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  • Campaign: Conquering of Canals
  • Name: Ekorai/Unbreakable Silver Wings
  • Caste: Changing Moon
  • Totem: Resplendent Quetzal
  • Tell: Feathers in his hair, shadow has wings
  • Motivation: Convince everyone that the Immaculates are full of shit and that the Celestial Exalts are cool
  • Positive intimacies: Copper ♥
  • Anima: A flock of highly stylized silver birds in the air around him
  • Experience: 18/47


Ekorai, born in Halta, became aware of how very unlucky he was at the age of four, when a tree branch he was walking along suddenly collapsed. This is also when he became aware of how sturdy his body could be, which was quite handy because his bad luck did not ever let up. His entire life became basically near-death after near-death, finally culminating into a mortifying ordeal involving a near-drowning experience, several Linowans, a treepard and a very flimsy canoe. Luna appeared to him while he was trying to set his own broken bones later and gifted him with a Shard.

The Silver Pact appeared not long later, ganking him out into the wilds and giving him an education on who he was now and what he was expected to do. During that time he watched the actions of several Lunars and, from afar, several Solars- also witnessing all the efforts the Immaculates made to stop them. Slowly, he made up his mind to stop that.

His mentor, who was a very devout Sun King Seneschal, enjoyed the long elaborate plans he came up with to convince everyone in the Realm how much Celestial Exalts helped Creation, though she hardly believed he'd be able to do it. Instead, she pulled him along to spy on Realm-controlled cities, though it seemed that whenever he came along everything tended to go wrong due to totally unforeseen consequences. Finally, some of the elder Seneschals got together and discussed what to do with him- they obviously couldn't keep him around for that long, since it seemed as though he was a jinx for everyone around him. Eventually, one of the older No Moons decided to track down the Shard of his Solar Mate- and let HIM deal with Ekorai, instead of any of them.

His meeting with Copper went about as well as you'd expect- Ekorai would probably have died more than five times on the trip alone, were he not a Lunar Exalt, and when he finally found the Solar in question, they were both immediately wrapped up in a series of hilarious, if inconvenient, misunderstandings. This series of hilarious misunderstandings actually has yet to cease.


Ekorai is not, at first glance, someone you would take to be a Lunar Exalt. He seems to be about 17 (though, of course, this is really quite misleading. Ekorai is much closer to 22 at this point), slim, and short- about 5'7, with short, messy green hair. For those of above-average mental ability, it would almost seem as though there are longer green strands of hair running down just behind his ears- if examined closer, those long strands would actually turn out to be feathers. His eyes are wide and bright gold.

His face is scarred, although not disfiguringly so- one scar that seems to be from a very neat slice runs right across the bridge of his nose, a series of three scratch marks adorn his forehead, and one slightly curved claw-mark marks his left cheek. Ekorai's entire body seems to follow that same theme, bearing injury after injury (including what looks like a giant shark bite on his torso), all of them somehow survived and recovered from. Despite all of those scars, though, he still manages to look considerably more than presentable in most situations (the Hearthstone set in one of the bright silver bracers hidden beneath his long sleeves might have something to do with that, of course).

In most of his human forms, he dresses as plainly as possible- earth-tones, sturdy fabrics, anything to not be noticeable- although his distinctly Haltan coloration does make him stand out much more than he would like, in the South (even without his tattoos attracting unwanted attention). His Spirit Shape is, on the other hand, incredibly noticeable- a small bird with bright green-blue feathers, a scarlet belly and chest, and tail feathers a foot long tends to attract attention.


Ekorai is a Cool Person That You Want To Be Friends With. ... Okay, fine, no he's not. Ekorai can be incredibly stubborn to the point of useless brattishness, incredibly devious, annoyingly charming, or just plain infuriating, depending on how he feels that day. When he's at the top of his game it's easy to see how he could rouse a whole room up into a frenzy, but on a bad day he's almost intolerable. Ekorai is used to getting his way and gets frustrated when he doesn't, and if someone is keeping him from getting his way, he'll do his best to first convince them, then lie to them, then (if the usual eyelash-batting doesn't work) ... throw a tantrum, usually. One of the only things that can stand between Ekorai and what he wants is someone calm and collected enough to just tell him to go away.

Of course, that's just his prickly surface. On the inside, Ekorai is a little more complicated- he's fiercely protective of the people he likes, even if he shows it in weird ways. His bad luck constantly depresses him, and he's quick to (at least internally) blame himself whenever anything goes wrong, even if he wasn't anywhere nearby when it went wrong. Ekorai is incredibly easy to embarrass, no matter how much his mentor's tried to train it out of him, and he'll usually hide that with a thick layer of annoyed snapping.


Strength●●ooo Charisma ●●●●● Perception●●ooo
Dexterity●●●●● Manipulation ●●●●● Intelligence●●ooo
Stamina ●●●●● Appearance ●●●●●●● Wits●●●oo


Archeryoooo Craftooooo Bureaucracyooooo
Athleticsooooo Larceny●●●oo Investigationooooo
Awareness●oooo Linguistics●●ooo Lore●oooo
Dodgeooooo Performanceooooo Occultooooo
Integrity●●●oo Presence ●●●oo Medicineooooo
Martial Arts●●●●o Rideooooo
Meleeooooo Sailooooo
Resistance●●●oo Socialize●oooo
Thrownooooo Stealth●●●oo
Warooooo Survival ●●ooo

Languages: Forest-Tongue, Flametongue, Clawspeak


(Write here your specialties, if any)


Background 1: Artifact ●● (Hearthstone Bracers)
Background 2: Heart's Blood ●●
Background 3: Tattoo Artifact (Breastplate) ●
Background 4: Artifact (Short Daiklaves) ●●
Background 5: Manse ●●●●
Background 6: Solar Bond ●●●●
Background 7: Mentor ●●● (Silver-Tongued Aerua, an elder Changing Moon whose spirit shape is an Ocelot)

Merits & Flaws[edit]

Merits and Flaws UNLUCKY, 7pts
The character is plagued by bad luck and is considered a jinx by those who know him well. For each level of this Flaw acquired, the Storyteller adds one point to a “bad luck pool” that can be used against the character. Whenever the character’s player succeeds on a roll, the Storyteller may choose to spend one point of bad luck to force him to reroll. The Storyteller may continue to spend bad luck points to force rerolls on the same roll, if she wishes, until the roll fails or she runs out of bad luck points. The dice pools, target numbers and difficulties for any rerolls are exactly the same as for the original roll, even taking dice modifiers such as Excellencies into account. The Storyteller can also spend bad luck points to negatively influence the outcome of a completely random event such as a coin toss or anything similarly random that involves the character. Normally, such events are resolved by rolling a single die with results of five or less being unfavorable to the character. For every bad luck point spent, the Storyteller can reduce the result of this die roll by one. The bad luck pool recovers one point per week that the character has gone without suffering a jinx and refreshes at the end of every story. A character can have both the Lucky Merit and the Unlucky Flaw, and both can affect the same roll. Although the bad luck pool may not exceed five, if the player adds two to the cost of the character’s Flaw, he becomes a jinx to those around him. The Storyteller gains the option of spending bad luck points not just to thwart the character, but to inflict ill fortune on his allies. The Storyteller can spend bad luck points to force a reroll of any character who is an ally of the unlucky character provided that the dice roll represents an action taken in the unlucky character’s immediate presence.

ENEMY, 3pts
Your character is troubled by a recurring nemesis who constantly seeks to thwart her goals, defeat or humiliate her, or even kill her outright. The enemy need not be utterly hostile, however. A rival who always swoops in to steal the credit for the character's successes (or just the character's girlfriend) before running away laughing can represent an enemy. This Flaw functions as the antithesis of the Allies Background. For every point taken in this Flaw, increase the power of the enemy or rival relative to the character, using the Allies Background as a general guideline. Additionally, the enemy or rival is one who, for some reason, cannot simply be killed outright, assuming the character has the means to do so anyway, unless this Flaw has been bought off with experience. At the beginning of each session, the Storyteller should roll one die. If the result is equal or less than the rating of this Flaw, the enemy will take some action in the course of that session that will interfere with the character's long-term goals. It is not necessary for the character to interact with her enemy during that session. The enemy might simply send word during a later session to inform the character that he has kidnapped one of her loved ones.

  • Delicate Killing Wind, a Full Moon Dragonfly totem, is Silver-Tongued Aerua's rival and wants to see her fail- and by association, to see all the Lunars she's mentored fail. Aerua is much better at hiding them away than Wind is at finding them, but due to an unlucky set of events, Wind ended up discovering that Ekorai is Aerua's student. As a result, she's very set on seeing him fail at everything he tries to do, as long as she has a hand in it- short of killing him outright or arranging his death directly, she will do anything necessary to ruin his reputation (and through that, to ruin Aerua's)

Your character is a skilled con artist and inveterate liar. The character’s player gains a two-die bonus to all Manipulation rolls based on deliberate deception.

Charms & Knacks[edit]

No Charms here yet! No Charms here yet! No Charms here yet!
No Knacks here yet! No Knacks here yet!

Prerequisites: Essence 2, Stamina 3
This Knack teaches a character the proper ritual to begin a sacred hunt for smaller animals. Normally, a Lunar cannot master a shape smaller than a housecat. Now, creatures as small as a mouse become valid targets for the blood hunt. The hunt typically takes about half as long for creatures of this size. This Knack expands the range of possible spirit shapes for a starting character.


Cost: 2m per success
Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant

The character spends up to (Attribute) in motes, adding one success to the roll for every two motes.

Cost: 2m per success;
Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant

The character spends up to (Attribute) in motes, adding one success to the roll for every two motes.

Cost: 4m; Type: Reflexive (Step 4 for attacker, Step 6 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant

Reroll a bad roll, or double the attribute for one action on a static value (DV, App for bonuses, etc.)

Cost: 5m;
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Emotion, Social
Duration: One scene

Rouses the emotions of hunger, lust or some other physical craving in one or many targets (using either Presence or Performance). The roll takes an internal penalty equal to the group’s Magnitude. The Charm exerts unnatural mental influence on any target whose Mental Defense Value is less than the character’s successes. A Lunar can instill any desire whose gratification brings physical pleasure, from alcohol to comfy chairs. Spending two Willpower allows a character to resist this influence for the scene.

Cost: 2m;
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Social
Duration: Instant

Lunars’ intentions surprise their foes. This Charm supplements a (Manipulation + Socialize) roll to conceal the intention to make a social attack, making it an unexpected social attack. Only supernatural perceptions see through this deception.

Cost: 2m;
Type: reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite

This very basic Charm allows the Lunar Exalted to conceal any distinctive marks they might have, including their protective moonsilver tattoos. With just a second of concentration, any of the tattoos, scars or blemishes the character desires fade completely into the Lunar’s body, where they cannot be detected by sight or touch. (Supernatural senses still reveal them.) They remain hidden as long as the character commits the necessary Essence.

Cost: 4m;
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: One scene

In nature, creatures that appear more symmetrical are considered more fit to survive, better mates and therefore more attractive. Calling on her Essence, the Lunar gives herself an air of impossible perfection, doubling the maximum Mental Defense Value bonus or penalty she can inflict or benefit from based on difference in Appearance. At Essence 6, the Exalt does away with the limit altogether.

Cost: 3m;
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Social
Duration: One scene

Animals know one another as friend or foe. Lunar Exalted sometimes share this instinctive understanding. A character may invoke this Charm at her first meeting with an individual to convince the target that the Lunar is her friend or foe. The Lunar’s player rolls (Charisma + Presence) against the target’s Mental Defense Value for this unnatural mental influence. Success creates an Intimacy in the target toward the character as a friend or foe, as desired. Recognizing and rejecting this influence costs one point of Willpower. Only natural mental influence or stronger Charms can make the Intimacy permanent.
No Knacks here yet! No Knacks here yet! No Knacks here yet!
No Charms here yet! No Charms here yet! No Charms here yet!
No Knacks here yet! No Knacks here yet! No Knacks here yet!


Essence: ●●
Regeneration: 8/12/16
Personal Essence Pool: 22/22
Peripheral Essence Pool: 36/36 (48)
Committed Essence: 12


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●●●
Temporary: 10/10



Compassion ●
Conviction ●●●●●
Temperance ●●●● 
Valor      ●●

Virtue flaw: Conviction
The character becomes a creature of pure selfishness. He ignores the needs, feelings or very survival of others, and does not consider how his actions may impact those around him. The Heartless Weasel has no mercy, and he will slaughter innocents who impede him as surely as his enemies. The character may not expend effort or take risk in order to help another. He may flee if threatened, though he will do nothing to help his comrades who are left behind.
Partial Control: The character spares the lives of his friends, even if they anger him. After all, they may be useful to him later. Nonetheless, he will happily fleece them for money and whatever else strikes his fancy.
Limit: xxxxx □□□□□
Limit Break Condition: Full moon, denying UMI, etc


Moonsilver Razor Claws
Speed 5 Acc +6 Damage +5L Defense +4 Rate 4 Attune 6

Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers
+2 to Lethal soak

Mundane perfect buff jacket Soak +4L/+5B

Artifact (Breastplate)
Soak +6L/4B Hardness 2L/2B

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

This iridescent white oval adds four dots to the wearer’s Appearance, raising it to a maximum of 7. In addition, the bearer cannot be made to look anything other than beautiful: nothing short of Solar Circle Sorcery can even temporarily reduce his Appearance. If dressed in rags and covered in mud, he appears handsomely disheveled; if disguised to look horribly scarred, he seems to bear noble wounds that must obviously have come from performing some grand feat of heroism. Other people always notice the bearer unless he uses stealth, Charms or the cover of darkness to conceal himself. This is good when giving a speech... not so good for a discreet meeting with an informant.


Dodge DV: 3
Dodge MDV: 7
Soak: 11A/14L/16B
Pierced: 5A/9L/8B
Hardness: 2A/2L/2B 


Example Attack (Speed X, Accuracy X, Damage XL, Parry DV X, Rate X, Tags X, Y, Z)


[ ] -0
[ ][ ] -1
[ ][ ] -2
[ ] -4
[ ] Incapacitated
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Dying


Unlucky - +7bp  
Enemy - +3bp
Conviction 5 - 6bp
Valor 4 - 3bp
Willpower 10 - 2bp
Manse 4 - 5bp
Mentor 3 - 3bp
Stamina 5 - 3bp
Silver Tongue - 3bp

Total: 25/25 bp

10xp - Cat-Face Presentation
4xp - Strength 2
6xp - Martial Arts 4
3xp - App 2
6xp - App 3

Shopping list[edit]

it's also helpful (but optional) if you write out charms you intend to buy