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Cthulhu Tech campaign spanning over several years ranging from present day 2085 to several years in the past from current game time. Starring probably some of the most "mundane" dramatic characters in a world filled with crazy bullshit magic, steroid pumped military forces and fucking aliens.

Vade Mecum Additions and Other Cool Shit[edit]

Para-Psychics- Para-Psychic abilities will be available to expand into as the game progresses. Their availability to you will be entirely related to interacting with the right people and organizations and generally sufficient game play.

Healing Complications- Enjoy becoming a paraplegic wheelchair ridden fag, they're in because they're awesome. Correctional surgery and fagery magicy doo will be available via private services until you reach a point where you can get the NEG to do it for you.

Cascades- Are probably in, obviously nobody has any to start with as 'civilians' never received this kind of combat training or those of you with military training have gone rusty over the years. The ability to learn and pump exp into cascades will open itself over time.

Tagers and Engels- Again another case of being able to become one through game play and making the right kind of connections or being in the right place at the right time. "But won't this fuck up games!?" COMBINED ARMS CAN BE AWESOME AND WORK! Everyone else is just too lazy to try.

Background and Solo Games- Get free exp, come up with a superb background and appearance, earn some exp. 'Superb' is not machine code for 'essay'. Backgrounds lead to solo games as well to dive further into what made your character who they are today resulting in more exp to flesh yourself out with more skills through magical time magic. Hurr Durr.

Dramatic Characters[edit]

Current Games[edit]

8 Years Ago

# Name Location Synopsis Characters Status
β-A "Grievance" New London Arcanology As strange things happen around the world a serial killer continues to make his presence known in New London. It's up to a grizzled detective and his new partner to solve the mystery. β Leon Ready

2 Years Ago

# Name Location Synopsis Characters Status
α-A "Who We Were" Unknown 'To think it would be Death's Door that would bring me to my senses.' α Vasha 6xp Complete

"Present" Day

# Name Location Synopsis Characters Status
1-A "Incident F-E21" Vladivostok Arcanology On elevated freeway section F-E21 a rather uncommon occurrence transpires, an incredibly long traffic jam. Caught in what was believed to be an long bygone old early 21st century vehicular phenomenon the DC's quickly find things shifting in to all out anarchy.
Bonus Point in Languages: Russian for all participants
Δ Boot 16xp
γ Jeff 10xp
β Leon 23xp
α Vasha 23xp
Δ-A "Incarceration" Vladivostok Arcanology Police Head Quarters Waking up alone in a cell on the basement levels of police HQ, 'Boot' also finds himself in the unexplained lock down of the police station, separated from the events involving the others he himself must also escape. Δ Boot Ready.
1-B "What We Are" Vladivostok Arcanology 2 months after the incident on freeway section F-E21 life has slowly phased back into a state of normality. Leon however notices a new pattern in recent kidnapping cases coinciding with a death threat made on Vasha's band. Δ Boot
β Leon
α Vasha