extended rest.
  • Horde characters should select Orcish instead of Common as their starting language. This is a Horde-perspective game, if you're not playing a Horde race, you need to work it out with me.